Normal Disc of Spine

The best piece of engineering is-human spine. It is rigid- supports the torso. Keeps us straight. Spine is supple. It can move in all directions. Helps us to bend on any sides. These all movements are possible because of the structure of the spine. Spine comprises bones. These bones articulate through facet joints and are separated by discs. Spinal Discs are unique in many ways. How does a normal disc looks like, will ensure our knowledge about spinal disc problems. There are twenty three discs in a normal human spine: six in the neck (cervical region), twelve in middle back (thoracic region), and five in the lower back (lumbar region)

Normal Disc of Spine

As name suggests- a disc is something which is-flat, thin and circular. So are the spinal discs. These discs are made up of cartilaginous tissues inside. Outside there are fibres. Disc works as a shock absorber for spine.

When vertebrae move in any direction- these discs support the movement and let the spine move smoothly. Besides this there are openings for nerve roots along with these discs. These openings carry nerve roots. A normal disc of spine ensures the smooth passage for these nerves to emerge.

When comes to a normal disc of spine, we need to know the following details-

Annular Fibres

These are circular fibres. These are arranged as sheaths. Annular fibre holds the inner part of the disc in its place. When there is some pressure on the disc these fibres hold the jelly inside together. The undue pressure on the jelly can effect the annular fibre. That is why, many MRIs have a word tear in annular fibre. This anulus fibre consists of several layers (laminae) of fibrocartilage made up of type I and type II collagen. Type I is located toward the edge of the ring, where it provides greater strength. The stiff laminae can withstand compressive forces.

Nucleus Pulposus

This fibrous intervertebral disc’s core contains- nucleus pulposus. This part distributes the pressure evenly across the disc evenly. It is possible because of the jelly like nature of the nucleus pulposus. This distribution of pressure if not available can damage the adjoining vertebrae and endplates of the vertebrae.

When we say a normal disc of spine is a shock absorber. This core- jelly like- nucleus pulposus works like that. Nucleus pulposus is made up of the loose fibers which are suspended in a mucoprotein gel. The endplates, keeps sharing the nourishment with this jelly through a network of arteries.

How does a Normal Disc of Spine Herniate

When there is extra pressure or strain on the spinal disc. This pressure, starts pressurising the jelly. Due to the pressure, blood arteries suppling nutrition to the jelly- starts decaying. This decay leads to loss of “flexibility” of the nucleus pulposus and this jelly first shifts to the sides. Where the resultant of pressure will build- jelly will disloc

protrusion of a normal disc of spine

ate or slip in same side. The first step is bulged disc and later on same herniates- as shown in the image-

You can see that the inner part which is located in centre of the disc. Is shifting to the side. This happens because of the pressure. The second image is Bulged Disc and third is the stage of herniated disc.

So main culprit in all this is not the disc, at all. This is the pressure on the disc which causes the problem of the disc. That is the reason at Sukhayu Ayurved we only work on the possibilities of the treatment based on the root cause of the problem.

Can Ayurveda Restore the Disc in Normal Position?

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