Avoid Spinal Surgery for Slip Disc

When disc just slips, nightmares of horrible-spinal surgery starts appearing to everybody. Hope goes to the loss and hopeless mind starts accepting the surgery as a bitter but inevitable truth! Is it really so? Are these surgeries are inevitable? Why these surgeries are this much important? What do exactly they do in the surgery? Are these surgeries- a permanent cure of the problem? Let’s find out the answers to all these questions one by one, and yes of-course how can you avoid spinal surgery for slip disc.

What do they do in surgery for slipped disc

Laminotomy is the best term for surgeries of the slipped disc. In this, the bulged part of the disc, which is creating the pressure on the nerves or spinal cord. Just after removal of the bulged or protruded part of the disc- pressure is removed there won’t be any pain. This is what they say and do. But there are several questions which are unanswered with medical-surgical sciences till the day, here are these-

  1. What caused the slipped disc, was that REASON is being Cured?
  2. What is the assurance that no other disc will prolapse, after the surgery (DUE TO THE EFFECT OF SPINAL SURGERY)?
  3. Is vertebral column or spine just mean- two vertebrae?
  4. What about the deadly risks of the spinal surgeries?
  5. Is laminotomy a cure or just a management?

These are unanswered questions and surely there are flaws and this makes everybody silent. Silence is best remedy, when you dont have anything to say!

Cause behind the slipped disc is the improper alignment of the spine as well as stiff muscles around the spine, this is left as it is in all these cases, so you cannot be sure that there won’t be prolapse of other discs ate other levels.

Modern sciences/Western Sciences are objective in nature! They don’t consider the vertebral column as a unit. Ayurveda is subjective.

Laminotomy is just a management for the problem, a temporary resort for pain relief. Cure is not the concept of modern medicines.

Importance of Spinal Surgeries

When you don’t have some options, you start claiming that YOUR OPTION IS LAST ONE! Which is never true specially when you work for a science. Science is not about never. Science is about efforts and solutions. At Sukhayu Ayurveda we understand the importance of the surgeries, we regard the science and we do recommend “No for Surgeries” where we have an insight that we can avoid spinal surgery for slip Disc. So there is nothing like “inevitable” until unless you surrender to the circumstances.

Surgeries are recommended when there are traumas and severe damage to the spinal bones. If we go for spinal surgeries, without requirement we certainly invite the second surgery for sure and every surgery will leave its scars in the body on all- physical as well as psychological levels.

Avoid Spinal Surgery for Slip Disc

As discussed in why does disc slip, slipped disc is not the problem of just the bones and disc itself. The pressure point builds on the area due to the involvement of the muscles too, which is the main area where we do treat the cases and cure slipped disc condition. The main aim of our treatment is to place the protruded disc in its place.

Avoid Spinal Surgery for Slip Disc

So surgery is inevitable up to a condition, if patient is brought us at a proper time. You should read the Testimonials from the patients who were cured- they came to us in severe conditions, crying with pain and this is Ayurveda which relieved the condition.

Thus now we have some solution for the problems with the spinal disc and we can avoid spinal surgery for slip disc. You just need to share your MRI with our experts so that we can guide you better.