Pain in cervical is always a crucial issue. You need to understand about a lot of things about cervical itself, when you want to know about how to cure cervical pain naturally!

Cervical pain is always weird in nature. And before we talk about its natural cure we need to understand many different aspects of the cervical pain. This article is for this purpose only.

I am Vaidya Pardeep Sharma and I am working on spinal issues since year 2005. I am here sharing certain points about cervical pain. Later on I will detail about natural way to get rid of cervical pain. And along with this I will share with you that how the natural-ayurvedic-approach helps the cervical problem.

Not every pain of neck is cervical pain.

And it is not important that pain of cervical will reflect in neck only.

These two points are important to understand before we just talk about the cure of cervical pain naturally. Because before treating we should know – what we are talking about.

The Complicated Part of Spine: Cervical Spine

Cervical spine is just like a connector between the “power house” and “rest of the body”. Here, power house means brain. Whatever neurons decide in the brain, relays to the rest of the body parts through spinal cord. This makes cervical spine an important part of the body.

This is the reason a simple problem in the cervical spine, can lead to the problem in the whole body. Numbness in the feet can be result of the problem in cervical spine. This can be this simple. But besides this, a simple problem of the cervical spine can cause paraplegia (paralysis in whole body- below the neck).

Therefore, every neck pain should be addressed wisely. Carelessness in any case of cervical pain can lead to severe complications.

So have a look on the cervical spine first, what does it comprise and where does it supply.

Cervical spine: Structure and Configuration

When you need to know about the cervical spine, here are the points you should know-

  1. Cervical spine is the upper most part of the spine.
  2. It has 7 bones.
  3. The counting starts from C1 and is counted till C7.
  4. There are discs between all discs from C2 to C7.
  5. Nerves emerge from all these discs.
  6. The last one is C7-T1. This comes on a junction of cervical and thoracic spine.
  7. The first vertebra of cervical is up high and doesn’t have a disc for this.
  8. So we have 8 nerves emerging from the cervical spine.
  9. These nerves from cervical spine, meet and divide to make brachial plexus in the armpit.
  10. Cervical spine is more mobile than the lumbar spine, therefore it gives us a possibility to move neck freely in all directions.
  11. Naturally the cervical vertebrae are arranged in a curve. We all know curvature as – lordotic curvature of the cervical spine.
  12. Neck, is more about muscles and less about the cervical bones. Because these bones are very small.
  13. All the muscles of the neck are “locked and supported” on the “shoulder girdle”.
  14. Therefore all the movements of the shoulder, upper arm impact directly on the neck.

So these are the key points about cervical spine. These points will help us to understand the process of cure of cervical pain naturally. So now we will try to understand the whole process of natural treatment of the cervical problem.

Process of natural cure of Cervical Pain

Here are the points we need to know one by one.

  1. This is not alone about neck or cervical.
  2. The natural means returning back to the natural condition.
  3. Don’t treat the pain, treat the cause of the pain.
  4. The Panchakarma Techniques
  5. Yoga se Hoga: the skills of Yoga.

Okay! Let’s understand these points one by one.

This is not alone about neck or cervical

A patient wearing the cervical collar and not observing the postures of shoulders and hands. They think by fixing the neck their problem can be solved?

This is the common mistake of a patient, when one comes for consultation for the first time. Basically the modern day medical science doesn’t understand the neck clearly like Ayurveda did many years back.

Ayurveda uses word “urdhavjatrugata”. Urdhav means- above the and clavicle is the word for “jatru”. So everything above the clavicle level comes with a noun of neck. This understanding help us to deal better with the cervical problems.

And when we want to understand the problems with neck. We need to look at many muscles. In my clinical practices, I have seen many patients who have stiffness in the region of scapula bone. It is far from the neck but it impacts the neck badly.

So when it comes to cervical, don’t look at the cervical alone. Look at the rest of the muscles and joints, which are associated with the neck. This is the first step towards the natural cure of the cervical pain.

The natural means returning back to the natural condition

As a clinician, natural cure doesnt mean to use natural products for me. The natural cure of a condition like cervical pain means to bring back the natural structure of the spine back.

So you should focus on getting back the natural alignment, curvature of the spine. This helps you to get rid of the pain permanently.

When we just use some natural supplements to treat the condition of the pain, whether in cervical or any part. It never means that the treatment is natural. This is the approach of the treatment which is natural unnatural, not the medicines.

For example you have –

Degenerative disc in the cervical region. In this case you need to make sure that degeneration should stop. And besides this, the degenerated tissue if can be restored to normal. Then it should return to normal.

And in another case where a patient has loss of lordotic curvature in than natural cure means to bring back the curvature of the spine.

It is simple. But what are the rules of the natural cure of the problem. Here are the rest three.

Don’t treat the pain, treat the cause of the pain

This is an offensive remark.

Because title of the page talks about the cure of the cervical pain and that too naturally.

But this is the truth.

Pain is one of the best phenomenon of nature. It tells about the internal mistakes. And generally we keep on suppressing the pain. Cause keep on complicating in this process. This is the reason, natural solutions we lose the chances of natural cure of the cervical spine.

Vaidya Pradeep Sharma (MD)

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