Spinal Disc Treatment

Pain due to slip disc is very common now-a-days. A slipped disc is a condition that occurs when the outer part of the disc damages because of which the soft inner portion leaks out. This condition is also known as prolapsed disc, ruptured disc or herniated disc. This causes pressure on the nerves adjacent to the affected area of the spine. As a result, patients go through extremely painful condition and the pain is unbearable. The main thing comes here is how do you do spinal disc treatment. At Sukhayu Ayurved, Jaipur it is all about Ayurvedic spinal disc treatment.

Problems with Spinal Disc

The symptoms and the risk level are not always same. The urgency or emergency matters and varies from person to person and condition to condition. A slipped disc can be of various types.

  1. Degenerative disc
    In simple words, degenerative disc disease occurs due to worn out spinal discs. It is a normal condition and occurs mainly after a certain age as the spinal disc starts to degenerate. It causes pain in the lower back and neck. Common symptoms include higher pain while bending, difficulty in walking, remitting pain to legs, muscle spasm, etc.
  2. Desiccated disc
    This is due to the dehydration of the spinal disc. It is more like a decaying tissue. Age and overuse is a reason behind the wear-and-tear of the disc over time that causes insufferable pain. Discomfort, pain, and weakness in the spinal disc are main symptoms of the desiccated disc.
  3. Bulged disc
    A bulged disc doesn’t pain harsh. It is a condition when the jelly within disc starts moving to a side. If the condition is not seen, the greater level leads to herniated disc condition. It can further be a very chronic condition. Symptoms include muscle tight, tingling sensation, pain in the mid back of the spine, etc.
  4. Herniated disc
    This condition occurs when wear and tear in the spinal disc cause the pulp like fluid from the inner layer to ooze out to the outer layer. This infects the nerve connected to the spine and causes unbearable pain.

Spinal Disc Treatment

There are many spinal disc treatment options available. These different methods are based on different approaches of the treatment.
Allopathy: Generally, painkillers are given to individuals by physicians and some stretching exercises lists are instructed to be done from home.
Surgery: If the individual is not healing and the condition is critical, doctor’s advice surgical treatment which is risky but it is the only option left thereafter for allopaths.

To your relief, there are other treatment options available as well which will certainly spin you by the results.  Ayurveda, Panchakarma and Yoga therapies are especially drawn to rejuvenate your body, discard stress and toxins which are obtained by rectification of the underlying functional imbalance. Panchakarma ayurvedic treatment for slip disc, in turn, helps in strengthening the supportive tissues that hold your spine, nourish the joints, purifies and strengthens your immune system which is an exemplary way to treat your spinal disc injury.

We provide Ayurvedic spinal disc treatment at Sukhayu and mainly follow the ancient methods of healing slipped disc. If you are looking for a balanced spinal disc treatment without surgery then Sukhayu may be the right stop for you.

Ayurvedic spinal disc treatment is highly recommended as it strengthens your muscles and improves your posture. We have experts who can examine your condition and suggest you the right way for spinal disc treatment. Our prime motive is clear and our main objective is to treat the root cause of the problem. Get the appointment now!