C5-C6 Disc Problem

C5-C6 is the most commonly cervical disc which bulges or herniates. This is located nearer to the base of the cervical spine, thus it gets more pressure form the muscles. A herniated C5-C6 or Bulge in C5-C6 disc comes under one word for a common man is-  slipped disc in C5-C6. Any of these C5-C6 disc problems disturbs the upper half of the body. Problem is always serious and alarming in this region, because it impacts on the whole upper arm, chest, shoulder. But on other side the other problem is- risky cervical surgeries seem only solution for the problem. But here we are to discuss about the Ayurvedic treatment for C5-C6 slip disc without surgery.

Ayurveda treatment for cervical disc problem is based on the theory of Doshas because these are the Doshas which control body. The approach of Doshas is important if we want to learn about the possibilities of the Ayurvedic treatment for C5-C6 slip disc without surgery. Why does, C5-C6 disc is most commonly herniate or bulge is important to know about- at first. Than it becomes easy to find out the solution for the C5-C6 slip disc.

C5-C6 Slip Disc : Why does It herniates most Commonly

Cervical spine is a series of vertebral bodies. The upper cervical vertebrae are of smaller size and when we come downwards- C4-C5, C5-C6, C6-C7 are bigger in size. The heavy bones of the skull with brain inside keeps on hanging on cervical spine. But these small bones alone cannot do all. These are bulky muscles of the neck, which travel from one place to another- controls the cervical spine. These all muscles make a base in shoulder. When there is some strain in the shoulder joint, this causes slip disc in C5-C6 most commonly . So the postures where we shrug our shoulders, or hold our neck in a posture- chances for herniated C5-C6 or Bulge in C5-C6 increases many folds.

When you use computer in wrong posture and type regularly what happens in Software Engineers, they work in shrugged posture for hours. Then muscles of the shoulder keeps on stiffening.

Moment these muscles are stiff. These will exert pressure on the main axis, where spinal vertebrae and discs are present. The regular pressure leads to

Loss of Lordosis of the cervical spine (this is the first statement of most of the MRIs). This straightening of the spine leads in increase in length of the spine. But your neck can never be longer. It has fix dimensions. Bones of cervical start coming closer. Thus space in between the vertebral bodies (Intervertebral bodies) reduce. End plates weaken and finally the lack of blood supply to the intervertebral disc leads to Degenerative Disc Disease in C5-C6. Degenerated disc leads to Herniated C5-C6 disc or Bulge in C5-C6 disc.

What Can a C5-C6 Slip Disc Cause

The compression due to herniation of C5-C6 disc causes compression on C6 nerve root. Wherever this C6 nerve supplies the symptoms of c5-c6 slip disc will travel to that location. Due to C5-C6 slip disc- pain, weakness, tingling and numbness travels down the arm and into the thumb.

Severe pain in arm, where patient becomes helpless in moving thumb is a common condition which arises because of Herniated disc in C5-C6 in cervical region.

Problem of Bulge in C5-C6 disc can lead to severe symptoms down in legs too. When there is a major nerve compression in the C5-C6 region of the cervical region, it might lead to severe conditions like- complete loss of sensation in the lower body too.

Success Stories of Cervical Disc Patients

Ayurvedic treatment for C5-C6 slip disc without surgery

When it comes to Ayurvedic treatment for C5-C6 slip disc without surgery, the main thing is not just a relief in signs and symptoms. In most of cases of slip disc, physicians- Ayurvedic/Allopathy or Homeopathy and even patients the main concern remains to just pacify the pain, numbness or any other symptoms.

As we know these are a group of muscles which stiffens because of some wrong postures. How can we leave these group of muscles unattended and untreated? You cannot leave the cause behind and work on effect?

In the first consultation we mark the stiffened muscles and ligaments. We than, try to find the wrong posture of the patient. When we can mark the affected muscles and ligaments, than we select the Panchakarma procedures from a bigger range of the treatments with us. In some patients Basti works well. In others this is Nasya, which gives results. So this all depends on the requirement of the patient and cause behind the problem.

The Ayurvedic treatment for C5-C6 slip disc without surgery is possible at Sukhayu Ayurved, Jaipur because of the approach only. We don’t believe in treating the problem. We do believe in treating the root cause of the problem.

You can share your MRI with us through email so that we will let you know about all the possibilities about Ayurvedic treatment for C5-C6 slip disc without surgery with us.