Sciatica Treatment Without Surgery

When pain starts radiating in the lower limb due to spinal nerve root compression. This is the condition – Sciatica. Every doctor suggests to go for surgery for this condition. Than starts the search for sciatica treatment without surgery. Ayurveda is the most promising and only system of medicine where we get sciatica treatment without surgery.

The pain which radiates in the lower limb is sciatica. This pain can be so severe that it leads to complete disability in many patients. Pain due to sciatica is too sharp to bear. It neither let you to get up from bed nor allow you to move for two steps. Because for any movement you need to support and hold your lower back muscles. Sciatic nerve emerges from the lumbo sacral region. The nerve roots between L4-L5 and L5-S1 are the main nerve roots for sciatic nerve.

Sciatica Treatment Without Surgery in Ayurveda

Sciatica is  “Grudhrusi” in Ayurveda and treatment goes according to the  causes. Because until unless we don’t know about the cause of the problem, it is next to impossible to ensure the treatment of the condition. We have better results in sciatica treatment without surgery and that is possible because of an approach based treatment.

Grudhrusi/ Sciatica is described in Ayurveda under Vata Vyadhi. But it is not purely a Vata Vyadhi- Disease caused by Vata Dosha. Therefore we need to work on the rest two doshas too along with the Vata Dosha. When we look at the modern day understanding of the Sciatica. We can underline the below conditions as cause of the problem.

Here is the treatment of the sciatica pain according to the conditions

Sciatica due to slipped Disk:

The main treatment here needs to be the treatment of the slipped disk.Because this is the herniated or bulged disc in the lumbo sacral region which is irritating the sciatic nerve. The nerve roots responsible for sciatica are- L4 and L5. When nerves are compressed in L4-L5 and L5-S1 So once we will adjust the a disc which has bulged or herniated. Certainly we can cure the condition. Otherwise taking the pain killers or treatment which will just silent your nerves will be the option. So the Sciatica Treatment Without Surgery in Ayurveda is based on removal of the cause if it is herniated disc or bulged disc.

Sciatica Treatment Without Surgery due to Canal Stenosis:

Canal Stenosis is the most common condition which cause sciatica. The canal stenosis in the level of L4-L5 or L5-S1 causes the most severe sciatic pain. In this condition we plan Ayurvedic Treatment for Canal Stenosis without surgery.

Sciatica due to Piriformis Syndrome:

This is the condition in which Ayurveda is best promising throgh medicines, if none of the doctors is able to diagnose the reason for your sciatica pain, certainly Ayurveda has the answer for that. We have seen many cases for the same condition who got permanent relief from Ayurvedic-Panchakarma treatment.

Sciatica during Pregnancy:

We recommend you for exercises only in case you are facing problem like sciatica pain during your pregnancy. Because, the health of the devloping baby in uterus is important and no challenge should appear to the health of the baby. Avoid all types of medicines during this period, just keep doing Yoga regularly.

Basics of Sciatica Treatment Without Surgery

Don’t reduce the pain is the main concern at Sukhayu Ayurved, Jaipur for sciatica treatment without surgery. It sounds strange. Yes it is. Because the main concern should be the root cause of the problem. Not just the pain. Because pain is a phenomenon which wants to tell us that something is not right somewhere. Thus the main concern behind the sciatica treatment without surgery is “root out the cause of the problem”.

We have seen in many patients that whosoever patients tried to just reduce the pain. They later on lost all strength of the muscles and nerves. Because they kept on decreasing the sensation of pain in long run. Nerves stopped working. This is never advisable to avoid the root cause of the pain and just to try to avoid surgery. For sciatica treatment without surgery we should be aware about the root cause and should always try to kill the root cause behind sciatica.

You just email us your MRI report. Our expert professional team will study your case and we will let you to know about all the possibilities of the sciatica treatment without surgery.