“ITIS” tells about inflammation. When this inflammation is in the spine. It is known as Spondylitis. This is a type of arthritis only. The arthritis which occurs in the spine. This arthritis leads to a very painful back and pain can also radiate to the limbs (Arm and Leg). Here we will discuss about the condition and will also know about the Ayurveda treatment of Spondylitis in detail.

Like all other parts of body. Our spine ages. Ageing is a truth. We age every moment. And with ageing we deteriorate. Joints are more susceptible to these destructive changes in form of arthritis. Because of the working nature of the joints.

Human spine is full of joints.

Every spinal vertebrae makes several joints with the vertebrae above and below. Because we strain our spine much in day today life. These joints starts decaying much earlier. Due to all these happenings, spine looses its flexibility and capacity to absorb shocks.

These are structural changes which lead to physiological and mechanical problems.

Men are more prone to spondylitis than women.

Surely, it is a condition which is related to age. But symptoms of this condition starts appearing in early adulthood.

Age is not in years basically. How do our body wear and tear with time, tells about our body age. Process of ageing escalates because of following reasons and this causes chances of early onset of spondylitis.

All about Spondylitis

Causes of Spondylitis

  1. When we don’t care our body properly. This is the basic reason why we age too fast in this era. We all take our body as granted. Ignorance of basic physical ailments causes further complex conditions.
  2. Accumulation of toxins in the body. The diet and lifestyle we are leading nowadays is a basic problem in accumulation of the toxic elements inside the body.
  3. Excessive work and less rest. Human body is a machine. It needs proper time to reboot. Due to professional liabilities we generally overlook the requirements of the body and this complicates the condition further.
  4. Lack of flexibility. What is in mind, reflects on the body and what we eat will decide the mind. Because we are taking food which is on dryer side and this brings a lot of stiffness and rigidity in the body. Which reflects on everywhere.

Spondylitis is easy to treat and easy to repair, if diagnosed well in advance. But until unless painful condition like sciatica doesn’t appear in this case- spondylitis remain undiagnosed and condition keeps on complicating.

Apart from these, there are certain other conditions which are also responsible for spondylitis in the spine.

  • Inflammatory joint disease, which increases the problem.
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Excess body weight
  • Addictions like Smoking and alcohol
  • Other spinal problems like degenerative disc disease or canal stenosis etc.


Spondylitis mimics the other mechanical issues of the spine.

For example when you met an accident pain started and you keep on relating the pain with that accident or injury but it is different, actually. When we compare, spondylitis with other spinal problems, this condition rarely gives symptoms like pain radiation.

When osteophytes starts pressing or irritating the nerves only then there will be radiation of pain, otherwise pain remains limited to the back alone.

  1. Pain or stiffness in the lower back or anywhere in the spine which lasts for more than 3 months.
  2. Stiffness in back which aggravates after rest. Thus pain will be more acute early in morning.
  3. Spine feels rigid and less flexible with time.
  4. Bad posture- hunched spine
  5. Inflammation in tendons of spine.
  6. Some calcium spurs which comes out of the vertebrae and head towards the other vertebrae.
  7. Swelling
  8. The worst is when there is a fracture due to compression

Ayurveda about Spondylitis

Spondylitis is “Sandhivata” according to Ayurveda.

In Ayurveda everything revolves around the theory of three doshas. As Doshas play an important role with all the diseases of spinal disc, same these do with the condition of spondylitis.

Ageing means decay. Among three Doshas, Vata is a dosha which is responsible be the decay of the body. And Kapha is there for the nourishment. When there is an imbalance of these two. Condition of Sandhivata- Spondylitis appear.

  • Kapha binds the things. You can name this collagen or anything- we need a lot of watery binding agent for the bones. Blood brings nutrition to the bones and this helps in maintaining the structure. This is more applicable to the bones and joints. Besides this Kapha also lubricates the joints and make these supple and flexible.
  • Vata makes these brittle. With Ageing dryness increases. Dryness is opposite to the binding nature of the watery substance responsible for keeping the things together. When (kapha) greasy part decays, friction increases and this complicates the whole scenario. Roughness is known as osteophytes in this case.
  • Pitta brings inflammatory changes. Without involvement of the Pitta Dosha, no inflammatory changes can appear anywhere in the body. The arterial walls are mostly occluded by these changes of Pitta Dosha.

