Accommodation at Sukhayu Ayurved Jaipur

“It is not a hospital, this is like a home.” This is what patients shared with us and that is what we wanted to hear from patients when we laid foundation of the hospital in 2015. Here is all about accommodation at Sukhayu Ayurved Jaipur.

Mostly we have seen there are many hospitals in India, which are like spas and resorts. We, as a team under Vaidya Pardeep’s mentorship, always planned a give a place where we can offer treatments. Just treatments. It was hard in starting to think that how patients and people will respond to our “effort”. But response from the first batch of patients in hospital was overwhelming. It was peace-giving.

Sukhayu Ayurved Jaipur

Sukhayu is located in two places in Jaipur. We have a city centre, located in heart of city. Here we provide OPD services, where patient come first, mostly. This unit is a well built place of 2000 sq feet, with all facilities of Panchakarma. We have five Panchakarma units here. This unit is one and only unit of Panchakarma with NABH certification under Panchakarma Clinic in Rajasthan. Here we provide Panchakarma treatments to the patients who are local.

Sukhayu Ayurveda Staff

The second unit is purely- an IPD (Indoor Patient Facility), where we admit patients. This unit has its own Kitchen, Yoga Area, OPDs and Eight well managed and well built Panchakarma Therapy Rooms.

Sukhayu Ayurved, has only trained staff with it. There is no untrained staff with us at Sukhayu, this is the strength of Sukhayu. In most of the cases hospitals train their own staffs and depute them. But that is not the practice at Sukhayu Jaipur.

Accommodation at Sukhayu Ayurved Jaipur

We provide three types of accommodation for patients-

Executive Room

These are rooms with double bed. Where you will get all the modern day amenities like TV etc during your stay. Ventilation in proper in every room.

AC Rooms 

These are rooms with AC. Rest all amenities are like the executive rooms.


This is a dormitory facility where maximum 8 patients can accommodate once.

You can select your room, as per availability and first come first serve basis. We have a fix tariff for rooms. So you need to confirm your booking. We avoid hassle. Therefore we request everybody to make prior appointment.

We don’t have any hidden charges, other than these.

Tariff For Stay
Ward (For Male Patients)500/ Day
Executive Room900/ Day
Deluxe Room (AC room)1500/day
Attendant charges*400/Day

 Three-time meal is included in this tariff.

*One person is allowed with patient. Attendant will have to follow the hospital rules and regulations. For Below 18 years and above 60 years patient   attendant is compulsory.

Food During Treatment

Food is the most important component of the Ayurvedic treatment. Therefore we ensure that what will help you in treatment should reach to your plate.

The food is high quality, hygienic and is cooked with restrictions. Many times because of the homely nature of the place people forget that they are under restrictions. Food reminds them about restrictions.

The same food is offered to the attendants thus when you are coming with some attendant be sure that he will follow the diet guidelines along with you. Because our main and only purpose is to ensure highest quality treatment, not to entertain anybody. The food we serve in our kitchen is- INDIAN VEGETARIAN. We neither serve non-vegetarian food nor we allow food veg or non-veg from outside in the premises.

For treatment, accommodation at sukhayu ayurved jaipur is best in class. This place is like a home, away home!!