Desiccated Disc

Desiccated- the word comes from a type of forest. Desiccation is a process. The process, where leaves of the tree doesn’t get proper nutrition and starts falling. Similar things happen with a normal spinal disc, when it comes to desiccation. A desiccated disc is a condition which is precursor to all the spinal disc problems. Because it is like an early stage of disease. Therefore, if we treat this condition its treatment is easy and the success rate is highest. And when it comes to Ayurvedic treatment for desiccated disc, than it becomes more practical and easy.

A Desiccated Disc

Blood is life for the body. Because blood carries all nutrition to every part of the human body. Discs also get the nutrition from the blood. Actually this is the inner core of the disc- nucleus pulposus, which needs proper nutrition. There is a lot of water in this nucleus pulposus. This water replenishes through the blood arteries. These blood arteries originate from end plates.  This is a natural and normal condition of nutrition of the disc.

When there is some pathological change like- loss of lordosis or spondylitis. Things starts worsening with all these negative changes. Pressure starts building on small capillaries which carry blood to the nucleus pulposus. These arteries burst. Nutrition to disc stops. And water content inside the disc diminishes. Due to lack of water content flexibility and elasticity of the disc reduces. This desiccated disc has all the possibilities of all spinal disc problems.

This desiccated disc turns into a bulged disc or herniated disc, if not treated properly. Thus it is important to treat a desiccated disc in time. When it comes to Ayurvedic treatment for desiccated disc, we play smart. We at Sukhayu reverse the pathological process. This is the reason, why we have proper results in this category.

Ayurvedic Prospective about Desiccated Disc

It is desiccation in L4-L5 or L5-S1 is desiccated- in Ayurvedic treatment it matters less that which disc is bulged or herniated. What matters is the reason/cause behind the problem and its pathological process.  The Ayurvedic treatment for desiccated disc works differently according to the different root causes, behind the problem.

Desiccated Disc due to Age

Age is a primary factor responsible for the desiccation of the disc at any level. More than age it is about how do we care our body and what lifestyle we do follow. But in any case when there is desiccation of the disc, we need to do two things immediately- restoration of the nutrition to the disc and delaying the process of ageing. For this we use Panchakarma treatments along with Rasayana therapies of Ayurveda.

Desiccated Disc due to Postural Problems

Loss of lordosis or kyphotic curvature is the primary reason in young age for the desiccation of the disc. This condition of loss of lordosis appears because of the bad posture while working or sitting or standing. In this condition Ayurvedic treatment for desiccated disc aims for the rectification of the posture and root cause of the problem.

This is in general most common finding now-a-days because of the bad sitting habits and excessive use of mobile and laptops among youngsters. Age is a secondary cause behind desiccation problems.

Diseases affecting the Blood Supply

There are many conditions which cause hinderance in the blood supply to the disc. At times we stay confused about cause of the problem. Because what we diagnose is according to the condition, not because of the cause of the problem. At Sukhayu Ayurved we believe in bringing back the normalcy of the root cause of the problem, not alone worry about desiccation of the spina disc.

So if you are suffering with a desiccated disc and looking for best Ayurvedic treatment for desiccated disc– Sukhayu Ayurved, Jaipur provides that. You just need to share your MRI through contact us link, rest we will do and suggest to you..