T8-T9 Disc Problem

The T8-T9 disc gives similar symptoms to the T7-T8 slip disc. These conditions are similar to each other because the area of neural supply coincide. When it comes to T8-T9 slip disc, this condition can disable the upper arms as well as the lower arm too. Because in every movement, either upper or lower arm- there will be certain movement on T8-T9 disc and it causes pain. The Non surgical treatment for T8-T9 slip disc in Ayurveda works according to Doshas as well as on the concept of the restoration of the spine in a normal position.

This condition of T8-T9 can cause complete disability in the patient. This it is important to take a call on this condition. In condition of trauma to the lower ribs, there can be an impact on the spinal column too.

T8-T9 slip disc

The T8-T9 slip disc is a condition where the disc undergoes the degenerative changes. These changes occur in a series. When there is some problem with the blood supply to the disc- it starts desiccating. There are several reasons behind it. Moment there are desiccating changes in the disc, it leads to the further degeneration. The degenerative changes in the disc turns in to bulged disc or herniated disc.

A bulged disc is were jelly moves to a side due to pressure and in herniation of the disc the jelly leaks into canal.

Beside these changes, this is the pressure on the neural tissue due to these changes- which causes all the signs and symptoms. Just a compression on thecal sac due to T8-T9 slip disc can lead to severe signs and symptoms.

Symptoms of T8-T9 Slip disc

AT8-T9 slip disc causes difficulty in particular movements. This can be movement of upper arms, where we hold something in hands and raise it. Because in such case we are using core muscles. The lumbar region in such movements remain fix and dorsal spine and thorax moves. Due to this, this movement causes a lot of problems.

Besides this, prolonged sittings also prove complicated in this condition. After a long sitting it becomes hard for the patient to stand properly and walk in a better way.

The symptoms of T8-T9 slip can travel down in the legs, where compression is on the spinal cord. In such cases the compression on cord is severe and this condition is misdiagnosed as- lumbar disc problem in many cases.

Non Surgical Treatment for T8-T9 slip disc

The approach behind the Non surgical treatment for T8-T9 slip disc is very much simple. According to Ayurveda the main thing behind any disease are- Doshas. These doshas can aggravate prior to the change in the system or can cause change in system- vice versa. Thus while doing non surgical treatment for T8-T9 slip disc through Ayurvedic approach, the first and foremost requirement is to balance the doshas.

The next two things what we do are- Manipulation through Yoga Asanas and removal of toxins through Panchakarma procedures. Generally this is a perception that if we do Yoga we can get rid of all the spinal problems. This is just few percent true. Because if we try to manipulate the spine, when it is stiffened, than there can be chances of the complications.

Thus when providing Non surgical treatment for T8-T9 slip disc through Ayurveda, we work on the concept of relaxing the muscles first. Later on when things are supple, we shift to the Yoga Asnas in a planned way.

If you are suffering with T8-T9 slip disc and looking for Non surgical treatment for T8-T9 slip disc through Ayurveda, share your MRI with us, so that we can guide you in a better way.