T5-T6 Disc Problem

T5-T6 disc is in the middle of the thoracic spine. When there is some disturbance in the kyphotic arrangement of the thoracic region, it impacts the T5-T6 disc. When it comes to T5-T6 disc herniations, the symptoms are not aggressive. Until unless the compression is not severe in this region. The T5-T6 slip disc condition appears due to the injury/trauma or due to regular practice of wrong posture. The Ayurvedic treatment for T5-T6 slip disc without surgery is aimed according to the cause of the problem.

T5-T6 Slip Disc

A disc is hard on outer side and soft like jelly inside. The main problem is not in the change in the disc. Disc gives symptoms, when there is some compression on the nearby neural tissues because of the change in the disc. This condition can appear from just a simple condition like- degenerative disc disease. And in some cases the severe herniated disc may remain silent and only diagnosed incidentally during screening of the rest of the spine. This T5-T6 slip disc generally diagnosed in same way. But there might be some cases where problem is severe and condition needs to attend immediately.

Like other discs, T5-T6 slip disc also involves a process of the degeneration. This process surely appears in everybody because of the process of age. Ageing is not about years, it is about how do we handle the body and take care of it. The careless attitude and sedentary lifestyle when meet together this condition of T5-T6 appears more frequently.

Symptoms of the T5-T6 slip disc

Slip disc in the T5-T6 region can give different signs. These symptoms vary according to the compression on the nerves. These symptoms may vary from individual to individual. There are common symptoms-

  • Uneasiness in sitting in chair
  • Hunched posture
  • Pain near the lower end of scapula
  • Band like feeling in the thorax as well as abdomen
  • Skin paraesthesia in a strip like area of the abdomen and middle back

Because T5 nerve which emerges from the T5-T6 region also supply to the internal organs, thus these can cause some problems deep inside too. But this condition appears when there is some severe problem in the T5-T6 disc.

Ayurvedic Treatment for T5-T6 slip disc

Ayurvedic Treatment for T5-T6 slip disc is aimed in restoring the disc to the natural position. How should it be, it should be like that- this is the Ayurvedic approach of treatment, when it comes to Ayurvedic treatment of slip disc at any level. Generally it is thought that natural treatment is all about using the natural things or products in the treatment, not very true.

While doing the Ayurvedic Treatment for T5-T6 slip disc we work on the Doshas. Because these are the Doshas, which are responsible for all the diseases according to Ayurveda. We don’t believe in forceful manipulation or some stretching or some therapies, because we understand well that if there will be an injury in the spine- it might cause severe problem in the spine.

The second base of the Ayurvedic Treatment for T5-T6 slip disc is Panchakarma. In Panchankarma for treatment of T5-T6 disc herniation. The main aim is to restore the natural functioning of the body as well as the local muscles. Thus panchakarma is twofold- local and generalised. This gives the complete solution of the problem by working on the condition.

Third is the Yoga asanas. Because the smart and safe manipulation cannot be done without Yoga Asanas…. Thus you need to follow a complete regime of Yoga Asanas to what our experts will teach to you.

Through these three dimensions we provide Ayurvedic Treatment for T5-T6 slip disc. If you want to go for Ayurvedic treatment for T5-T6 slip disc, just share your detailed MRI to us so that we can guide you better for the treatment.