Epidural Injection for Slip Disc: Does it work?

Epidural injections in back are really very common nowadays when it comes to Slipped Disc Treatment, Chronic Low Backache or sciatica. This is the most common practice among the neuro physicians and this pretended before prescribing Epidural injection to the patients that through this a patient will cure completely. Which is not true even in few percentile! The goal for all such injections is just temporary relief in pain and that it does well, but these injections are fooling the sensation of pain since 1952 in medical world.

The only potential benefit of such epidural injections is- a patient get rids off the daily dose of the oral pain killers which are seriously hazardous. This is not necessary that there will be surely some side effects of these injections in lower back or neck still these are associated with the high risk side effects.

Possible risks of the epidural injection in spine

When it comes to the invasive surgical procedures, even these are minimal, there will be always some complications and risks associated with all of these.

Infection while epidural injection:

Severe infections are really very rare, occurring in 0.1% to 0.01% of cases only.

Piercing of the Dural Layer(“wet tap”):

This wet tap is seen only in 0.5% cases- this is a condition where post-dural puncture can cause spinal headache which might improve within a few days and there might be requirement of some procedure to check the leak from spine.

Bleeding while injecting:

In patients with some bleeding tendencies or problems. It is common to notice the bleeding but otherwise this is the rare to notice such conditions.

Damage of the Nerve:

Extremely rare but a nerve might damage due to the direct trauma from the needle or due o infection or bleeding.

Above are the complications of Epidural injection due to the location, but there are some side-effects or risks due to the steroidal medicines, injected. These are not that common as are the side effects of the oral medications; still these are not ignorable too. Here are these….

  • Increased pain in the locality where Epidural injection was made
  • Redness and hotness of the face known as Facial Flesh
  • Anxiety
  • Sleeplessness
  • Sudden surge (increase) in blood sugar
  • A passing decrease in immunity because of the immune-suppressive effect of the steroids
  • Ulcers in stomach
  • Avascular necrosis of the neck of femur bone
  • Severe arthritis in hip joint
  • Attack of cataract in eyes

Even there are these much of the side effects and risks associated with epidural steroidal Epidural injection. These never give more than the momentary relief to the patients. Cure is the day-dream in the modern medical sciences. Even operative-surgeries of spine cannot make you sure that you will cure permanently.

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