C2-C3 Disc Problem

Headache, giddiness, tinitus (sound in ears) and much more complex neural symptoms appear due to C2-C3 disc problem. Due to these confusing symptoms this the most misdiagnosed condition. People keep on taking treatments for this condition without any results. Among cervical spine diseases C2-C3 disc doesn’t bulge or herniate normally but when problem occurs in this disc- it is always a challenge to treat this condition. And because of the nerve supply to the head and vital parts- surgery is not recommended mostly. Ayurvedic treatment for C2-C3 spinal disc is always safer. Because in Ayurvedic treatment for spinal disc, we never endanger the nerve roots.

Here are details about everything related to C2-C3 spinal disc and its treatment possibilities in Ayurveda.

C2-C3 Disc Problem

This condition appears because of many different conditions and causes. But injury or shock to the spine is the primary cause of c2-c3 disc herniation or bulge. People who carry weight on shoulders or head are also among- where this condition prevails. Because this is not a general condition to appear in the cervical spine. Thus it goes undiagnosed for years and patients keep on wandering in neurology clinics for this condition.

In this condition, one finding is very much common and that is thickening of PLL (Posterior longitudinal ligament). This ligament can also thicken because of excess fluroid in the body too.

There are many different signs and symptoms which appear due to this condition; here are the few more common-

C2-C3 disc herniations symptoms

The most common symptoms of c2-c3 disc herniations are as follows-

  • Headache- on one side or either side of the posterior parts heads. When headache on one side- this condition is confused with migraine.
  • Burning, heaviness or numbness in the head.
  • Giddiness
  • Heaviness in the eyes (mostly this mimics with problems of eye.
  • Sound in ears (Tinnitus)

Because all these symptoms vary much thus diagnosis is always not possible.

Treatment for C2-C3 disc problem

When C2-C3 disc herniates or bulges- surgery is told to be the only solution for this problems. But as we know that spinal surgery always has limited options. When this surgery is planned higher in spine- it becomes more complicated. Because in case of spinal surgery at C2-C3 level- chances of deterioration of the body are always higher. Opposite to this- treatment for c2-c3 disc problem is more practical in Ayurveda.

Success Stories of Cervical Disc Patients

Ayurvedic Treatment for C2-C3 disc problem

When it comes to Ayurvedic treatment for C2-C3 disc problem, we at Sukhayu Ayurved first work on understanding the case. In this quest, we do pulse diagnosis, we do look for causative factors then we take a call for treatment. The first inclusion and exclusion criteria for Ayurvedic treatment for c2-c3 disc problem is- dislocation of the C2 vertebrae. C2 vertebrae is atlas vertebrae. It gives movement to the head through a process (an outgrowth). If there is some dislocation of C2- we don’t take the case, because in this condition we cannot give proper results.

But in cases where there is no dislocation- we have far better results. Basti, Nasya and local therapies are our main pattern in this condition. Along with the Panchakarma treatments, we do offer Ayurvedic Medicines. Medicines are not used to suppress the signs and symptoms. Role of medicines is to control the Doshas.

If you are also suffering from the C2-C3 disc problem, better contact with our team and they will guide you properly for better solutions.