What is Slip Disc

Every spinal disc problem is – slip disc for a common man. Slip disc is not a medical condition. This is just a common word. This word is used extensively for all types of spinal disc problems. The categorisation of different types of spinal disc problems is done under this word. But there are many confusions about this word itself. We at Sukhayu believe in education. Thus it is important to understand the exact meaning of this condition. Is it really a condition, where things “slip”. Or this is a condition where things are not arranged properly. What does happen to a disc in case of slip disc? This article is about all these answers. We will try to give different examples. To make things clear.

What is Slip Disc

Think about a balloon. Balloon filled with water or better to say jelly. Jelly thicker than water. What does happen to the balloon when you press this? Jelly forces back. Balloon comes back to its normal shape. This happens because of the jelly and balloon together. The same is the concept of a normal disc. A normal spinal disc serves many purposes-

  1. Spinal disc works a a cushion: Thus it stops collision of the bones together. Besides this spinal disc helps the nerves to come out of the spinal bilateral neural foramina easily.
  2. Absorbs the shock: Spine can be bent in almost all directions. While bending in any directions a shock or jerk appears in the spine. These cushion like discs helps to absorb this shock. Because nerves are passing by these discs. Thus role of these discs become more important in such conditions.
  3. Makes movement smoother: These discs make the movement of the spine smoother.

This cushion like structure. This jelly which helps in many things. These two are basically the core of the problem in slip disc. Once we can understand the exact condition of jelly. We can better understand the condition of slip disc.

How does Disc Slip

Jelly is similar to the “thick fluid”. This is Nucleus pulposus. This jelly is proteins- proteoglycans. Nourishment to this jelly comes through blood. These blood arteries, responsible for nourishment of the jelly- arise from vertebrae upper and lower. From end plates. When there is a regular pressure on the end plates. This leads to lack of blood supply to the disc. Due to the lack of nutrition. Jelly doesn’t get the nourishment. This leads to the desiccation of the disc. . The “elastic” nature of the jelly is reduced in desiccated disc. Which causes displacement of the internal jelly. This displacement occurs according to the pressure on the disc.

So in slip disc- this is just displacement of the jelly inside. Once this displaced jelly starts pressing or touching some nerves it refers pain to the effected nerves. Nothing more than this jelly slips.

Does Jelly Comes Back to Normal Place in Slip Disc

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