L1-L2 Disc Problem

When spinal disc problem is more in upper region, it gives more complicated symptoms. Same applies with L1-L2 disc problems . L1-L2 disc resides between the L1 and L2 vertebrae of the lumbar region of the vertebral column. This disc is not commonly bulged or herniated. But once there is some L1-L2 disc problem, it can give various signs and symptoms. The aggravation of signs and symptoms and their severity depends on the nature of bulge or compression. Generally it seems that when there is a problem in L1-L2 disc , it can only give symptoms of the same nerve root. But it is not true always. There are certain conditions of the L1-L2 disc problem, which we will discuss in this page along with Ayurvedic treatment modalities. Ayurvedic treatment for L1-L2 disc is quite possible and it is more promising and less life threatening.

As we said earlier when problem is more on upper side, it causes more problems. Therefore surgery- which is always complicated becomes more complicated in case of surgery for L1-L2 disc problem.

What is L1-L2 Disc Problem

There can be various conditions with the L1-L2 disc.

  • Herniation of L1-L2 disc.
  • L1-L2 Bulged disc
  • Disc degeneration of L1-L2 disc
  • Hypertrophy of Ligamentum flavum in L1-L2 level
  • Disc Bulge in L1-L2 disc causing canal stenosis.

These are the most common MRI readings in case of L1-L2 disc. Listhesis of L1-L2 disc is the uncommon condition in every case of the Lumbar problems. But it can appear in few accidental cases.

Symptoms Of L1-L2 Disc Problem

The first lumbar nerve which originates from the L1-L2disc region supplies to the different areas of the lower limb and front of the lower abdomen. It gives supply to the upper part of the lower abdominal muscles and skin. Along with this L1 nerve gives supply to the skin over the genital organs. The Psoas muscle, which comes down from the lumbar region to the hip joint on inner side of thigh gets partial supply of this nerve.

Symptoms of the L1-L2 disc herniation are according to the supply of the nerve. It gives pain/burning/numbness in the inguinal region, on the sex organs- penis and external female tissues. Burning in the areas of sexual region and anus shows that there is something wrong with L1-L2 disc herniation or blockage.

If there L1-L2 disc problem is circumferential bulge or herniation it can also give symptoms of L2 never compression too. In this case it compresses the L2 transversing nerve. Thus MRI scan helps in deciding the proper treatment of the problem.

Besides this when thecal sac compression is major in the L1-L2 disc, it will surely impact the rest of the nerves. Thus compression gives symptoms of femoral nerve pain and sciatic nerve pain (Sciatica).

Treated Cases of Lumbar Disc Problem

Ayurvedic Treatment for L1-L2 Disc Problem

First thing about every slip disc case of L1-L2 or any other disc is – surgery is never a solution for the problem of slip disc. In 100% cases disc is not culprit. The main cause behind the disc problem of L1-L2 or any other lies somewhere else. In case of L1-L2 disc problem, psoas muscle is the main region. When we sit in chairs for hours, this strains the psoas muscle. Psoas muscle is basic cause of the low back ache. Regular strain on the upper fibers of this muscle- leads to the pressure over the disc. This pressure on the disc causes degeneration of L1-L2 disc. Disc degeneration is the most common condition in L1-L2 disc. Once degeneration of disc starts- there are always ample possibilities for the disc herniation and disc bulge. Rest is same.

When we are talking about the psoas muscle. This muscle cannot be oleated or relaxed with any external treatment. At Sukhayu Ayurved, Jaipur we have worked hard to fix modalities for the treatment of such conditions. The basic thing in such cases are- Virechana and special type of Basti treatments. Therefore, we need to be very much sure about the cause of the problem. Because- genital tissues and their skin is associated with this L1 nerve, we are always very cautious in providing such treatments. So when it comes to the Ayurvedic treatment for L1-L2 disc problem, we under guidance of Vaidya Pardeep Sharma Ji are very particular about the cause of the problem.

In a case where L1-L2 disc problem is caused by the other region as such- pressure from paraspinal muscular spasm or continuous degeneration of the lower discs as such- L2-L3, L3-L4 etc. The plan of treatment changes completely. In such cases we work more on the rest of the discs. Virechana in such cases is not good. This makes Ayurveda treatment of L1-L2 disc problem at Sukhayu Ayurved more accurate and result oriented.