T2-T3 Disc problem

T2-T3 slip disc is not a very much common problem. This occurs very rarely. But when there is a slip disc in T2-T3 its signs and symptoms are really very sever. The T2-T3 disc bulge occurs mostly because of the injuries. When there is a direct trauma to this region, that leads into the problem of T2-T3 slip disc. The Ayurvedic treatment for T2-T3 slip disc can ensure the complete recovery of the problem.

The worst case in history of spinal surgery was reported in T2-T3 slip disc. A rarely herniated disc of T2-T3 was operated and sequestered part of the disc dropped down in the spine. This caused complete hemiplegia in the patient because of the compression in the lower part of the spine. When such cases appear it becomes more practical to go for non-surgical treatment for spinal disc problems.

Symptoms of T2-T3 Slip disc

Just like the T1 nerve root T2 nerve root also works as a subsidiary to the brachial plexus. This the reason, wherever there is a supply from brachial plexus, symptoms of the T2-T3 disc bulge spread to that location. The main symptoms will be –

  • Pain in shoulder blades.
  • This pain radiates under the arms and around the chest.
  • Pain increases when muscles between two nipples is pressed.
  • Radiation of pain might be severe to upper arms.
  • Difficulty in sitting on a desk or in chair.

With these all the symptoms there might be many other complications in the lower half of the body. A T2-T3 herniated disc can give symptoms to the lower half of the body, when compression or extrusion of disc is present. It occurs when compression is sever, which is really an uncommon thing to happen.

T2-T3 Slip Disc

Slip disc is a cumulative term for many other disc conditions. All different medical conditions of the disc come under this term. So T2-T3 slip disc is something which covers following conditions.

T2-T3 Desiccated Disc

When end plates of the T2 or T3 vertebrae decay due to any reason like ageing or some bad postures. There might be some vascular problems which can cause this condition. T2-T3 desiccated disc remains asymptomatic for ever. But the main problem, if you are suffering with desiccation in T2-T3 disc that it makes a base for the other conditions.

T2-T3 Degenerative Disc Disease

The water content of the disc when reduces, it leads to the desiccation. This desiccation if stays untreated, it converts into degenerative disc. This condition appears for sure in old age. With age, there are some changes which appear for sure. But these changes remain asymptomatic- silent.

T2-T3 Bulged Disc

A rare condition for thoracic region of the spine. But we cannot rule out the condition. It can occur due to direct trauma on the area or might be because of the problems with the alignment of the spine or change in kyphotic arrangement of the dorsal spine. The symptoms of bulged disc causes pain, burning sensation, loss of muscular activity in affected region.

T2-T3 Herniated Disc

Where bulge is uncommon, there herniation cannot be possible. But this is the bulge in the T2-T3 changes into herniated disc.

These are the conditions related to T2-T3 slip disc. Surgery higher on the spine is always a challenge and a problem. This is the reason non surgical ayurvedic treatment for T2-T3 slip disc is more practical in approach.

Ayurvedic treatment for T2-T3 slip disc

Ayurvedic treatment for T2-T3 slip disc avoids the risk of surgery and ensures complete recovery of the condition. While providing the ayurvedic treatment for T2-T3 slip disc, we work on the root cause of the problem, rather than just suppression of the condition.

Pain can be really unbearable in this condition and along with that condition like- dry pins and needles can also be there in these cases of T2-T3 slip disc. There are three dimensions of our treatment for this condition-

Ayurvedic Medicines for T2-T3 slip disc

Ayurveda works according to Doshas. When Doshas are under-control, everything is perfect with the body. Doshas cause spinal disc problems, it might sound strange but it is true. Thus this is the first step of the treatment where we need to control the Doshas in a better way to ensure the smooth working of the physiological system of the body.

Panchakarma Treatment for T2-T3 slip disc

Panchakarma treatment for slip disc proved a saviour for thousands at Sukhayu, who were suffering with spinal disc problems. These were the patients who had no option but became case studies of herniated disc recovery. Panchakarma ensures the removal of toxins from deep inside the ligaments, muscles. Once muscles and ligaments are relaxed, the third dimension of Yoga comes in work. …..

Yoga For T2-T3 slip disc

Kyphotic arrangement or alignment of vertebrae is one thing which can be achieved only through the Yoga alone. Once muscles relax properly, our expert yoga teachers start working on the alignment. We know that without manipulation, it is not possible to get rid of the problem. But manipulation should be smart and safe.

Therefore Ayurvedic treatment for T2-T3 slip disc is possible through Ayurveda. And seriously you can avoid spinal surgery for sure through treatment at Sukhayu Ayurved. If you want to know all details about Ayurvedic treatment for T2-T3 slip disc, please share your MRI with us through contact us, so that we will be able to guide you in a better way for Ayurvedic treatment for T2-T3 slip disc.