T3-T4 Disc problem

A slip disc in T3-T4 thoracic disc leads to several problems like- heart disease, respiratory problems. Because the T3 nerve which originates from T3-T4 level supplies to Intrinsic Back Muscles; Heart; Chest; Pleura; Bronchial Tubes; Lungs. Thus a T3-T4 slip disc can mimic condition of a heart attack to asthma. There are many patients who visit several times to cardiologists, but problem remain untreated. This T3-T4 slip disc problem is not common but is always serious in manifestation. Ayurvedic treatment for T3-T4 slip disc is based on the approach of rectifying the cause of the problem.

T3-T4 slip disc

Disc problems like- herniated disc, bulged disc, degenerative disc come under one term and that is- T3-T4 slip disc. When there is a problem with the disc in T3-T4 region, it will compress the T3 nerve roots. This nerve roots not only supplies to the upper back but also supplies to the internal viscera. Heart, Lungs and Bronchial tree gets neural supply from T3 nerve root.

A disc is a fibro cartilagenous structure. It is watery inside. This water is blended with proteins. When this water dries up, things go opposite. Because proteins are dry in nature, therefore these start breaking. This dry nature of the proteins represents the imbalance of the Kapha and Vata Doshas. Because for Ayurvedic treatment for T3-T4 slip disc, we consider ayurvedic doshas behind slip disc this is the reason we give better results in all these cases.

Once this watery part (Kapha) reduces and dryness (Vata) increases this balance makes disc fragile. This fragility turns into different conditions like- Herniated disc, Bulged disc or Extruded Disc. All these conditions come under T3-T4 slip disc.

Ayurvedic Treatment for T3-T4 slip disc

Ayurvedic Treatment for T3-T4 slip disc is based on the theory of the doshas as discussed above. Doshas are about Gunas. The properties or characters. Once these characters are increased or decreased, it causes the imbalance in the Doshas. For example, dryness is a character of the Vata Dosha, when dryness increases- it means that Vata is disturbed and aggravated.

Ayurvedic Treatment for T3-T4 slip disc is based on this theory only. Whatever guna is imbalanced, we work on the balancing of the same. This helps in reversing the process of the disease. Not only the pacification of the symptoms.

No treatment can ensure your full recovery without complete involvement of the patient. Therefore if you are committed to make sure the avoidance of surgery than you just need to share your MRI reports with us so that we can check the reports and can revert you about the possibilities of the treatment.