When it comes to Ayurvedic treatment of spinal disc problems, the main thing what is important to do is- balancing of Doshas. Because as per Ayurvedic ideology, no disease can occur without imbalance of Doshas. There are certain Ayurvedic Doshas responsible for spinal disc problems. We consider these doshas at Sukhayu. Therefore we have far better results in spinal disc problems. We have thousands of slip disc cases treated without surgery. To balance these Doshas, we rely more on classical Panchakarma. Virechana for slip disc treatment is one of the main procedure among five of Panchakarma procedures.

Virechana is a part of Panchakarma that means clinical induction of purgation. Purgation in other words means loose motion. Mostly this procedure goes well . The word virechana came from Sanskrit which means purging. Purging here refers to a process that discards impurification from the body. In Panchakarma, Virechana comes in the purification process. It is one of the therapies in ayurveda and is a traditional medical method to cure.

How is Virechana done

Virechana starts with oral intake of medicated ghee in incremental quantities for 3 to 4 days. Ghee is administered empty stomach. The dosages of Ghee keeps on increasing. This follows external oil application. A doctor in the clinic periodically conducts specific ayurvedic examination before assigning the patient for virechana.

The process is followed for about 3 to 4 days to discard toxics from the body. The duration of the process may increase depending on the health and age of the person. Virechana therapy is very effective in detoxifying the body. The herbs that are used in Virechana process focus on cleansing the intestines, colon, stomach, sweat glands and liver. After the treatment, the tolerant will have to follow a strict diet for 10 days to re-establish proper digestion.

Virechana for Slip Disc Treatment

When it comes to slip disc treatment, it is important to balance the doshas. But in many cases patients feel that all the procedures of Panchakarma should plan for the patient. It doesn’t work like this. When a patient requires some procedure, only than we offer that. This is not like that we know how to do some Panchakarma procedure and we offer same to everybody.

Benefits of Virechana

There are certain conditions where we offer Virechana for slip disc treatment. Here are the conditions where we do virechana-

  1. Where there is severe burning in affected area due to involvement of the nerve. Here main dosha is mostly Pitta. Therefore Virechana works to wonders.
  2. In case of paralysis.
  3. In L4-L5 or L5-S1 disc herniation, if there is some involvement of the Avarana of Doshas.
  4. When a patient is not able to walk better
  5. In case of loss of senses.

Thus, virechana for slip disc treatment works in specific conditions. Here pulse and prakruti diagnosis works better. Every treatment in Ayurveda is personalised. This is the reason we are not working on the concept of Ayurvedic home remedies for slip disc and alike topics.

The main concerns we full fill through virechana for slip disc treatment are following-

  • Constipation is a well known cause for sciatica and spinal disc problem: once large intestine is full, it exerts pressure on the lower back muscles. And amazingly disc is located closer to intestine- not on back side of the spine.
  • Microbion in gut are main source for vitamin b12, when body can develop these naturally why to go for external sources?
  • The Gut produces – neurotransmitters like serotonin. This helps in quicker recovery of the neural problems.

Due to these impacts and roles- virechana for slip disc treatment works better and this makes it a first choice of treatment at Sukhayu Ayurveda.

If you are suffering with spinal disc problems, please share your MRI and contact us, surely we will help you to get rid of the problem.