C6-C7 Disc Problem

At the level of C6-C7 cervical spinal disc both vertebrae are bigger in size. Thus these two bear more weight towards the base. This makes C6-C7 spinal disc more vulnerable. This is the reason, why C6-C7 slip disc cases are common. It might be C6-C7 herniated disc or C6-C7 bulged disc, both the condition appear normally. The other thing what comes across commonly in clinical practices is- spondylolytic changes in C6-C7 disc.  When it comes to Ayurvedic treatment of C6-C7 slip disc without surgery, it is important to know about the condition of the disc and both the bones.

These all condition appear because of the muscular stiffness in the affected areas. There might be loss of lordosis or spine might be normal, but the intervertebral disc spaces are always uneven, when there is some problem with the cervical disc. This is applicable to all the discs. Due to the pressure following changes and condition appear in the cervical spine.

Degenerative Disc in C6-C7

This might be age, or some pathological condition behind the degenerative disc disease at any level. This is the stage known as desiccated disc too. When water content from the nucleus pulposus- the famous jelly of the vertebrae- starts reducing; same condition is known as Degenerative Disc in C6-C7.

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C6-C7 Bulged disc

When due to the continuous pressure, the jelly starts moving to a side. This movement of the jelly to a side- de-shapes the disc. This is the condition known as- bulged disc. Due to bulge the outer hard annular fibers starts pressing the nerve and this brings impact similar to pinched nerve in C6-C7 level.

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C6-C7 Herniated Disc

The same jelly from the centre of the disc, starts peeping out after tearing the fibres apart- this is a condition known as C6-C7 Herniated disc. This is the most complicated condition in the spine at any level. When a disc herniates it can give symptoms to the lower limbs too. Because when there is canal stenosis in cervical spine it gives symptoms down to the body.

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Osteophytes and End plate changes in C6-C7 cervical disc

These are spondylolytic changes. Spondylolytic changes are basically the condition, where osteophytes start building on the rim of the C6 or C7 vertebrae.

Basically these are the condition we all know as- slip disc in C6-C7 spinal disc.

Problems due to C6-C7 Slip Disc

When there is a herniation or bulge in C6-C7; to be precise if there is a C6-C7 slip disc than it presses the C7 nerve roots.

  • Pain where C7 nerve supplies back of the arm to middle finger
  • Weakness in the back side of arm in the triceps muscle.
  • Problem with extension of fingers
  • Numbness in the triceps muscle in back of the upper arm which may radiate down into the middle finger
  • Tingling or burning in the same as described above
  • Pain in the upper back

Basically, these are the problem which occur due to pinched nerve at the same level. But there might be some other symptoms too lower down in the body according to the compression on the spinal cord.

Treatment for C6-C7 slip disc

Surgery. That too spinal surgery in the C6-C7 level is the basic treatment in western medicines. Risk of spinal surgery cannot be calculated but the kind of training in allopathy has, they only think about surgery alone. The main problem with surgery in such cases is- surgery leaves the cause of the problem intact as it is. This is the reason non surgical treatment of slip disc in Ayurveda is more practical. The approach we follow is…

Ayurvedic Treatment of C6-C7 Slip Disc without Surgery

When it comes to Ayurvedic Treatment of C6-C7 Slip Disc without Surgery we work on the four factors-

  1. Aggravated doshas: Ayurvedic treatment of C6-C7 slip disc without surgery is based on balancing the doshas. The main dosha in such cases as per our experience is Kapha and Vata in patients suffering with C6-C7 slip disc.
  2. Prakruti of Patient: We explore prakruti of the patient and according to the prakruti of the patient, we take a call that what exactly in the condition. This we do to balance the doshas in a perfect manner.
  3. Job profile of patient: Profession impacts the neck more than back. This is the reason we work on the professional profile of a person also. Because through Ayurvedic Treatment of C6-C7 Slip Disc without Surgery we want to make sure that condition won’t repeat itself again and again.
  4. Impacted muscles: Without undue pressure on the C6 and C7 vertebrae, problem of C6-C6 slip disc is not possible. This is the reason we mark the muscles at first to ensure that our Ayurvedic Treatment of C6-C7 Slip Disc without Surgery will go in right direction.

Once we access all these details than only our experts design the plan for Ayurvedic Treatment of C6-C7 Slip Disc without Surgery.

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Ayurvedic Treatment of C6-C7 Slip Disc: Three dimensional Approach

We follow our well-known approach of Ayurvedic Medicines-Panchakarma and Yoga. With this three dimensional approach our physicians ensure complete recovery of the C6-C7 sip disc; so that your disc come to natural place after the treatment. The three dimensions of Ayurvedic Treatment of C6-C7 Slip Disc without Surgery work in a particular way-

  • Ayurvedic medicines: These are responsible for bringing the doshas in normalcy. The doshas which we study from your pulse and prakruti are applicable here. Through these medicines we bring the physiology of human body to normal.
  • Panchakarma: The muscles which were stiff in our evaluation carries a lot of toxins inside. Panchakarma helps in removal of the toxins from these muscles so that muscles will relax.
  • Yoga Asanas: This is the third dimension and comes in work at third number only. This is the way to manipulate the shape of the cervical as well as curve of the cervical. After this we are able to start the most awaited natural recovery of herniated disc through Ayurvedic Treatment of C6-C7 Slip Disc without Surgery.