Why Spinal Disc Slips

The evolution of technology has certainly made our life easier but unfortunately, this has made our lifestyle much dependent. The way of living has been changed with all speed. This has made a significant impact on our health and making us fall ill. Our choice of living is adversely affecting our strength and good physical condition. Slipped disc is one of the end results.

Slipped disc is the problem of vertebrae. The vertebral column is a fragmented structure of bones that supports the torso and the thorax. A bunch of nerves passes through it and if the vertebrae are impaired, then it exerts pressure on the nerves. If the nerves are pinched, they are infected too and thus, it causes extreme pain to us.

Slipped Disc Causes

The main known causes of slipped disc are age and injury. As we age, our spinal disc loses its flexibility and the disc cease to work. After a period of time, our spinal discs take a turn for the worse.

Other things cover improper lifting, obesity, smoking, caffeine, an accident, and improper diet. Common disc problems include:

  • Degeneration of disc: Degeneration can be a reason in disc disease. This is a mechanical problem where disc between the vertebrae become worn out due to age. It is basically, a natural cause. In this condition, an individual may feel pain remitting down the leg, weakness, tingling and numbness.
  • Sciatica pain issue: Sciatica, also known as radiculopathy is a type of pain that runs down through the sciatic nerve starting in the low back through the buttock and extends to your toes. In this condition, an individual may feel paresthesias, lack of sensation, etc.
  • Weight: Overweight in the body can cause more stress over the vertebral column.
  • Genetics: Due to genetics, a person can have a hereditary proneness to slipped disc disease.
  • Ruptured disc: A ruptured disc is a condition when the vertebrae get damaged and the pulp inside the inner core exudes due to which the function of the nerves close to gets damaged and further causes pain.
  • Having poor posture: We tend to forget to maintain a good posture due to our working condition, a bend over a computer desk in office and neglections. We don’t realize it but poor posture can contribute to back and neck pains.
  • Tobacco intake.

Slip Disc Causes According to Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, a ruptured intervertebral disc is a state that develops because of disparity in Vata Tattv. This causes toxicity and imbalance in our body. Our body loses its robustness; we become weak from inside and later, our basic functional cycle of our body starts diminishing.

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