Ayurvedic Treatment for Canal Stenosis

Canal Stenosis is the blockage of the canal through which spinal neural tissues travels. Canal stands for hollow passage and stenosis means blockage of the passage. Before we talk about the Ayurvedic treatment of canal stenosis without surgery and your question can canal stenosis cure with ayurveda. Let’s discuss the canal stenosis in detail first.

What is spinal canal?

The passage which gives space to neural tissue of the spine (spinal cord) and its branches (nerve roots) is known as nerve roots.

The vertebrae, the bones which make the spine, are hollow on backside. When these vertebrae are placed over each other. These form a canal like structure. This is known as Central Spinal Canal. This is VERTICALLY aligned in the body.

For sides of this canal, nerve roots emerge out through a canal. This is lateral canal or lateral recess. These passages are HORIZONTAL.

What is Spinal Canal Stenosis?

When this passage of canal obliterates- this is known as spinal canal stenosis.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Canal Stenosis

Types of Canal Stenosis

So any blockage in these canals is known as- Canal Stenosis. And because there are two types of canals, This is of two types, majorly. As there are two canals associated with the human spine.

  1. Central Stenosis and
  2. Lateral Stenosis

The basic difference in these two conditions is very much clear.

The central stenosis brings a lot of neural signs and symptoms. Affect of stenosis will be on a broader level. Besides this in lateral stenosis, all symptoms are related to a particular nerve root.

Central spinal stenosis mostly occurs due to- an Extruded or Protruded Disc. In case of lateral recess stenosis, degenerative changes and osteophytes can be the causes along with disc bulge and herniation.

So stenosis, either central or lateral is result of some other conditions. Different causes can lead to spinal stenosis.

Besides this as per the location of the condition is-

  • Cervical spinal stenosis
  • Lumbar spinal stenosis

The symptoms of these vary. Because different areas of spine supply to different locations in the body.

Causes of Spinal Stenosis

There are certain causes behind blockage of the canal. These might be external as well as internal causes

  • Spinal Discs. Spinal discs are located on each level between the bones. These discs are designated to maintain the free movement of neural tissue and for the protection of tissue. When due to pressure a disc is bulging and is occupying the canal. This condition appears most commonly.
  • Osteoarthritic Changes in the spinal bones. Wear and tear is a regular feature for human body. When this wear and tear is bringing osteophytes, these osteophytes occupies the spinal passages. This causes problems with the canal of spine. This generally associate with condition of spondylitis.
  • Tumors. Some growths can develop between the bony passage and spinal cord and cause the problem of stenosis.
  • Thickening of the Ligament. This event occurs because of the pressure on the ligament due to the disc bulge or herniation. Besides this PLL (Posterior longitudinal ligament) or ALL (Anterior longitudinal ligament) can ossify due to deposition of calcium and cause stenosis. This occurs mostly in the cervical region.
  • Fractures in spine. Due to accident bony tissue can slip in canal and can block this.

Symptoms of Canal Stenosis

Symptoms of spinal stenosis are different as per the location of the stenosis of spinal canal.

Cervical Canal StenosisLumbar Canal Stenosis
Radiation of Pain in upper arm, shoulders, neck and head.Radiation of pain in lower lleg from hip to the foot. Pain like Sciatica.
Numbness in upper and lower limbs. Numbness can effect the whole lower limb and can cause problem in walking.
Heaviness in bodyIncontinence of urine and stool.
Imbalance while walkingPain in lower back.
Distended abdomen and incontinence of urine and stool in severe cases.

Stenosis symptoms are not much unique.

These are similar to the symptoms of disc herniation or bulged disc. But these are always aggressive in nature. For example- normal bulged disc causes pain. But the same disc when herniates and causes canal stenosis- pain will be extraordinary.

For example in case of L5-S1 canal stenosis, the pain will be like sciatica in case of canal stenosis in lumbar region. On other side suppose, there is some problem with C5-C6 Cervical Disc– in that condition all symptoms will relate to cervical problem.

Numbness and other disability also occurs due to canal stenosis in the spinal canal. Therefore this condition of stenosis should be treated with immediate effect.

What is Canal Stenosis as per Ayurveda?

Because solution of the canal stenosis is surgical. This is the reason, when it comes to canal stenosis. Every patients starts looking for the treatment in Ayurveda. So that surgery can be avoided.

