Sukhayu Most Trusted Ayurvedic Hospital for Spinal Problems in India

Sukhayu Ayurveda is a journey. Journey of 11 long years. Where we started our venture from a small 8X8 room. It was hard to establish in a city like Jaipur. Where you have National Institute of Ayurveda, you have well established Vaidyas- it becomes a challenge for a new generation Ayurveda practitioner. But deep belief in Ayurveda. Dedication towards authentic Ayurveda. And more over the scientific understanding of Ayurveda made it possible that today Sukhayu Ayurveda is a most trusted Ayurvedic hospital for spinal problems in India.

Most trusted most trusted Ayurvedic hospital for spinal problems in Indiamost trusted Ayurvedic hospital for spinal problems in India














Sukhay Ayurveda is one of the prime institution of Ayurveda. National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers- famously known as NABH under quality council of India- awarded Sukahyu NABH accreditation in year 2017. Till the date there are only 5-6 institutions of Ayurveda who has NABH accreditation for Panchakarma Clinics. To be NABH accredited Ayurveda place ensures the safety of patients with Sukhayu.

Sukhayu also holds ISO 9001:2015 Certificate. Which is like re-ensuring the quality standards of Ayurveda.

Reason behind all these certifications is- we want to ensure that we are coping up with the modern system of healthcare. When it comes to use Ayurveda as a system of medicine. We are that much “orthodox” as much we are modern in case of these certifications. We want to preserve the “authenticity” and “real-fragrance” of Ayurveda. This is the reason, we have more result oriented practices at Sukhayu Ayurveda.

Sukhayu Ayurved : Most trusted place of Ayurveda!!

Sukhayu!! Might be a brand name or just a name for somebody. But for Ayurveda, Sukhayu is an idea. An achievement. Same was the dream of Sukhayu for few Ayurvedic professionals back in 2004. It came as a thought in mind. The team conceived it. And it took 3 long years to materialise the same thought of Sukhayu Ayurveda in Jaipur.

Sukhayu Ayurved was started in year 2007 in pink city Jaipur. Panchakarma, Ayurvedic medicines and Yoga were three things which were in mind of Vaidya Pardeep Sharma. It was not like that Father or Grandfather of Vaidya Pardeep were Ayurvedic physicians. It was the first generation of this family into Ayurved. Craziness behind Ayurveda was on peak for this young team.

How we become most trusted Ayurvedic hospital for spinal problems in India

When we started this venture. It was hard to visualise the place where we are today. We just tried to ensure the best results through Ayurvedic treatment. Therefore we just kept in mind that we will just follow Authentic Ayurveda as it is without any adulteration. In 2007 we took first patient for spinal disc problems. It was Mrs. Munni Devi. We treated her with complete faith in Ayurveda. And thanks to the patient too, because she showed faith in our work and services. Otherwise who believes new comers in Ayurveda. Things turned from there.

She gave reference to one two and this was how we become most trusted Ayurvedic hospital for spinal problems in India. Yes it is this much easy to achieve this place. Because nothing can be more important than the results in health sector. We never had huge infrastructure nor we had any ancestral establishments. We kept on toiling upward when others were criticising and questioning capability of Ayurveda. Therefore, we are successful.

Patients from All Around The World

When it comes to spinal problems. Everybody travels to Sukhayu Ayurveda for most trusted Ayurvedic hospital for spinal problems in India. We have patients from every corner of the world. The list is….

Antigua and Barbuda  Argentina Armenia Australia Austria Azerbaijan Bahrain Bangladesh Belgium Brazil  Czech Republic Germany Greece Hungary Italy  Iceland Kuwait  Latvia Lithuania Nepal  Netherlands New Zealand   Oman  Portugal  Qatar Singapore Slovenia  South Africa  Switzerland  United Arab Emirates  United Kingdom United States

Almost 11000 odd patients has traveled to Sukhayu Ayurved jaipur for treatment of spinal ailments through Ayurveda. Most of them came with crutches and were on human assistance regularly. When they returned to their homes walking properly. This was the proper advertisement for us. Therefore we stuck to authentic Ayurveda. So that we will be able to give best in class results. These all patients ensured the phrase- most trusted Ayurvedic hospital for spinal problems in India for Sukhayu Ayurved, Jaipur.

If you are also suffering with some problems with back. Than Sukhayu Ayurved, Jaipur is the best place for you. You just need to drop an email to us. Rest our team will guide you. We dont run a hospital. Therefore you need not to worry about yourself. Because you are in safe hands of Ayurveda and the best assurance is to be with Sukhayu Ayurved. Therefore your search for Sukhayu most trusted Ayurvedic hospital for spinal problems in India is over and you should contact us for more information.