Ayurvedic Treatment for Slip Disc

Ayurvedic treatment for slip disc is need of the hour. Because now we have witnessed failures of surgeries and side effects of pain killers. Funny thing is neuropathic pain killer like “Gabapentin” comes with prescription. And doctors tell that this medicines is meant for strengthening of the nerves!! They advise for bad bed rest, physiotherapy for months and finally end up with last option of Surgery only. Ayurvedic fraternity is not far behind. For a mechanical condition- where things are not in an arrangement. Some companies are selling this or that medicine to treat slip disc? Everybody claims of bringing the slip disc to normal. But only Sukhayu Ayurved has scientific evidences for this.

How do we offer ayurvedic treatment for slip disc- is all based on scientific understanding of the condition. Therefore we don’t sale any medicines for slip disc. We just offer the best in class ayurvedic treatment for slip disc. That too since 2007. With a data of more than 11,000 patients we are now confident to say that Sukhayu Ayurved is a place where you can get complete cure of slip disc problem.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Slip Disc

When we claim that we can cure a condition where surgery is just like a mandatory condition. It sounds a false statement, a hoax call or just another “overconfidence” claim? This might sound like this! Not an issue!! We don’t believe in making some calls, we do rely on the feedback of cured patients of slipped disc. This is all about those persons, patients who came to us crying with pain and departed with smiles on their faces.

We align the spine in its normal position- this is how we cure the condition! Yes, we do exactly the same. Spine or vertebral column is just like an axis of the body and if this axis shifts on one side- due to any reason- this will certainly imbalance the body. This imbalance is exerted on the spine in form of spasm of muscles and that forces the vertebrae to move out of its place and press the nerves. This slipped or protruded disc exerts pressure on the nerves which translates in making mild to severe pain in low back to the lowest of the leg. We do all this in three different steps-

  1. Oleation of the spine and surrounding muscles
  2. Relaxing the muscles and body
  3. Aligning the spine in its real shape.

For few non believers of Ayurveda this all might sound like a trick and tact-thing! If you believe in data based work and thoughts, certainly we have a data of about 11,000 completely cured patients, stored with us. We have a legacy of 5000 years old science as well as scientific thought process with us in form of a complete team of Physicians! If you are doubtful or confused consult our Physicians for ayurvedic treatment for slip disc.

Three Step Ayurvedic Treatment for Slip disc

At Sukhayu Ayurved, Jaipur we provide ayurvedic treatment for slip disc in a three step procedure. This procedure is done with a complete scientific and standardised procedures of panchakarma. Every patient is taken care properly at Sukhayu Ayurved in a professional way. So that we can provide the best in class ayurvedic treatment for slip disc.

Oleation of the Spine and Surrounding muscles:

Stiff things are hard to move and if we force these to move, surely we will hurt the stiffened tissue. This is what modern conventional chiropractors and physiotherapists keep on doing in all these cases and have least success with them. We do it according to the ancient Vedic Knowledge and some time tested techniques of Panchakarma and Ayurveda as per one’s requirements and body type.

Relaxing the muscles and nerves of the body:

Along with the first step, we keep on relaxing the muscles so that there won’t be a single percent of stiffness and hardness in the body. This is being done to make the neuromuscular junctions smooth and easy to maintain. This step ensures that we will be able to place the things in the right place in next step. This is done through Ayurvedic Medicines.

Aligning the spine in its real shape:

Spine is inverted “S” shaped and if we can maintain the curves of the spine everything will be in its own place. This we do with help of some Yoga techniques, we have developed in previous years. This condition of loss of lordosis is maintained through Yoga postures.

Because of this approach based, scientific treatment we are able to give best in class treatment for slip disc condition. When it comes to ayurvedic treatment for slip disc we first believe in studying the case properly and for this, you just need to share your MRI written report with us. So that we can understand the case properly and can revert you about all the possiblities of the ayurvedic treatment for slip disc.