Why My Disc Bulged

I never met an accident. Never ever I fell down or slipped anywhere. Then how and why my disc bulged? This is a common question. I heard it thousands times. Every patient wanted to know the exact cause behind bulged disc. Every where- from neurologist to orthopaedic doctor, while taking the history. They asked same question about accident or injury. Most of the people, due to these questions think that accident and injury is the root cause of bulged disc. But opposite to this- in most of the cases more than 80% I found no history of accident and injury. Then what causes disc bulge? Why spinal disc which is in between bones and thick ligaments herniates or bulges. And that too without any injury or accident. This is important to know about.

Cause Behind Bulged Disc

We can save many others from this kind of problems. The main tool for prevention of bulged or herniated disc is – right education. This article is about education alone.

In my previous experience. Yes accidents can cause bulged disc. And accidents like- heavy coughing and sneezing too. You dont need to meet some car accident or same conditions for this. But story is different too. Slip disc can occur without injury or accident too.

Disc Bulged without Accident or Injury

This sounds a hype creating statement, but it is true. Injuries are not the sole cause behind bulged disc. Disc bulge or bulging disc are our own mistakes. Most of the times while discussing with our doctors about spinal disc problems. We relate the condition to an injury. The injury we had forgotten- most of the times. But when it comes to diagnosing the things. We just pressurise our memory and dig down something which sounds like an accident.

My question is different. Many people met an accident. But why everybody does not suffer from disc bulge?

BECAUSE….many things matter. Not alone the accident. In my previous experience of 12 years with herniated discs and bulged discs I found following reasons behind bulged disc-

  1. Muscular Stiffness
  2. Bad Posture
  3. Improper Exercises
  4. Your Diet

Let’s discuss everything one by one in detail…

Muscular Stiffness and Bulged Disc

This is the most important and most common cause behind disc bulge. Spine is made up of 33 bones and discs are located within the gaps of these bones. There are plenty of muscles which bind these vertebrae (bones of spine) together. Muscles and yes ligaments too are involved in this process. Shape of the spine is most important factor as a cause of bulged disc. LOSS OF LORDOSIS AND BULGED DISC. When these muscles are strained more than their requirement. These (muscles) change the shape of the spine. With alteration of the spine shape- pressure on the vertebral bodies increases. This pressure from the bones transfers to the disc and this is how spinal disc bulges.

This muscular stiffness can be because of the injury too (But rarely).

When it comes to injury. People who have stiffness in muscles are more exposed to injuries. This is a well known fact. Flexible objects are not that prone to injuries, as are the stiffened objects. So injury or no injury muscular stiffness is a basic root cause for spinal disc diseases.

Bad Posture and Bulged Disc

While driving a car. It is important that tyres and axis of car should be aligned properly. Otherwise this misalignment of the body will lead to certain problems with tyres and movement of car. Same happens to the human body. Spine is axis/axial of the machine. Four limbs are tyres. When axis has some problems. This problem reflects on the four limbs very quickly. Radiation of the pain in upper limbs (in case of Cervical Disc Problem) and Sciatica (in lumbar disc problems) shows same condition.

Costly chairs and seatings can tempt everybody for slouching. This slouching is the worst posture for the whole spine. Besides this second bad thing in case of cervical disc problems is- using mobile and laptops. Desktops in slouching postures are also not good.

Muscles work better when these are relaxed. In natural postures muscles are relaxed. When we sit in wrong posture, muscles stiffen. Then same story repeats.

Improper Exercises and Disc Herniation

Many people just enter the gym and without any warmup they start heavy weight exercises. This is the second most important cause among youngsters. They hurt their backs in gyms. Any sport or exercise should not be performed without proper warmup. Because without warmup muscles stiffen and lead to problems with spinal discs like bulged and herniated disc.

Diet Which Can Cause Bulged Disc

Sounds weird! But yes. Ayurveda thinks so. The kind of food we eat, shows similar impacts on our bodies. Right now in a fear of cardiac diseases everybody is taking food free from fats. Because everybody thinks that this is the fat which is responsible for all the problems. But it is not so. In case of bulged disc we studied well the food pattern of patients and most of them were taking food devoid of fats.

When we avoid proper amount of fats in diet- this leads to extraordinary stiffness in the body. This is fat which ensures the “flexibility” and “suppleness” in the body. Lack of same, leads to stiffness and result is same. DIET YOU SHOULD FOLLOW FOR BULGED DISC.

These are the few details about the cause behind bulged disc. Once we have proper knowledge about cause behind bulged disc, we can plan the things in a better way.

Treatment for Bulged Disc is nothing more than the reversal of cause. This is the reason when we are sure about cause behind bulged disc we plan the treatment accordingly and give better results in this category.