Degenerative Disc Disease

Degeneration is a truth of human body. Body grows upto an age and than it starts decaying. Same applies on a spinal disc too. Things decay with time. Or you can say, body races against the time. This pace of decay depends on the- diet, lifestyle and environment. Because nowadays all three are disturbed thus process of ageing is high on speed. The process of ageing starts reflecting its impact on the system in a very early age. The same is happening with spinal discs therefore- degenerative disc disease is a common finding nowadays. 

Every second MRI has this finding of degenerative disc disease. What is this condition of disc exactly? How does disc starts degenerate? What we can do to stop degeneration of the disc and what are the possibilities of treatment of degenerative disc disease?

Degenerative Disc Disease

A normal disc is like a balloon. With hard part outside and jelly like part inside. The outer part is known as- annular fibres. The inner core is known as nucleus pulposus. The inner part is basically main part of the disc. Because when shape of this jelly changes, it changes the shape of the whole disc. 

Jelly contains- proteogylecans. These are nourished by the blood. This blood comes from the endplates. Endplates are cartilages on vertebral bones. When, pressure increases on these plates due to loss of lordosis or osteoporosis of the spine- spondylotic changes. The blood supply emerging from these plates interrupts. The water content of the disc decreases. This is the reason some MRIs mention- dehydration of the disc too.

You can see in the image how the blood supply reaches to the spinal disc. This blood supply is the basic need of any disc. When there is no proper blood supply, it impacts the disc and causes disease.

This process of degeneration took place with every one in a particular age. But that kind of degeneration of the disc is- physiological. Physiological is not good but okay. But when the same process occurs due to some pathological reason that is disease. Because in this condition degenerative disc disease is occurring in a wrong age.

Causes behind Degenerative Disc Disease

As said above, the main reasons behind ageing of the human body are- Diet, Lifestyle, Environment. But there are few additional causes behind degenerative disease, these are as follows including the three above-

Age: The right word is process of ageing. It sure, everybody of us will age. But how do we age and how quickly we age. When this process is too quick, than it is alarming. But when it is according to age, this is not much worrisome.

Diet: What we eat impacts on our discs. Nowadays we are more concerned about the dryness, because we are worried about fats in the body. This is affecting the whole wellness of the skeletal system where we need a lot of fats to make the movements smooth.

Lifestyle: The sedentary lifestyle and overuse of luxury. These seems positive things but these are alarming. The modern day lifestyle is causing the degenerative disc disease more commonly.

Postures: The same luxury while sitting is leading to the wrong postures. The excess of use of computers and mobiles is also a cause behind these postures. These postures disturbs the spine because of the change is the arrangement of the spine.

These are some of the basic causes behind degenerative disc disease. So if we want to summarise the causes behind DDD, here are four points-

  1. How old are you?
  2. What do you eat?
  3. How do you live your life – your lifestyle?
  4. How do you carry your body- your posture?

When things are not good with any of these four you can certainly lead to the problem of degenerative disc disease.

All you want to know about Degenerated Disc

Is Degenerative disc disease a serious issue?

This is not a complicated stage of the disc. But it is the starting point of a disc disease.
This is the degenerative disc condition, which leads to the different conditions- Herniated Disc, Bulged Disc or Extrusion of the Disc. So degenerative disc disease is a precursor to all spinal disc problems, whatever these might be. So in process of disc diseases, if things can be controlled in this level. It is easy to treat the condition. This is the reason, at Sukhayu Ayurveda we provide pin point and best result oriented treatment for degenerative disc disease.

Is Degenerative disc disease painful?

Yes pain will be there in the lower back and associated area. But this pain is more because of the muscular spasm. Because muscles keep on straining in the process of stabilising the disc. So this pain in lower back is more due to muscles.

What complications a degenerative disk can cause?

Because this is the precursor of the rest of the conditions, therefore it can lead to any problem like disc herniation, prolapse of disk and even lead to severe canal stenosis.

What are the best treatment option for degenerative disc disease?

The best treatment option for a DDD is – which can rejuvenate the disc through a complete process and your disc won’t degenerate further and if age and condition allows this should return to normal.
Ayurveda has this capacity of doing. Because Ayurveda is the only available medical science where we work on the process of ageing.

Which Yoga Asanas are good for Degenerative disc condition?

Depends, how much stiff your muscles are! If you have sore muscles in the back or neck and you want to go for Yoga Asanas, then this will complicate the condition further.

How degenerative disk disease can be reversed?

Intervertebral disc is a living structure. We have cells, blood, micronutrients there.
When something degenerates, it is obviously a living structure.
Living things are possible to REGENERATE!

Can Ayurveda treatment heal degenerative disc disease?

Ayurveda can heal a degenerated disc. Because Ayurveda works on the process of ageing therefore Ayurveda helps in rejuvenating the disc in a proper way.

Ayurveda About Degenerative Disc Disease

As we know Ayurveda works on the theory of the three Doshas. (Read here- How Ayurvedic Doshas and Slip Disc problem are associated).

When the Kapha inside the disc is reduced because of the disturbances of the Pitta and Vata.

This condition of degeneration appears. The approach of Ayurveda is very clear about this condition. The moment we can make a balance in these three doshas, we can change the complete process of degeneration.

Vaidya Pardeep Sharma on Regeneration of Degenerative Disc

How does Ayurveda approach towards treatment of Degenerative Disc Disease

What are the steps of getting back your disc to normal through Ayurveda treatment.

The basic idea of Ayurveda treatment of degenerating disc is not just to manage the pain. When we say Ayurvedic treatment of degenerative disc it is more about bringing back your disc in normal condition. It is not DIY thing, so nothing is there to try at home.

Remove the toxins from Muscles

Faulty diet, age, posture and lifestyle- leads to deposition of the toxins inside the muscles and this impacts flexibility of the muscles. This strain is the first thing in the process of bringing back the natural state of the intervertebral disk. This is achieved through Panchakarma treatments.

Increase the natural blood supply to the disc

Besides the removal of toxins, proper blood supply is also important to be restored to the disc and associated muscles. Rakta is a dhatu as per ayurveda in this context and it is resposinible for the factor of “life”.
Once there is a proper blood supply only then things can improve

Nourish the disc

Majja is the dhatu for the disc. We need to nourish it. This nourishment is done through the medicines.

To better understand these all points you need to understand the Spinal Disc according to Ayurveda.

Here you can find the details that how do we provide Ayurvedic treatment for Degenerative Disc Disease. You can send your MRI to us for the better understanding of the condition.