Ageing is a truth. We age every moment. And with ageing we deteriorate. This deterioration occur in each and every part of the body. Joints are more susceptible to these destructive changes in form of arthritis. Because of the working nature of the joints. Human spine is full of joints. Every spinal vertebrae makes several joints with the vertebrae above and below. Because we strain our spine much in day today life. These joints starts decaying much earlier. Due to all these happenings, spine looses its flexibility and capacity to absorb shocks. These are structural changes which lead to physiological and mechanical problems.

Spondylitis is basically – arthritis of the spine. This is a osteoarthritis condition, where a lot of spurs as well as osteophytes starts developing in the vertebral bodies. Basically spondylitis relates to a particular family of the arthritis. This kind of arthritis can impact on all the joints but spine is affected with this kind of arthritis. Due to spondylitis, spine inflames badly and this inflammation causes rigidity in the spine as well as cause limited mobility. Thus spondylitis not only causes pain in the spine, but also restricts the movement of the spine.

Men are more prone to spondylitis than women. Surely, it is a condition which is related to age. But symptoms of this condition starts appearing in early adulthood. The main problem appears with the adults is- lack of flexibility in the spine. This lack in flexibility causes loss of lordosis and other conditions too which cause problems with the spinal discs. The second problem is- hunch in the back, that again causes problems with the intervertebral discs.This is the reason the secondary impact of the spondylitis is always or more likely is- Spinal disc problems aka slip disc. Spondylitis is easy to treat and easy to repair, if diagnosed well in advance. But until unless painful condition like sciatica doesn’t appear in this case- spondylitis remain undiagnosed and condition keeps on complicating.

Causes of Spondylitis

In modern science the main problem with every diseases is- when they are not able to underline the root cause of the problem. They start accusing and blaming the genes. But now we know that genes are not alone responsible for any condition. This is environment as well as our diet habits which are responsible for problems like this. This is the reason diet plays an important role in causation of the spinal problems (Role of Diet in Spinal Problems).

When it comes that spondylitis runs in a family, then more than genes this is nurture which runs according to a family. Nurture rules the nature. The diet habits, sitting stance or even the way to walk- is copied from elders thus the younger generation more represents this condition.

Apart from these, there are certain other conditions which are also responsible for spondylitis in the spine.

  • Inflammatory joint disease, which increases the problem.
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Excess body weigh
  • Addictions like Smoking and alcohol
  • Other spinal problems like degenerative disc disease or canal stenosis etc.

In any of these cases when you have some other signs and symptoms, you should regularly check for your spine wellness- time to time. As early one can establish a proper diagnosis that early problem can be addressed well.

Symptoms of Spondylitis

Spondylitis mimics the other mechanical issues of the spine. For example when you met an accident pain started and you keep on relating the pain with that accident or injury but it is different, actually. When we compare, spondylitis with other spinal problems, this condition rarely gives symptoms like pain radiation. When osteophytes starts pressing or irritating the nerves only than there will be radiation of pain, otherwise pain remains limited to the back alone.

  • Pain or stiffness in the lower back or anywhere in the spine which lasts for more than 3 months.
  • Stiffness in back which aggravates after rest. Thus pain will be more acute early in morning.
  • Spine feels rigid and less flexible with time.
  • Bad posture- hunched spine
  • Inflammation in tendons of spine.
  • Some calcium spurs which comes out of the vertebrae and head towards the other vertebrae.
  • Swelling
  • The worst is when there is a fracture due to compression

If you are suffering with any of the above said conditions, no need to make a self-diagnosis of the problem. You should visit some experts nearby you or just email your Xray or MRI to us through contact us so that we can guide you in a better way for the Ayurvedic Treatment for Spondylitis.

Ayurvedic Prospective of Spondylitis

Ayurveda has its mastery in the conditions and diseases related to ageing and lifestyle. This makes Ayurveda a better choice for the treatment of condition like- Spondylitis. According to Ayurveda everything revolves around the theory of three doshas. As Doshas paly an important role with all the diseases of spinal disc, same these do with the condition of spondylitis.

This is Vata, which aggravates and causes the arthritis of the spine- well known as spondylitis. When we say Vata dosha, it is not alone. There are many other factors behind this. Because Doshas are three and out of the three doshas when one is disturbed that will surely lead to the imbalance of the other two. This is a practical issue which everybody ignores.

Any addiction can increase the Vyavayi and Vikashi Guna in the body along with Vata. These vyavayi and vikashi gunas loosens up all the joints of the body than how can spare the spinal joints where this problem occurs. Besides this when Kapha causes obesity like condition, that will also bring some imbalance to the Vata Dosha.

We have noticed in our clinical practice, where patient had chronic constipation- there were more chances fo development of this kind of problems. Because in Ayurveda this is Apana Vayu which controls all other subtypes of Vata and cause the problem like spondylitis. This is the reason why when we treat spondylitis according to Ayurveda, we work more on the large intestine. You can read the details of Ayurvedic treatment for Spondylitis on the link.