Basti Treatment

You know Panchakarma a bit, than you think that Panchakarma is all about Shirodhara and Body Massages. Not really. Panchakarma is about five procedures. These are- Vaman, Virechana, Anuvasan Basti, Niruha Basti and Nasya. All these procedures are  according to their role on Doshas. So any of these procedure should not be done without requirement. But many think that Panchakarma is fashion and anybody can do this.

Basti Treatment: Best treatment for Vata Diseases

Spinal and neural problems are manly Vata diseases. This is the reason Basti treatment is widely accepted as a procedure for these problems. But at Sukhayu Ayurved our approach is different. Basti is the only procedure of Panchakarma where we can control all the three Doshas. If you look at Ayurvedic doshas and spinal disc problems page you can understand that spinal disc problems are not just because of the Vata Dosha. There is a imbalance of all three doshas. That is why we need to manage all the three doshas at a same time.

Basti is a route of medication. Administration of Medicines is through anal route in this procedure. Basti treatment is of different types according to the number, medicines used. At Sukhayu we administer Basti for spinal disc problems widely.

Basti treatment ensures the Neural Strength

In most of the cases- due to compression or pressure- nerves are weekend. In such cases we keep on working on the bulged or herniated disc on one side and on other side we work on disc problem root cause. Through a cumulative approach only we can relieve a patient’s problem and root cause together.

If a patient has burning in the leg or arm- it shows the pitta as associated dosha. On other hand numbness and tingling sensation indicates towards the Kapha. Whatever dosha it is- basti treatment manages all the conditions very well.

The main thing in the basti treatment for spinal disc problems is selection of the medicines. We use a different pattern for the basti treatment. Difference is basically according to application of the medicines and the way we administer the different bastis (Niruha and Anuvasana).


Anuvasana Basti 

These are the bastis where main medicine is oil or ghee based.

Niruha Basti 

In this type of basti, decoction of the herbs and oils and fats goes together.

Mode of Action of Basti Treatment

Large intestine is the main place for Vata dosha. Vata dosha according to Ayurveda is strongest one, which controls all other Doshas too. So it is something like controlling the doshas, which are aggravated as per Ayurveda. When we look the embryological developments of the spine, last part of the intestine- these have many things in common. This is the beauty of Ayurvedic understanding about the human body that they told to use basti for all types of neural problems.

The vitamin B12 which western physicians keep on asking to gulp in high quantities for neural problems- basti ensures the production of the same in appropriate quantities.

Secondly, the concept of second brain also defines the mode of action of the basti treatment.

The other thing about basti is it nourishes human body very quickly.

Because of all these qualities of the basti, we use basti as a main treatment for all spinal problems.