There are two thoughts from school of Ayurveda. Which relate to this condition of Canal stenosis.

  • “Khavaigunyad”. This is a pathological development as per Ayurveda. “Kha” stands for Aakash Mahabhoota. Which gives space to Vata Dosha. When space is obliterated it is known as Khavaigunyad. Same happens in the empty space of the spine in case of this disease. Therefore we can work on this disease as per this concept.
  • Sroto-Dushti. For Ayurveda, human body is a meshwork and network of channels. When any of these channels are not in continuity, this causes certain problems with the body.

There is no as such condition as per Ayurveda. Because spinal canal is not detailed internally. Everything goes according to signs and symptoms. All symptoms of the canal stenosis fall under the “Vata Vyadhi”. Therefore this condition is treated in the same way in Ayurveda.

Before, discussing about the treatment part of Ayurveda, it is important to discuss a case study, here. In this case Vaidya Dr. Pardeep Sharma has treated this case completely. This will help you to better understand the logic of Ayurvedic treatment of canal stenosis.

Case Study: Spinal Canal Stenosis Cured through Ayurveda

When it comes to Ayurvedic treatment of any condition, the simple question we face is – is it science or quackery. And being related to scientific treatments, we believe in putting evidences. So that you can better understand whether Ayurveda works or not. And this is real answer for your query- can canal stenosis cure with ayurveda?

This case of Mr. Seth was not only an inspiration for all of us at Sukhayu Ayurved but also gives courage to everybody in team that we can deal in cases where patient was suffering with severe pain. And that too without pain killers or some injectables. The whole process of treatment we are here narrating through example of Mr. Seth, only.

Logic Behind Ayurveda Spinal Stenosis Treatment

Modern mind needs logic, explanation and exposition. We have that. Vaidya Pardeep Sharma’s hard work and scientific learning of the spine has made us to better understand the condition.

Here are the few points to better understand the logical treatment of spinal canal stenosis through Ayurveda.

  • We need to treat the bulged, herniated or extruded disc.
  • In treatment of disc- disc is not the culprit.

While doing treatment of spinal canal stenosis , we need to work on the root cause of the problem.

The logical understanding of the problem helps in answer your question about can canal stenosis cure with ayurveda

Better understand the process of treatment of canal stenosis due to disc in these points-

  • Disc is located in between two bones (vertebral bodies)
  • It needs two things-
    • Space and
    • Nutrition
  • When gap between the bones is not adequate it will cause two things-
    • Space for the disc reduces and it causes rupture of the arteries carrying blood to the jelly (nucleus pulposus) of the disc.
    • Lack of nutrition weakens the disc and it ruptures.
  • So we need to cause these two changes to reverse the pathology.
    • Provide the space for the disc.
    • Improve the nutrition for the disc.

Isn’t it logical?

Treatment of any problem is- Reversal of Pathology! These points can be done. So can be the treatment.

When we talk about the same case study, discussed above-

In case of Mr. Seth’s canal stenosis issue- the main problem was his sitting. Because of sitting not only the body weight was increased but also his muscles were stiffened badly.

Because once we sit for longer periods, muscles will have to work regularly. While working, these muscles will produce a lot of toxins. These toxins accumulate in the muscles and cause stiffness in these. The regular stiffness causes bulge or herniation of the disc.

In cases of canal stenosis we need to be more aggressive and more accurate while doing the treatment of condition. Because as per Doshas theory of Ayurveda; aggravation of Doshas is more in such cases. And deeper Dhatus are also trapped in this aggravation of Doshas.

Dosha Based Ayurvedic Treatment of Spinal Canal Stenosis

The main challenge in Ayurvedic treatment of spinal disc problems is- to diagnose the imbalance of the Doshas. Most of the people think that all spinal and neural conditions are just an impact of Vata Dosha. Not true at all. All Doshas involve in the process of the disease. You can read the details in the link- Ayurvedic Doshas behind Disc Herniation or Bulge?

If we talk about Mr. Seth’s case.

  • He was suffering with the Kapha imbalance. He is a jeweller by profession.
  • And most of the time he remain seated in a place.
  • Even though his pain level was immense.
  • Still the diagnosis was revolving around Kapha Dosha. The dhatu in his case was Majja.

