Bulged Disc

Bulged Disc is a condition which is very much common in people between 23 to 40 years. But what does bulged disc mean, how does it happen? Is bulged disc and herniated disc – similar or there are some differences in these two? Is it a condition where you don’t have a choice other than the surgery? What is possibility of Ayurvedic treatment for bulged disc without surgery and much more are the questions. These questions are simple. But modern day science has built the fear of surgery and that has complicated the whole scenario about all spinal disc problems.

What is Bulged Disc

If you have a bulged disc, you are not alone. Bulging discs and disc protrusion are same conditions. This is a very common spinal disc problem. A bulging disc remain silent and won’t give any symptoms if no nerve root is compressed. But the same can cause all types of discomfort ranging from pain, burning sensation, throbbing pain, sensation in the skin- depending on the pressure exerted on the nerve root. Therefore bulging disc remain undiagnosed until unless it gives some symptoms due to compression on the nerves.

In 90% cases lumbar region- lower back has the bulged disc. In lumbar region too- L4-L5 and L5-S1 bulged discs are most common. Bulged disc in L4-L5 and L5-S1 gives the symptoms of famous condition- sciatica. Almost every patient with sciatica visits a doctor for L4-L5; L5-S1 disc protrusion because of the radiation of the pain.

In the lower back, the damaged disc can cause pain to travel to the hips, buttocks, legs and feet. In the cervical spine, pain can radiate from the neck, down the arm and to the fingers.

Ayurvedic treatment can ensure the complete recovery of the bulged disc, we at Sukhayu Ayurved has done thousands of cases for the same and this brings the confidence in us for this.

How Does A Disc Bulge

Disc, as name suggests is a – a flat, thin circular object. This is located in between the bones of vertebrae. There are circles of ligaments which holds the jelly inside. Jelly is- nucleus pulposus. When disc degenerates, this jelly starts moving towards the periphery of the disc. Until unless this jelly is with in the ligamental fibres- this condition is- Bulged disc.

So this is jelly which displaces due to pressure. Therefore the famous term of slip disc came in existence. Slip disc is not a medical term. This is just a term of common people which include all conditions like- herniated disc, protruded disc, prolapsed disc, extruded disc etc.

Most common problem which causes bulged disc is- pressure on the disc and disc degeneration. Here are all the causes of the problem…

What Does Cause a Bulged Disc

Here are some of the reasons, behind the problem of the bulged disc. Not important, every cause will be there behind the problem. Only one of these is more than enough to bulge a disc.

Age as a reason for bulged disc

Discs are a structure between the level of flesh and bones. These are cartilaginous structure. As we grow older body decays. The same decay reflects on the discs too. Spinal Discs start losing- water and elasticity. Due to all these developments these discs become weaker. Weakness in terms of disc means- lack of elasticity. In other terms- discs are more fragile with age. Due to this fragility discs starts bulging out in the empty spaces. Bulging discs are most commonly diagnosed in middle aged people, but these can occur in any age due to the other reasons..

Bulged disc caused by Injury

Any accident one can met anywhere. It might be as small as sneezing heavily or it can be a weight lifting session in gym. More than that the way we sit and way we strain our body also can cause this problem with the disc.

Lifestyle leading to Bulged Disc

Diet can impact any cell of the body so impact on discs is also common. Besides diet- lack of exercise and smoking are the other causative factors which commonly impacts on the disc and cause several problems.

Posture and muscle imbalances and bulging of a disc

Shrugged shoulders while typing, using mobile phone in bed with raised hands or reading a newspaper or tabloid with head forward are enough reasons for a bulged disc in cervical region. For lumbar region of the spine- standing for long period or sitting in a slouched posture or even a bad chair can cause the problem in the lumbar spine.

Symptoms of A bulged Disc

Ayurvedic Treatment for Bulged Disc Without Surgery