Do you Need Collar for Cervical Pain

Collars were thought to be the parts of the prestige- once upon a time- when world was healthy. But nowadays these are the identities of the neck pain and cervical. But do you need collar for cervical pain? These are thought to be the cure of the problem and everybody thinks that after wearing these collars, he or she will get rid of the-

  • immense pain in neck
  • Headache
  • Giddiness
  • Heaviness in head
  • Pain which radiates in upper limbs- upper back and chest region

These cannot be achieved by wearing a Cervical Collar! Question remains same- Do you Need Collar for Cervical Pain? What are these collars and for what these are good and what bad these have for you, a critic post with some points to guide you about the treatment of cervical pain, goes here…….

Neck- this holds the heaviest, most moving part of the body with it and carries the spinal cord downsides. Neck is held on the thorax with help of muscles and these are the muscles which decide the working of the neck. When you say yes, your neck holds the head manages that you have lot of things in your “head” same is the condition when you say no.

Why do they prefer Collars?

Modern science believe that when there is pain related to the movements, stop the movements and pain will go away. Exactly same happens. But this is a temporary resort, not a solution. When you wear a collar it brings a lot of stiffness in the muscles and which makes the condition progressively severe and lead you to the operation. The body part which is meant for the maximum movement, if fixed- certainly that will be a problem for rest of the life. When one wears the collar it brings immense stiffness in the neck and this leads to more and more pain.

  • Side Effects of Neck Belt
  • Causes stiffness in neck
  • Complicates the causes of cervical
  • Brings more and more rigidity in neck- which translates in complicating the condition.
  • Irritates the nerves more and more.
  •  Once your neck is immobilized with help of the neck collar, natural recovery will be hard enough to go for.

These are the bad effects of the cervical collars, so if you are wearing these collars for cure of the neck pain- forget. These collars will take you towards surgery- day by day. You ask a surgeon for cure of a problem- certainly he will prefer the surgeries!!

Ayurvedic Cure for Cervical

We believe in Ayurveda to soften the muscles and once these muscles will be relaxed, then it is easy to achieve the proper movement of the neck and that can help you to bring back the normal curvature of the neck- back in its form. We do it in three phases-

Relaxing and Softening of the muscles:

This is done with help of some treatments of Panchakarma- Nasaya (nasal drops with some medicated Ayurvedic Oils- prepared by us),  Greeva Basti (with specially prepared ayurvedic oils at our facilities), Patra Pottali Pinda Swedanam and Lepam of the special herbs. These procedures all together help to relax the muscles within a period.

Aligning the neck in its position:

Neck has a special curve. When you stretch the neck- this distorts the curvature of the neck and makes the condition unhealthier. We do prefer the Vedic Knowledge of Yog under the supervision of our expert.

Soothing the Nervous System:

We keep on soothe the nervous system, day by day along with the above two procedures by using proper Ayurvedic Medicines and Preparations (which dont have any side effects on body).

Therefore, the answer for Do you Need Collar for Cervical Pain?? Is no in nutshell…

This is the way we help you to heal your neck. Because neck is made for movements and the moment you restrict its movements you just make the condition- unhealthy- itself. So better avoid the belt-collar in neck and go for natural cure of cervical Disc Problem  with Sukhayu Ayurveda.