Once this detail was with us . We started working to balance the imbalanced Doshas, in first phase of treatment.

He was provided with a lot of medicines based on fats. So that we can reduce the Kapha but won’t aggravate the Vata or Pitta Doshas further.

YES this is the approach we follow at Sukhayu Ayurved. We follow Authentic Ayurved as it is and that too without any adulteration.

Ayurvedic treatment for Canal stenosis is not about doing some Kati Basti, Greeva Basti, Pottali alone in a condition.

For Ayurveda spinal canal stenosis treatment we work on wholistic approach of Ayurveda. Where we work on all the aspects of the condition.

Today Mr. Bhupendar ji is working like any other normal person and this is just possible because of approach by Ayurvedic Rishis.

At Sukhayu we don’t do magics. We just follow what Ayurvedic text has told. Ayurveda spinal canal stenosis treatment is quite possible because of this approach of Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Spinal Stenosis without Surgery

When it comes to the ayurvedic treatment of canal stenosis without surgery, it is challenging. At Sukhayu Ayurved we approach to these cases with a unique vision. First thing is Ayurvedic Diagnosis. We need to find out that symptoms what ever is appearing in these cases are related to which of the Doshas? Asthi, Majja, Mamasa these are three dhatus basically on which we work. We also understand that in case of stenosis of neural canal if we will exert wrong pressure or movement will be not accurate through Yoga- than any complications can appear in such cases.

The plan for ayurvedic treatment of canal stenosis without surgery starts with the Panchakarma and Ayurvedic medicines. We have our in house manufacturing and processing of peculiar medicines. We have not invented anything. These all medicines are according to Ayurvedic text. The main thing post diagnosis of cause and involvement of the dhatus is- Doshas involved in canal stenosis. Because according to Ayurveda no diseases can occur without aggravation or disturbance of the Doshas. This is true even in case of canal stenosis. Even in cases of injury, there will be somewhat aggravation of the Dosha for sure.

So Panchakarma, Ayurvedic medicines are planned according to the involvement of the Doshas in first phase of the ayurvedic treatment of canal stenosis without surgery. In second phase we introduce Yoga so that we can bring back the disc in its own vicinity.

All about Canal Stenosis and its Ayurvedic Treatment

What is the best non surgical treatment for spinal stenosis?

The best treatment for spinal stenosis is that which can revert your spine in normal condition. Ayurveda offers solution to cases of spinal stenosis where cause is because of decay in bones and discs. If you have some extra growths like tumor then surgery is the ultimate solution.

Can stenosis reverse?

Yes stenosis can reverse and that too without surgery. We have done many cases of spinal canal stenosis and these cases are doing well and leading a normal life.

What can deteriorate the spinal canal stenosis?

If you get a bad jerk or you go for forceful manipulation then your problem can complicate immediately. This kind of incidence can lead you to complete paralysis and you can loose control from your urine and stool.

Upto which level Ayurveda can treat canal stenosis?

In a recent case we have treated the patient with canal left 2.6 mm only. This patient has recovered. We are waiting for the completion of treatment. When we say 2.6 mm it is complicated. But yes, Ayurveda did it.

How long it takes for the treatment of spinal canal stenosis?

In such cases patient needs to admit for 21 days with us and afterwards back home patient need to follow medicines and yoga asanas for 4 to 6 months.

What precautions should I take with spinal canal stenosis?

  • Don’t go for forceful manipulation,
  • Avoid chiropractic manipulation.
  • Forward bending should be avoided.
  • Don’t carry any weight.
  • Never do any exercises without guidance.

Can canal stenosis be cured without surgery?

Yes, of course. We have many cases where canal was completely obliterated and the patient was well treated through Ayurveda treatment. All these patients are leading a very normal and healthy lifestyle.
With right approach and better understanding, canal stenosis can be cured through Ayurveda-Panchakarma and Yoga triad.

Here is another case study with reversal of canal stenosis-

Ayurvedic Treatment for Canal Stenosis
A case where Canal diameter increased to 14 mm from 11 mm after Ayurvedic Treatment. It shows how Ayurveda can reverse canal stenosis.

So finally you need not to worry about Can canal stenosis cure with ayurveda- because at Sukhayu Ayurved, everything is according to the science and logic.

Consult for the complete treatment of the condition.