How to Avoid Surgery for Slip Disc

Even a simple incision on the body can scare anybody. And when it is going to be on the “spine”, it is really scary. Slip disc is something which is “the” most common cause behind these spinal surgeries. So it makes sensibel to discuss- how to avoid surgery for slip disc?

And same I am going to discuss here with you. Ofcourse, it is easy to write down- avoid surgery for slip disc, but it takes- courage, patience and commitment, to achieve this really.

Avoid Surgery for Slip Disc

When it is a “slip disc” it is not just the spine, what we need to work on that. This is not alone a “physical task”, as many will tell you that- physical work or physiotherapy can help you with this.

My work with patients, 15 years long journey, taught me- work on all the aspects- Body and Mind.

When I say Mind, I mean it. Because hope is important.

Hope heals, better than the medicines.

When hope loses and hopeless mind starts accepting the surgery as a bitter but inevitable truth!

Is it really so?

Are these surgeries are inevitable?

Why these surgeries are this much important?

What do exactly they do in the surgery?

Are these surgeries- a permanent cure of the problem?

Let’s find out the answers to all these questions one by one, and yes of-course how can you avoid spinal surgery for slip disc.

Why Surgery is the only “solution” with surgeons?

When patients come to me, with “shattered hopes” and a “pile of papers”- they say with wondering expression-

I had been to 4/5/6 surgeons and everybody advised me to go for surgery. How can you, an Ayurvedic physician (pointing out to my “stupidity”), set the disc back to normal?

Earlier it was hard for me to answer this. But, time answered these questions for me. And now I just share my “view” with patients 🙂 .

Avoid Surgery for Slipped Disc

“What can we expect from a surgeon, who is trained to “operate” and “remove”.

Yes, we miss this point, quite often.

We expect from “surgeons” to say- “oh! please never go for a surgery”.

Not possible! But this is what we always wonder- this should happen- at some point.

When your case is not that complicated- surgeon will tell you “your case is not complicated, but at some point- you will have to go for surgery.”

Surgery is inevitable for you.

This is all because, surgeons are taught and trained to do that. NO HARD FEELINGS.

Surgeons, seriously, don’t know – how to avoid surgery for slip disc! Their professor didn’t teach them, what my “Guru” trained me for. And I regard this difference. And because of my training I know- when to say no to a patient and to tell him to go for surgery.

Oh, yes!! I do refer the patients to surgeons, when “surgery is seriously inevitable“.

Because I believe in “science” not “ignorance”. And I always wonder- surgeons should also learn about Ayurveda!!

What do they do in surgery for slipped disc

They, the surgeons, just remove the bulged part of the disc. The part which is responsible for “nerve compression”. It is a strong belief that- once you remove the compression, it solves the problem.

But this solution is a “quick-fix”.

Something which relieves you quickly and you never know how quickly the bad phase will return to you again?

Because surgery never solves the core issue, the real problem.

And when you’re in immense pain, that hardly matters most of the time, whether- the solution is permanent or temporary.

Cut my leg“- I have heard this from my patients too, when they were in immense pain!!

There are certain queries, which needs to be answered and addressed. But we cannot ask, most of the times. And once you “raise” your hand, you are a fool in scientific world. I know this, because I have gone through this “humiliation” many times.

Surgeons never answer me, for my queries. Because they don’t have answers. And playing smart, they always pretend they don’t want to answer my concerns.

The Questions about Surgical Removal of the disc?

The surgical removal of the disc is- laminectomy or laminotomy.

Lamina is a covering on the backside of the spinal canal. This covering protects us from different injuries. In Laminectomy, surgeons remove the complete lamina. And in laminotomy, they remove it partially.


  1. Does the surgery, address the root cause of the problem?
    • Why is disc bulge?
    • What did lead to disc to the present condition?
  2. Can surgery cover multiple discs at a time?
    • Generally, it is more than one disc, where problem appears. Can surgery sort out the problems with multiple discs at a time?
  3. Is surgery a permanent solution for the slip disc?
  4. Why can we not “reset” the disc, so that the neural compression will go-away?
  5. Does surgery help in healing the problem?

These are few questions, I asked to myself some 16 years back. And while finding the answer, I really found the cure of slip disc.

I worked as a technician for an MRI center, so that I can get more and more MRIs to study and look at. That helped me to better understand the human spine.

As per my observation of the MRIs – the main cause behind the slip disc is the improper alignment of the spine. The stiff muscles and wrong body postures were evident with almost every patient.

I learnt- disc doesn’t deflate, without any reason. And to better address the condition, I need to address the cause of the problem. Problem will diminish once cause will be addressed in a better way.

But Western Sciences are objective in nature! They don’t consider the vertebral column as a unit. Ayurveda is subjective.

Laminectomy is just a management for the problem, a temporary resort for pain relief. Cure is not the concept of modern medicines.

Is Surgery for Slip Disc always Bad?

From the above “conversation” you need not to translate- that surgery is an evil.

Surgery is not evil. And certainly not, because Ayurveda lags behind with the surgeries.

Ayurveda teaches for acceptance.

When you don’t have some options, you start claiming that YOUR OPTION IS LAST ONE!

Which is never true specially when you work for a science.

Science is not about never.

Science is about efforts and solutions.

I understand the importance of the surgeries, we regard the science and we do recommend “No for Surgeries” where we have an insight that we can avoid spinal surgery for slip Disc.

So there is nothing like “inevitable” until unless you surrender to the circumstances.

Surgeries are recommended when there are traumas and severe damage to the spinal bones. If we go for spinal surgeries, without requirement we certainly invite the second surgery for sure and every surgery will leave its scars in the body on all- physical as well as psychological levels.