Reasons of Spine Arthritis According to Ayurveda

As per Ayurveda this is the list of reasons behind Spondylitis condition-

  • Use of diet which has excess dryness
    • Excessive use of Salads
    • Consumption of barley and maze (corn) in excess amount
    • Eating too much uncooked leafy vegetables
    • Avoiding healthy amounts of fat in diet.
  • Taking- Tobacco and Alcohol.
  • Too much exercise or exertion.
  • Too much travelling.
  • Poor Digestive system, specially constipation.
  • Not adequate sleep.
  • To sleep during day time.

These are few of basic causes behind the problem of spondylitis. And amazingly all of these are conditions which can be avoided easily.

Spondylitis Vs Ankylosing Spondylitis Vs Spondylosis

Spondylitis, ankylosing spondylitis and spondylosis all three sound same. And these always confuse many of patients. Here is the difference in these three-

SpondylitisAnkylosing SpondylitisSpondylosis
This is osteoarthritis of spine. Where osteoporotic changes effect the spine. In this condition different vertebrae starts fusing with each other. In case of spondylosis, the pars interarticularis” the cartilage fractures.
It causes stiffness in the spine and restricts the movements. In case of severe condition, it leads to the radiation of pain due to compression on the nerves due to osteophytes.It freezes all the movements of the spine. Once fusion starts it blocks all the movements of the spine and this is the reason this condition is called bamboo spine.Because there is a fracture in the spine and vertebral bodies move more freely. Therefore any movement or change in posture causes severe pain, This pain may radiate to lower limb.

So these are the basic differences in these three conditions and one should not confuse among these conditions.

Ayurveda Treatment of Spondylitis

The science which defines age better than any other science. The medical science which starts with word “Ayu” (literally meaning age) has better tools to fight against the diseases. This is the reason- Ayurveda Treatment of Spondylitis is promising.

Every treatment should have a proper approach. The same is with Ayurveda. There are main targets for the treatment of this condition through Ayurveda. Here is the list-

  1. To stop the decay of the bones
  2. To reduce inflammatory changes in the spine
  3. Making sure proper nutrition will reach to the bones
  4. To help regeneration of the cartilages.

This is a four-point approach of Ayurveda for the treatment of the Spondylitis.

Because Ayurveda is all about the process of ageing and lifestyle disorders- what exactly is Spondylitis. At Sukhayu we provide not only better treatment for spondylitis we too have tools like- Ayurvedic Diet, Panchakarma, Yoga Asanas which can ensure the proper treatment of the spondylitis.

Does Calcium Help in Spondylitis?

Yes spondylitis is a type of arthritis and osteoporosis is a main thing which happens in this case.

Nowhere amount of calcium is involved with this.

This is never the amount of available calcium and vitamin D3. Main thing is bioavailability of the calcium to the bones (How much calcium is available for the body?).

This is the blood supply which diminishes with process of ageing.

Therefore more than providing the calcium supplements and vitamin D3. Important in case of treatment of Spondylitis is to ensure the blood supply to the affected region.

This is the main approach of Ayurveda while treating these cases of Spondylitis. At Sukhayu Ayurved we don’t use calcium, not even any natural calcium.

The main approach of Ayurvedic treatment for spondylitis is based on the Doshas!

Ayurveda Treatment of Spondylitis

Doshas are at core of every Ayurveda treatment. Whether it is spinal disc problems or spondylitis.

Doshas are dual in nature. These are responsible for the physiology as well as the pathology. Basically, physiology and pathology are one and same thing- two sides of a coin. When physiology disturbs it turns in to pathology.

Same does Doshas. When doshas are in healthy state- they work for physiology. Moment these aggravate that becomes pathology. Thus all the efforts we put for the treatment- these head towards balancing the Doshas. Here is the role of the Doshas in case of spondylitis. Because this is the way we can understand Ayurvedic Treatment for Spondylitis in a better way.

Ayurvedic treatment for spondylitis.

Balancing Vata

Vata dosha is the main causative factor for spondylitis. Yet not alone. When Vata disturbs it increases the dryness in the body. The binding of calcium weakens and it decays. This decay causes osteophytes. So it is about the balance of the Vata to keep the calcium intact with the bones.

Balancing Pitta

Inflammatory responses don’t appear without involvement of the Pitta. If this is all about the inflammatory changes than it is never advisable to do the treatment of Vata Dosha. Because these two doshas are just 360 degree opposite to each other. This is the most common mistake what Ayurvedic physician makes and you don’t get the proper results in the treatment.

