Disc Extrusion

Disc Extrusion is what happens to the disc after herniation. When nucleus pulposus occupies the spinal canal and start “hanging” in the spinal canal- that condition is basically Extruded disc. This process is extrusion of the disc and disc in this condition is – Extruded disc.

Disc extrusion is basically an end product of the degenerative process of the spine. Extruded disc can cause- nerve compression, pain radiation in the supply area of the nerve. Severe extruded disc can cause discomfort and debilitating symptoms. This is the nucleus pulposus of the disc- the inner jelly which comes out after tearing apart the annular fibre of the spinal disc. After breaking the fibres, when pressure remains same on the jelly. It hangs inside the canal and this condition is- disc extrusion.

Disc Extrusion: How does it happen

Extruded disc doesn’t happen over night. It is a further complication. Which is result of series of pathological process in the spinal discs. The story starts with spondylitis or loss of lordosis. Once the intervertebral space reduces, blood supply weakens. The dehydration of the disc causes – desiccated disc or degenerative disc disease. Once this degeneration of the disc continues and is not treated well- it leads to disc bulge. Disc herniation follows the bulged disc.

This is the result of avoidance of the problem. When the nucleus pulposus starts hanging in the spinal canal. Now this condition becomes severe on the scale of problem.

Chronicity of the degenerative disc turns into the disc extrusion. An extruded disc might be symptomless; until unless it doesn’t touch or compress the nerves or spinal cord in its level. Thus this condition might be chronic because of this reason too.

Causes behind Extruded Disc

Body decays every moment. And parts which are moving those are more prone to decay. All movements are based on- joints, bones, ligaments and obviously spinal disc. Spinal discs provides cushion for the vertebral bones. These discs support the movement and bears weight from the spinal movements. Due to excessive and wrong movements these discs get pressure. Wear and tear starts in these discs. Certain factors like age, repetitive motion, disc dehydration and loss of protein share of the disc cause these problems. First disc looses height, elasticity and it makes them prone for all the degenerative changes.

An extruded disc is a result of this process. When a extrusion of disc occurs there are certain causes behind that-

  • Obesity . No doubt the extra weight causes more pressure on the spine. Ayurveda doesn’t accept this condition much, but it can cause disc extrusion due to sedentary lifestyle.
  • Addiction. Most of the addictive things like- tobacco, cannabis, opium have vyavayi-vikashi gunas in them. These gunas are responsible for loosening and weakening of the joints. This leads to the problem of extruded disc.
  • Repetitive wrong bending and twisting. When we move our body in wrong manner and that too repetatively, it causes problems like disc extrusion.
  • Trauma. Sudden jerk due to a road accident or just because of the heavy sneeze can lead to the condition of extruded disc.
  • Bad posture. Sleeping, standing or sitting in bad posture is the main cause behind disc extrusion in persons who do desk jobs.

Symptoms of Extruded disc

Symptoms of a extruded disc are not much complicated. These are according to the location of disc problem. For example if we have a extruded disc in C5-C6 than there will be pain radiation in arm from shoulder to the fingers. On the same time extrusion of the disc in L4-L5 will give symptoms to the lower limb.

Extrusion of the disc is not very much common in the thoracic region, clinically. In radiological surveys we might find some condition like this but not on a regular basis.

Ayurvedic approach is very simple for the treatment of the extruded disc. When we talk about Ayurvedic treatment for extruded disc, the main purpose is to restore the disc back to normal so that condition will revers. Not just the suppression of signs and symptoms.