Canal Stenosis

The most fearing statement in case of spinal problems is- Canal Stenosis.It can occur in any level of spine. But most of the times Lumbar discs are prone to this. Canal stenosis of L4-L5, L5-S1 are most common findings in spinal MRIs. Any doctor will give surprise and shocking expressions after seeing the films of MRI. The first word in most of the cases is- it can paralyse you. Go and get MRI immediately. But nobody differs in giving the ayurvedic treatment of canal stenosis without surgery. Ayurvedic Treatment of Canal Stenosis without Surgery, L3-L4 L4-L5 canal stenosis


Same happened with one of our patient from Benaras Mr. Bhupendar Seth. Pain was travelling in his legs for 24 hours. He was not able to sleep, sit…walking was a nightmare for him. The MRI here is speaking thousand words about his condition. His spinal canal was completely blocked due to protrusion of the disc. We have treated this case of L3-L4 , L4-L5 canal stenosis, where canal diameter in L3-L4 was just 7mm. Read complete story of this treated patient of l3-l4, l4-l5 canal stenosis.

Before we talk about canal stenosis treatment without surgery it is important to know- what is it and how does it impacts the nervous system?

Canal Stenosis : Blockage in Neural Canal

Spine is made up of vertebrae. Every vertebrae has a foramina inside. When these foramina connect with each other this makes a complete canal. This canal travels from the upper first vertebrae of the cervical to the last one of sacrum. Spinal cord travels in this canal upto L1/L2 vertebrae and rest of the canal comprises nerves. This canal gives space to the nerves and spinal cord. On each level nerve roots emerge. These nerve roots supply to the different areas, where these are supposed to go.

When this main canal is blocked due to a herniated disc that condition is – Canal Stenosis. Canal is for neural canal and stenosis is blockage of the canal. Either nerves or spinal cord as a whole descends down in this canal. When this compression due to bulged and herniated disc builds up. This pressure exerts on the nerves. This all activity gives all symptoms of the neural compression. These symptoms might be pain, numbness, burning or anything. This depends on the level of the disc bulge. Thus, what is important is – where exactly problem is and how much is the problem!

Yet, what is missing is- who is culprit? Canal, Disc or some other reasons. Answer is – some other reasons are more responsible for the condition. Similar to the other cases of spinal disc problem, we keep our eye on the cause of the problem so that we can ensure complete recovery in the case. This is the cause which helps us in treating the case in a better way. The courage of doing ayurvedic treatment of canal stenosis without surgery comes from the “approach”.

Symptoms of Canal Stenosis

Stenosis symptoms are not much unique. These are similar to the symptoms of disc herniation or bulged disc. But these are always aggressive in nature. For example- normal bulged disc causes pain. But the same disc when herniates and causes canal stenosis- pain will be extraordinary. Numbness and other disability also occurs due to the same condition. This pain or numbness gives the thought that there is no as such ayurvedic treatment of canal stenosis without surgery. Therefore everybody thinks of surgery only. Still fact is- stenosis is nothing but just an advanced stage of the bulged disc. So symptoms are according to the level of the canal stenosis, rest will be the same to a pinched nerve, bulged or herniated disc.

Treatment of Canal Stenosis

There are not much options for this condition of canal stenosis. Every pathy and every doctor work hard to ensure that their patient will get complete relief in the condition. But this is success or failure of the treatment which means a lot in case of spinal problems.

Surgery in canal stenosis

The main stream medicines- allopathy believes that cutting the disc (laminotomy) is enough to relieve the pain and discomfort caused by the canal stenosis. It is never true. These patients revert to the same pain within few days of surgery. These failed back surgeries are the only achievement of the laminotomies of the spinal discs.

Cause is left as it is. Victim is victimised and culprit is rewarded in these cases. But ayurveda has a better approch in such cases of the canal stenosis.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Canal Stenosis without Surgery

When it comes to the ayurvedic treatment of canal stenosis without surgery, it is challenging. At Sukhayu Ayurved we approach to these cases with a unique vision. First thing is Ayurvedic Diagnosis. We need to find out that symptoms what ever is appearing in these cases are related to which of the Doshas? Asthi, Majja, Mamasa these are three dhatus basically on which we work. We also understand that in case of stenosis of neural canal if we will exert wrong pressure or movement will be not accurate through Yoga- than any complications can appear in such cases.

The plan for ayurvedic treatment of canal stenosis without surgery starts with the Panchakarma and Ayurvedic medicines. We have our in house manufacturing and processing of peculiar medicines. We have not invented anything. These all medicines are according to Ayurvedic text. The main thing post diagnosis of cause and involvement of the dhatus is- Doshas involved in canal stenosis. Because according to Ayurveda no diseases can occur without aggravation or disturbance of the Doshas. This is true even in case of canal stenosis. Even in cases of injury, there will be somewhat aggravation of the Dosha for sure.

So Panchakarma, Ayurvedic medicines are planned according to the involvement of the Doshas in first phase of the ayurvedic treatment of canal stenosis without surgery. In second phase we introduce Yoga so that we can bring back the disc in its own vicinity.

Due to this approach based work on the canal stenosis, Sukhayu Ayurved has more than 90 % results. There are many patients like Mr. Bhupendar who were treated well at Sukhayu Ayurved…you can be the next one.. contact us