T7-T8 Disc problem

This is one of the most commonly misdiagnosed case among the slip disc cases. When it comes to T7-T8 slip disc, it confuses with a number of symptoms. The pain is higher from the level of the T7-T8 disc. Pain between the blades and this discomfort can travel up to the neck region also and on other side this pain can travel down to the toes. Ayurvedic treatment for T7-T8 slip disc is possible and there won’t be any further complication too due to the treatment. Non surgical options are always good in comparison to surgical options for spinal disc problems.

Apart from the disc, there are several other conditions which are more complicated in this condition- myelopathy at T7-T8 and compression fracture causes the complete paralysis of the lower body part. So when we offer the ayurvedic treatment for T7-T8 slip disc we ensure that we are taking a case which we can treat. This is why, we ask for the MRI report before proceeding in any case.

T7-T8 Slip Disc: Cause

When it comes to the a road accident or trauma- this is the T7-T8 disc which is most commonly affected. Thus this is the region which is complicated. The complications in this region can lead to the complete paralysis of the lower body part.  The other problem due to severe case of T7-T8 slip disc is loss on control of urine and stool. This incontinence becomes challenging if not treated well timely.

Other than trauma, this condition of T7-T8 slip disc appears along with the lumbar region problems. When the alignment of the lumbar region and there is some concave or convex scoliotic changes- this impacts the upper vertebrae too and leads to the problems with the T7-T8 or lower to its thoracic vertebrae.

Symptoms of T7-T8 slip disc

There are two types of the problems due to the T7-T8 slip disc, the local pains and discomfort or radiation of pain, numbness and tingling sensation. These all symptoms depend on the severity of the compression. When disc degenerates due to the process of ageing, it goes unnoticed because these cause no irritation to the neural tissues. But when there is some compression on the thecal sac or on either side of the nerves, it leads to severe symptoms.

If there is some canal stenosis in this region, pain and numbness can travel to lower limbs. Because in case of the canal stenosis, compression appears to all the nerves travelling down from this level.

There are some cases where symptoms are present just to upper part of the spine only. This all depends on the pattern of the compression on the nerves.

So it should be clear that symptoms are aggravating because of what reason.

Ayurvedic treatment for T7-T8 slip disc

Ayurvedic treatment for T7-T8 slip disc is based on bringing three points.

Balancing the Doshas: Ayurvedic treatment for T7-T8 slip disc is based on Doshas, because as per Ayurveda these are the doshas which are responsible for all the problems in the body. We balance these doshas to bring physiological equilibrium in the body. This helps in bringing normal physiology in the body and this helps the body to rejuvenate properly.

Managing the alignment: If there is something like scoliosis or mis arrangement of the spinal vertebrae- than it is important to bring back the alignment of the vertebral column. This is possible with Panchakarma and Yoga. Through Panchakarma toxins from the muscles are removed. Once these toxins flush out from flesh, it is easier to mould the spinal column.

Re-nourishing the Tissues: The main problem with every disc is- lack of nourishment. When nourishment is not proper it leads to the degenerative changes in the disc. Therefore for the complete recovery of the problem it is important to bring back the nourishment so that jelly will replenish.

Thus Ayurvedic treatment for T7-T8 slip disc of thoracic disc depends on the managing the normal disc in a better way. If you have some problem in T7-T8 disc and you are looking for Ayurvedic treatment for T7-T8 slip disc than please share your MRI with us.