So writing this article is not about “ignorance” and “hatred” for something, which I don’t know. This is about sharing the reality.

This is all about helping people, who are in pain. The main motive is to make sure that nobody will lead to disability because of some “unwanted” surgeries.

How to Avoid Surgery for Slip Disc

Talking about problems is always an easy way. Anyone can tell you, about your mistakes and weaknesses. But the real game is to guide you for the right “strategy” , the real “solution”. And as a Vaidya, I know education is the right tool to do this.

I always recommend the four point system, when it comes to- how to Avoid Surgery for Slip Disc. Here are these five points, perhaps you will also be able to get back your back, with this strategy.

Removing the Cause

When I was in first year of my studies of Ayurveda graduation program (BAMS), we had a subject- Metaphysics (Padartha Vigyan). In that there was an example based exposition of epistemology- Where is smoke there is fire!

I found this funny. Because of my immaturity. And kept on wondering that will I be able to “treat” people with this “fire-smoke” studies. It took years to understand the whole truth behind this wonderful explanation.

And today, if you ask me mantra of my success- I say- “I can find the smoke and fire- vice-versa”.

The fire is cause and smoke is effect.

Every disease is like this.

There is some cause behind the problem. But due to “arrogance of visible” we keep on ignoring the “real cause”.

Same happens in case of slip disc.

Because patient comes us with pain, numbness or some other associated symptoms- we usually struggle to relieve these symptoms alone. But really, we need to address the cause of the problem.

There might be many causes behind the problem of slip disc, like-

  • Loss of lordosis
  • Speedy “ageing” process
  • Stiff muscles
  • Poor posture
  • Too much toxins in the muscles and much more….

Until unless, we won’t address the root cause of the problem, it is not possible to heal the disc.

So for the answer of -How to Avoid Surgery for Slip Disc, the basic thing is to find out the root cause of the problem.

Bring Back the Natural Spine

Generally, we all believe that using some “natural-products” is the real meaning of the “natural-treatment”.

But for me, this is different.

Natural in natural treatment stands for- bringing back the natural state of wellness back. This way or that way. If your treatment is leaving a “scar” or “deformity” even you are using all “natural-ingredients”- that doesn’t mean natural at all!!

Same applies to the natural treatment for slip disc too.

If you cannot “restore” the disc in its natural condition, there is no use of the Ayurvedic treatment.

So when it comes to avoid surgery for slip disc, my main focus always remains to bring back the natural condition of the spine.

I never target a disc. Because disc is not more than a simple-small unit of the spine. And when chaos is on a larger level, you cannot restore a single unit. The best idea is to restore the whole spine in one go. Rather than to work on individual discs.

This is the reason, with ayurveda when we work on the slip disc, we target not a single disc- but can restore multiple discs.

Restoring the normal posture

Once we are talking about the spine and its health and won’t discuss the “posture”!! Not possible, in any way.

When it is about spine.

It is about our posture.

I have seen many people, “SITTING-STRAIGHT”. Because they think sitting-stiff is sitting straight.

This is never true.

The real strength of the muscles is in flexibility, not in rigidity.

Same I have witnessed with people in pain too, while they walk. Many patients walk like robots. They move with caution. Because, the pain haunts them.

But in both the conditions, while sitting and walking- they just disturb the normal shape and structure of the spine. This is important to discuss all the times with the patient and I always believe in “educating” my patients about this.

Because slip disc can recur in no time with all these carelessnesses.

Unfortunately, we all think, posture is only about “forward-bending” and “slouching” in chair!!

So when we talk about- how to avoid surgery for slip disc- this is the most important part to work on.

Healing the damaged

What if something is damaged?

We need to heal that, simply.

But amid the rumor that a disc once damaged cannot be healed, it becomes hard to do the job.

Rumors are mightier than the truth sometimes. And specially when these rumors come from educated people.

Same has happened in case of the slip disc too. Every surgeon and physician keeps on telling that – disc is a dead tissue and it cannot come back to its normal place. A slipped disc is something, which you need to remove later or sooner.

And it is almost late when you come to know- A “slipped disc” can be placed back to normal.

Disc is a living structure. Nothing is nonliving in a living human body. When we use word “degenerative’ for the disc- this word itself justifies the livingness of the disc. How a non living structure can “degenerate”. The real issue is- disc doesn’t get proper nutrition and decays.

When this decay is long, the damage continues.

When we can provide the proper nutrition to the decaying disc- it has all capacities and capabilities to heal. You need to “provoke” this healing capacity.

I have done this many times and I didn’t give any ear to the “rumors by educated people”.

So when you want to avoid slip disc surgery- you need to learn to heal the disc.


Why maintenance after repairing the disc?

This is important- because human body is like a machine and if we won’t maintain things in a proper way, problems might appear again.

You need to avoid surgery, permanently. And to make the recovery permanent- you need to do the maintenance.

Final Words About : How to Avoid Surgery for Slip Disc

As discussed in why does disc slip, slipped disc is not the problem of just the bones and disc itself. The pressure point builds on the area due to the involvement of the muscles too, which is the main area where we do treat the cases and cure slipped disc condition. The main aim of our treatment is to place the protruded disc in its place.

So surgery is inevitable up to a condition, if patient is brought us at a proper time. You should read the Testimonials from the patients who were cured- they came to us in severe conditions, crying with pain and this is Ayurveda which relieved the condition.

Thus now we have some solution for the problems with the spinal disc and we can avoid spinal surgery for slip disc. You just need to share your MRI with our experts so that we can guide you better.