Desiccated Disc

Desiccated- the word comes from a type of forest.

Desiccation is a process. The process, where leaves of the tree doesn’t get proper nutrition and starts falling.

Discs are also full of fluid in the core. And this water stays in the central part of the disc. This part is- nucleus pulposus. When this water dries up. The disc starts to shrink and this condition is medically known as desiccated disc.

In more simple way desiccation of the spinal disc is all about the ageing of the disc. Human body hardens with the ageing. And this is sure to happen with all of us. But when this condition appears – very early- it shows the problem. Iny my last 15 years of experience, I have seen many patients who suffers from the condition of the desiccation in late 20s also.

So there are certain questions about the desiccated disc. Which everyone of us wants to know. Here, we will discuss these questions one by one, so that there will be clarity about the disease. Because as per Ayurveda, the main medicine to fight against a disease is- education about the disease.

Before anything we need to know what is a desiccated disc basically. And after that we will take all the questions one by one.

What is a Desiccated Disc

Discs are shock absorbers for the human spine. And to avoid the collision of the bones of spine, nature has placed- rubbery structures in between the bones. These are- discs. Besides working as shock absorbers, these discs give passage to the nerves too.

These are spongy.

You press the disc- it will deflate. And as soon as the pressure removes- disc comes back in its natural structure. This flexibility and spongy nature is all because of the central part of the disc. The part we know as- Nucleus pulposus.

Nucleus pulposus is like a jelly. Many fibers strengthens the disc by surrounding this nucleus.

Nucleus pulposus, gets the blood supply from the ENDPLATES. The endplates are cartilages, which cover – spinal bones. The blood arteries carries the nutrition to the endplates. And this nutrition- which has mostly water- imbibes to the nucleus pulposus.

When disc’s core keeps on getting the proper supply of the nutrition- disc remains flexible. Because jelly needs water as a substance to maintain its flexible nature.

When, due to any reason- the disc doesn’t get this nutrition properly. Disc starts drying up. And this makes the disc – flaccid. Once disc is flaccid- it starts – expanding. Once this jelly dislocates- different spinal disc problems comes in existence.

Because desiccation of the disc is just a primary stage of the spinal disc diseases. This makes this condition important in treatment. When any disease becomes chronic- newer complications starts appearing.

For better understanding of the condition- we need to know about the causative factors behind the desiccated disc.

Causes of Desiccated Disc

There are many causes behind desiccation of the disc. Here are the main causes of the problem-

  • Process of The Ageing: As human body ages, it hardens. Same happens with the discs too. And Age is not just the number here. Age means the speed of the wear and tear in the body. How much fast this wear and tear happens that is our age. Simply this is carelessness which ages us faster than our years.
  • Underlying diseases: There are certain diseases which cause problem of ageing. Generally these are the diseases which impacts the blood supply.
  • Postural Problems: Spine has its own curvature. This curvature is known as- lordotic curvature. Lordotic curvature ensures flexibility of the spine and also gives space to the discs when we bent and move our spine. When this curvature straightens- it exerts pressure on the cartilages. Problem with the ENDPLATES impacts the blood supply. And lack of nutrition turns into the desiccation of the disc.
  • Excessive Weight Loss: When we shed weight, this is not just about our tummy or hips. It impacts on deeper tissues too.
  • Trauma and Injury: Any sudden trauma can lead to the problem of desiccation. This happens due to injury to the tissues.

What does desiccated disc cause

There are certain symptoms which appear because of the desiccated discs. These symptoms can be just simple ones and can be serious too. Here are few of these.

  1. Stiffness in the back: this is most common symptom, which appears in the early stage of the disc.
  2. Problems in standing for long: When a patient stays in a posture for long, it leads to the pain and uneasiness.
  3. Pain in lower back
  4. Radiation of pain in lower limb
  5. Numbness
  6. Feeling of heaviness in back.

These symptoms vary according to the location of the affected disc and severity of the problem.

This is all about desiccated disc from modern science perspective. But now we need to know about – what does Ayurveda say about the problem and how does Ayurveda look at the condition.

Ayurveda About Desiccated Disc

Ayurveda has its own perspective to look at the things. Because Ayurveda works on a different approach. The approach of Ayurveda works on Doshas. These doshas handles human body. And in case of the desiccated disc, we need to know about the- Kapha Dosha.

Kapha is a dosha, which is-

  • Responsible for the nutrition of the body.
  • Kapha keeps the joints intact.
  • Kapha dosha binds the different tissues together.
  • The Kapha keeps the body smooth.
  • It ensures the flexibility in the body.

The nucleus pulposus represents the Kapha dosha here. When this Kapha weakens, it causes all the problems like- desiccation of the disc.

When this Kapha decays- it increases the Vata. Because these two doshas are just opposite to each other. Therefore this imbalance causes all the problems.

There is one more subtype of the Kapha- that is Shleshaka Kapha. This helps in lubricating joints and keeps these intact. So specifically this condition is all about the “Shleshaka Kapha“.

Ayurveda has more specific details about the condition.

When we look at causes of the problems with the Kapha dosha, it leads to the same things. What medical science talks about. There is no disparity in scientific views of both the sciences. And through balancing the doshas- we can ensure the complete reversal of the condition of the desiccated disc.

Ayurveda can ensure complete treatment of the condition. So if you are suffering with a desiccated disc and looking for best Ayurvedic treatment for desiccated disc– Sukhayu Ayurved, Jaipur provides that. You just need to share your MRI through contact us link, rest we will do and suggest to you..