Herniated Disc

Herniated disc is last stage for a spinal disc problem. Due to regular pressure on the disc. Jelly which has been degenerated. Starts pushing the ligaments (Annular Ligaments). When annular ligament tear completely. Jelly (nucleus pulposus) emerges out of the disc. This is the condition is known as Herniated Disc.

What is a normal spinal disc

What is Herniated Disc

Herniated DiscDisc herniation is not a condition alone. This is a process. When regular pressure from the adjuvant vertebrae (spinal bones) continues on the disc. The blood supply to the disc, which comes from the end plates is hampered. Due to this lack of blood supply the inner most core of disc- nucleus pulposus starts degenerating. The movement disc degeneration starts, this leads to the next step of the problem. The next step is bulged disc. In bulged disc jelly of the disc is still inside ligaments. The very next step to the bulged disc is herniated disc. In this stage- jelly emerges out of the ligaments.

Difference between Bulged and Herniated Disc

Many people ask whether their problem is severe or not? Is it an emergency or not?

Hard to answer, really. But in most of the cases surgery is not required. Still this is not in 100% cases. Alone disc herniation is not a condition which can guide us to surgery. Because, the kind of nerve compression this herniated disc is building, that is more important. When you have some symptoms like- loss of control on urine and stool or some severe disability than there should be call for surgery too. But not always, for sure. You must read the below post from Vaidya Pardeep Sharma.

When Surgery is must in Bulged Disc

Why does Disc Herniate

A normal disc herniates because of its structure. Disc comprises soft tissue in its centre. When this jelly like structure known as nucleus pulposus is pressed from both the sides. This pressure degenerates the jelly. Degeneration means- loss of elasticity in case of jelly. Moment this elasticity is lost. Jelly lost its shape. Now this jelly starts shifting opposite to the pressure. Jelly keep on spreading and end of the day it starts encroach the spinal canal (Leads to Canal Stenosis) or bilateral neural foramina (Leading to Neural Compression). In any condition a herniated disc can give various signs and symptoms which can lead to several problems. This happens according to the root of the nerve it effects.

Sign and symptoms of a herniated disc varies always. It is not a herniated disc which gives certain signs and symptoms. This is just the nerve which is affected because of the herniated disc. So as per Ayurvedic ideology, signs and symptoms of a herniated disc are not that important. Most important thing is the cause behind the spinal disc problem. This can be just a muscular spasm, loss of lordosis and many other things including diet which causes disc herniation.

A herniated disc can come to its natural position through Ayurvedic treatment, for sure and we have done number of cases for the same condition. You can find number of stories where you will find the naturally cured patients of the herniated disc.