Slip Disc According to Location

Different conditions of slip disc appear in different locations of the spine. Slip disc according to location is a thing which impacts the signs and symptoms. Location of pain, numbness, tingling or burning in a particular location indicates towards the location of the disc problem with the nerve root in a particular disc. So when it comes to diagnosis, we should know which disc is having problem. This helps in understanding the role of local muscles and ligaments.

Location and Slip disc

Spine has three different main areas for spinal disc problems- Cervical Spine, Thoracic Spine, Lumbar Spine. These are the areas where problems with the disc occurs. Which disc has problem, it is important to know. So we have three different categories according to the slip disc problem in these different areas.

Cervical Disc Problems

This is upper most part of the spine from where spinal cord travels down in the spine. So it has all the nerves and connectivities for the rest of the body. Thus slip disc in cervical spine can impact on whole the body. But in general the muscles above the nipples (Except the facial and expression related muscles) get the supply from the cervical spine. There are 6 different cervical discs in the cervical spine-

Thoracic Disc Problems

Only 2% of population gets problem with thoracic spine. Spinal injuries commonly lead to the fractures in this region which are not well treatable mostly. This is the reason, most of the thoracic injuries lead to complete disability. There are 12 different discs in this region, which can have problems. But if there is some problem with the discs in the thoracic region, that is well treatable

Lumbar Disc Problems

The most common region to have slip disc is lumbar region. Because this part of the spine bears and carries all weights while movements. L4-L5 and L5-S1 are so common that every second patient has slipped disk in this region. The main supply from the L.S. Spine goes to the lower limbs from the back. Front region gets supply from a nerve- femoral and posterior compartment of the lower leg gets supply from the most notorious Sciatic nerve- the condition which is known as sciatica.