Slip Disc According to Condition

Slip disc or disc herniation or bulged disc, these occur in a same pattern in every disc. Pathology of the problem in the disc is same in all discs according to different conditions and positions of the spinal disc. But the main difference in sign symptoms and presentation of disease is according to two points. Condition and Location of the problem. Slip disc according to condition slip disc is of following types.

Apart from these conditions there are certain other conditions which involve in the slip disc condition. These other conditions are-

These conditions also gives the similar symptoms to the slip disc or are the expression of slip disc problem in the spine. These conditions can appear anywhere in the spine. No place or no area is definite for these. For example degenerative disc or canal stenosis any problem can occur anywhere from cervical to lumbar region. So it is important to understand the condition of the disc. When we work on any location of the spine, treatment modalities change but not the basic principle of ayurvedic treatment for slip disc.

Slip disc according to condition

These are different conditions of spine, which we can talk about like a journey. As every disease is a journey for the body same is the treatment. Here is a journey of a slip disc.

Due to age, injury or bad food habits when a person losses the proper smoothness of the muscles- it leads to- stiffness in these muscle. Stiff muscles when start reducing the gap between the intervertebral spaces because of loss of lordosis, at the same time end plates of the vertebral bodies starts decaying. When endplates decay, the blood supply which goes to the spinal disc from these endplates- disturbs. This disturbance is something which causes loss of water content in the disc and this is the disc we call desiccated disc.

After desiccation of the disc, it further deteriorates. Now it changes in- Degenerative Disc. When the soft core of the disc cannot bear the pressure and nucleus pulposus starts moving towards the periphery- it is Bulged Disc. In bulged disc all the annular fibres are intact. Now these annular fibres start pushing the ligamentum flavum and cause hypertrophy of ligamentum flavum.  We don’t care much about the root cause of the problem than- the jelly breaks the ligaments and it leads to herniation of the disc and we call it- herniated disc.

The same herniated disc when occupies the canal it is- Canal Stenosis. When nerves are pressed because of the slip disc or osteophytes caused by Spondylitis– it refers the pain and pain travels in the area where nerve travels.

In nutshell, everything is knitted well with other. We need to understand this process of the slip disc according to condition, this is the only way we can achieve proper treatment and results in this condition.