Spinal Disc Problems

Spinal Disc Problems

Before we discuss the spinal disc problems, lets talk about the column and its utility. Human body is most refined machine ever made. This has all the aspects of physics and chemistry. Whatever can happen in the universe happens in human body. Human spine is an important aspect of the human body. Spine or better to say vertebral column gives flexibility and stability to the human body at he same time.

33 bones, arranged over one another makes this column. These bones- with help of the muscles and ligaments can move in all directions- anteriorly, posteriorly or on sides. Discs between these bones keep these bones away. Otherwise these bones may colloid and collapse. Spine along with these discs shapes body.

Human spine is basically an axis of the body. Thus it is also known as axial skeleton too. When there are some spinal problems or spinal disc problems. These problems can impact the whole body at a same time. When spine is in one shape, it makes the things better. Moment these 33 vertebrae are not in an arrangement, problems starts. When we talk about the spinal problems, these are of a wide range-

Problems with the arrangement of the vertebral bones – Scoliosis and Kyphosis – bend in the spine on the side or on antero posteriorly.

Problems with nerves inside the spine like- myelitis, cord dystrophy etc.

Spinal disc problems like protrusion of disc, disc herniation, bulged disc. The impact of the spinal disc problems is always bigger on the body. Because disc compresses the nerves and due to this compression. Wherever these nerves travel- symptoms persists in these areas. These are main concern of the website, so we will detail these-

Spinal Disc Problems

Discs are soft tissues between the hard bones of the vertebral column. These soft tissues works as shock absorbers for bones. Discs are responsible for movement of the spine. Besides these two- these discs majorly gives space to the nerves to emerge out from the vertebral column. Disc is elastic. This elasticity protects the nerves. The conditions like- degenerative disc disease, disc protrusion, herniated disc, bulged disc and common word like slipped disc all these conditions are relative to each other. These all conditions appear when disc’s elasticity and cushion like nature disturbs.

Sukhayu Ayurved is mainly concerned about all neurological problems and this website SlippedDiscTreatments.com is mainly concerned about the treatment of these disc problems alone. Sukhayu Ayurved is the only institution where we have extensive expertise for the treatment of the spinal disc problems.

Spinal Disc Problems Ayurveda Treatment

We are not surgeons. We don’t replace the discs or screw spine with plates and all. Restoration of the disc is the main aim for us and we work on that only. You cannot ask victim to rectify. We need to work on the culprits of the problem- the cause. This is the core strength of Sukhayu Ayurved and this make us a most trusted institution for slip disc treatment.

These problems of Spinal discs are categorised according to the location of the disc. The two are main- Cervical Disc Problems and Lumbar Disc Problems. This is the broadest categorisation of the spinal disc problems. Classification of any problem is important because this helps to understand the case properly. So it is important to learn about this aspect.

Spinal disc problems are of different types according to the condition of spinal disc

We do all the treatments according to the condition and location. You can find the details on above links. Or you can contact us with your MRI reports and all other relevant details.