T4-T5 Disc Problem

T4 is the vertebrae makes the middle of the upper back. The postures when we pronate our shoulders and look downward like a clerical job or a desk job- the maximum strain comes to the T4 vertebrae. This is the reason a strain appears on the T4 vertebrae. This kind of the posture, disturbs the spine from middle and causes- T4-T5 slip disc. When it comes to Ayurvedic treatment for T4-T5 slip disc, we consider everything.

The pain which travels down due to problem in the T4 nerve root is also known as- Upper Thoracic Syndrome or T4 syndrome. Upper thoracic syndrome is common in females because of some of the posture while doing daily routine works. When new mothers hold their babies to feed this condition appears mostly.

T4-T5 slip disc

When we keep on sitting in a wrong posture, it leads to strain on the T4 and this strain causes pressure on the disc lying between T4-T5. This pressure becomes a common cause for the herniation of the disc in T4-T5. T4-T5 Slip disc is a condition which is a series of some events. Events like degenerative disc disease, bulged disc, herniated disc all these appear in a series- in same order. No slip disc is the result of one jerk on one wrong movement. Like every other disease slip disc occurs because of a regular process.

The main causes behind problem of the T4-T5 slip disc are-

  • Wrong posture
  • Stiffness in thoracic spine
  • Lack of physical activity
  • poor core stability
  • Tightness in muscles
  • Improper working posture
  • When someone lifts or pulls weight in a wrong way.

Symptoms of T4-T5 slip disc

This is a condition where many physicians keeps on confusing. Because the cervical symptoms appear and there is no problem in cervical MRI. Symptoms of the T4-T5 slip disc are as follows…

  • Regular mild pain in the arms
  • Sensation of paraesthesia in arm
  • Feeling of either cold or hot in the hands
  • Heaviness in upper arm
  • Feeling that a band is tightened up
  • Pain in scapular region
  • Dry pins and needles in chest

Few of these symptoms are just because of the muscle strain. Because the lower fibres of the trapezius muscle of the middle back starts originating from the spinous structure of the T4 only.

Ayurvedic Treatment for T4-T5 slip disc

The ayurvedic treatment for T4-T5 slip disc is based on the bringing the muscles in a better way, specially the trapezius. When we can relax the muscle fibres of the trapezius it helps in making the spine work properly. For ayurvedic treatment for T4-T5 slip disc we work on a three dimensional approach-

Ayurvedic Medicines for treatment of T4-T5 slip disc

Doshas, doshas and doshas- these are the main concept of the Ayurveda.Until unless we are not able to manage the balance in Doshas, it is impossible to give any better treatment of the condition. Because slip disc is all about Ayurvedic doshas. Literally it applies to all the diseases.

By reliving the aggravated doshas, we can control the signs and symptoms of the condition.

Panchakarma treatment of T4-T5 slip disc

Prushtha basti, Lepam, Basti and Pottali are the choices for the treatment of the spinal disc problems in thoracic region. When working through pancakarma the main aim of Sukhayu Ayurved is to removal of the deep seated toxins from the affected area. Once this is done, things fall in place and we can bring the patient to Yoga Asanas.

Yoga for treatment of T4-T5 Slip disc

You need to relax the muscles, bring the positive changes in the arrangement of the body, nothing can be better than Yoga Asanas. When Yoga is done after relaxation of the muscles, it impacts better. This is the reason we never advise anyone to do Yoga Asana without proper relaxation of muscles.

So, if you are looking for Ayurvedic treatment for T4-T5 slip disc than please share all your details along with MRI reports of your thoracic spine. We might ask you some question but will resolve your case properly.