Balancing Kapha

Not involved many cases. But when there is obesity and the nutrition to the body doesn’t reach properly- that occurs because of the involvement of the Kapha dosha in the pathological process. In such case stiffness in profound in the spine.

So in nutshell-

  • When Vata is involved- there will be excessive osteophytes with vertebrae.
  • Pitta brings the inflammatory response in the spine
  • Kapha causes stiffness and lack of flexibility in the spine.

This helps in diagnosing the condition well. In most of the cases there is an involvement of two doshas and that too in a different proportion. So this is the diagnosis of the problem and involvement of the dosha- which we access through pulse too. This helps in providing the best Ayurvedic Treatment for spondylitis at Sukhayu Ayurveda.

Best Ayurvedic Treatment for spondylitis at Sukhayu

Once we know the involvement of the Doshas in a condition, we further drill down the involvement of the gunas from Doshas. Because every doshas has its own set of Gunas (Properties) which help us to decide the planning of the best  Ayurvedic Treatment for spondylitis.

  • For Vata Dosha Aggravation:
    • We go for Basti. Deeper oleation of the body and control the aggravated guna through this.
  • For Pitta Dosha Aggravation:
    • Selection of medicines is on a cooler side. Where we can pacify the Pitta dosha without aggravation of the Vata at the same time
  • For Kapha Dosha Aggravation:
    • We need to scrap out the excess of the Kapha Dosha in this condition. Because there are many toxins associated with Kapha in form of Ama.

We don’t have a particular plan for the Ayurvedic Treatment for spondylitis which can suit everybody. The treatment is planned according to requirement of a patient. Thus we require you in OPD so that we can make a proper diagnosis of the problem.

Queries about Treatment of Spondylitis

Certainly you have many questions regarding your problem of Spondylitis. We asked all questions to our senior physician Vaidya Pardeep. He has answered all the FAQs about treatment of spondylitis. Here are these-

How can I reverse spondylitis?

This is just like reversing the age. So there are least chances to reverse the spondylitis in older age.
But when this pathological and you want to reverse this in early age than it is quite possible. For the reversal of the spondylitis what you need to do is- work on the causative factor, after finding the right diagnosis of the condition.

Can Ayurveda cure spondylitis?

Yes Ayurveda is more promising in treating this condition. Because Ayurveda emphasises on slowing down of process of ageing in the treatment. Ayurvedic treatment if planned properly for spondylitis, not only reverse the condition but also makes sure that you wont get any other side effects of the treatment.

I am suffering with cervical spondylitis, what are non surgical options for this?

Ayurveda is the best non surgical treatment option for the condition of cervical spondylitis. Because this is Ayurveda which makes sure that your bones will come back to natural condition. So that you wont need to go for risky cervical surgery.

How can I get rid of pain due to spondylitis?

Don’t suppress the pain. Remove the cause.
If you will just suppress the pain and wont work on the cause of the problem, you will do things which are beyond your capacity. And in this condition cause behind pain will complicate.

Does Ayurveda treatment for spondylitis work?

There are exclusion and inclusion criteria for treatment in every medical system. Ayurveda treatment for spondylitis works but not in every case.

What are the best ayurveda medicines for spondylitis?

Best medicines is that which can solve your problem. And selection of the best medicine for your condition can be done by a well trained physician alone. You should consult with expert physician about this. Don’t buy only medicines. Those can relieve pain but will surely complicate your condition.

In which age arthritis of spine- spondylitis does occur?

Generally arthritis of spine, spondylitis occurs in old age after 50 years. But if your age is progressing very fast then it can be there in early ages too.
The main thing in the spondylitis is the ageing related changes. Practically these changes are visible in very young ages nowadays in about 30 years.

Is facet joint arthropathy and arthritis of spine are one and same things?

Facet joint arthropathy is a different condition. Spondylitis is related to the vertebral bodies but in facet joint arthropathy problem is with the facet joints on back side of the vertebral bodies.

Does smoking aggravates the spondylitis?

Yes. Because tobacco has vyavayi and vikashi gunas in it as per Ayurveda. These are the gunas which are opposite to the nature and livelihood of the human body. Therefore consumption of tobacco will cause and aggravate spondylitis.