How to get Slip Disc back to Normal without Surgery

Patients of spinal disc problems- herniated disc, bulged, thinning of disc and even extrusion of the disc- keeps on wandering with a question. 

How to get Slip Disc back to Normal without Surgery?

This question keeps on haunting them. Mr. Ripudaman Singh was the case. Every surgeon, physiotherapists and even ayurvedic people keep told him that it is not possible to bring back the disc in normal position. Radiological changes in MRI are impossible. This way or that way. But it is NOT TRUE. You can get back slip disc back to normal without surgery. How? Ayurveda is answer. Sukhayu Ayurveda is place for that.

Since 2006 at Sukhayu Ayurved we are providing the best solution for all spinal disc related problems. This might be simple herniated disc, bulged disc or a complicated canal stenosis. The scientific logic and complete dedication is the key at Sukhayu Ayurved for these cases. Case of Mr. Singh is same.

How to get Slip Disc back to Normal without Surgery

Mr. Singh was studying, when he came to us. He was preparing for civil services. Sitting for hours, was a basic requirement for him. There was no other way to chase his dreams. Physical inactivity since years along with bad sitting posture bulged his L5-S1. He lost all his hopes.

Heaps of painkillers could not help him. He came to Sukhayu Ayurved, Jaipur in 2016. He left the hospital with minor improvements.

But his dedication worked. He get back to normal life. Started sitting for hours and cracked the exam too. His and many other cases are answers to- How to get Slip Disc back to Normal without Surgery??

Basically in case of slip disc- herniated and bulged disc (scientifically), everybody keeps on wandering to get rid from pain. They try to kill (reduce the sensation) pain only. Target is wrong, that is why they cannot answer that How to get Slip Disc back to Normal without Surgery.

How does slip disc occur?

This is the question which carries, answers for all the question related to- How to get Slip Disc back to Normal without Surgery? Yes, we need to know the pathological process of a condition. How does it occur? What was the reason behind that? Once we have an answer for this question, we can find the answer for our main question.

Disc bulge occurs because of the pressure on the disc- which leads to degeneration. Once a disc is degenerated, it will lead to the bulge. Because the pressure is regular on the disc and it breaks the inner strong sheath of annular fibres and starts moving towards periphery. If this pressure remains continue- it will break the fibres and this stage is- herniated disc. These are extruded and herniated discs which cause canal stenosis.

At least we have a process!! Here we work on Ayurvedic principles of Doshas. When you understand the Ayurvedic doshas you better understand the physiology as well as pathology. Because Ayurvedic concept of Doshas is strong and it covers both- physiology and pathology. Generally this is a misconception among ayurvedic people that this is VATA DOSHA only. But in case of Mr. Singh this was pitta dosha alone.

Three dimensional approach to get Slip Disc back to Normal without Surgery

We work on a three dimensional approach of treatment for slip disc. Therefore we have maximum percentage of success in cases and this how we get Slip Disc back to Normal without Surgery. The main concern is root cause of problem.

According to the root cause of the problem. Then our expert Ayurvedic physicians take a call and we design a three dimensional approach of treatment.

Ayurvedic Medicines for slip disc

We use natural ayurvedic medicines for the treatment of the condition and our target is- to pacify the Doshas. Because we cannot get the proper results in Ayurveda without controlling the Doshas. The determination of the Doshas is possible only after pulse diagnosis of a patient so it is important for a patient to come to our centre once for consultation. Ayurvedic Medicines for Disc problem

Panchakarma for slip disc

These are procedures of Ayurveda, which are done with herbs-oils-ghees and other medicines. Panchakarma procedures are done to remove the excess of the Doshas from the body. These are important for regeneration and rejuvenation of the tissues of the disc. Because without reversal of degeneration of the disc we cannot get slip disc back to normal without surgery. Panchakarma for Disc Problem

Yoga Asanas for Slip Disc

Mechanical problems cannot get better without manipulation. Thus we do go for Yoga Asanas in cases of spinal problems. But not always. There are number of cases- where we don’t ask the patient to do some yoga asanas. This decision is made according to the condition of the patient and MRI (both). You can know better about Yoga for Disc Problem.

These three tool together can ensure the complete treatment for the Spinal Disc problems. Therefore these reports here of Mr. Ripudaman Singh are evident of the same process and we have get Slip Disc back to Normal without Surgery.