L3-L4 Disc Problem

L3-L4 is the disc which is mostly bulged. L3-L4 disc problem is basically more common in cases where patient has transitional L5 vertebrae. Because in such cases this disc gets more pressure. This disc is likely more affected than L1-L2, L2-L3; but lesser than adjoining L4-L5 vertebrae. In most of the cases you don’t need to go for surgery for the L3-L4 disc. Ayurvedic treatment for L3-L4 disc can bring this disc in a natural condition.

The L3-L4 spinal segment makes the centre of the lumbar spine. L3-L4 disc segment plays an important role in supporting the weight of the torso. The nerves, muscles, and other soft tissues also aid with such processes as knee extension and foot motion.

What is L3-L4 Disc Problem

There can be various conditions with the L3-L4 disc.

L3-L4 disc can become herniated. Disc herniation of L3-L4 results in unwanted pressure between the disc and the nerve. This frequently causes pain.

The facet joints between L3-L4 segment enlarges and narrows the open spaces of the spine. This pressure can compress spinal nerve roots of the same region.

The disc can degenerate naturally as per the ageing process. This  changes the motion of the disc. These conditions can translate in the following conditions.

Spondylolisthesis between L3-L4 

This is a rare condition where L3-L4 segment shows condition of spondylolisthesis. This is a condition where the L3 vertebrae from the spinal canal slips backward or forward over the edge of L4. When somebody is overusing the body this condition appears and causes problems with spinal canal. Spondylolisthesis between L3-L4 gives the symptoms similar to nerve compression in the area. Yet severity of spondylolisthesis is always sharp and stronger than the normal l3-l4 herniated disc.

Know More About Spondylolisthesis

L3-L4 Herniated Disc

Chronic cases of L4-L5 and L5-S1 disc bulge or herniation if left untreated- develops problems with L3-L4 disc. L3-L4 herniated disc exerts the pressure on the same nerve root- when bulge is more laterally. Disc herniation when comes in a central location it presses the nerves and can give symptoms of L4 nerve compression.

Spondylitis of L3-L4

Spinal osteoarthritis which is commonly known as spondylitis. When spondylitic changes occur in the L3-L3 this causes the natural degeneration of the cartilages between the facet joints. In this condition there will be pain in the region of L3-L4. But in few cases pain can travel down to the lower limbs.

Stenosis at the L3-L4 levels

Where herniation of bulge is severe in L3-L4 level, it causes canal stenosis. In this case there will be narrowing of the spinal canal and severity of the symptoms might be very much aggravated in this case. There might be pain, numbness, tingling, or weakness may be noted in the upper legs.

Degenerative disc disease

This is first step of the l3-l4 disc problem. This condition can appear because of many reasons. In a general condition there are no symptoms with this condition. Still in few cases there might be pain or tingling because of the degenerative disc disease in L3-L4 disc.

Symptoms Of L3-L4 Disc Problem

There can be very much different signs and symptoms with L3-L4 disc problem. Because L3-L4 disc problem can give signs and symptoms of both L3 and L4 nerve roots. Still mainly we find-

Pain in different areas

  1. Pain in the hip Joint and this pain can aggravate with movement of the hip joint.
  2. This L3-L4 disc problem can cause pain in the front of thigh.
  3. Pain in the anterior side of the knee, which might feel inside the knee joint.
  4. Shin of the tibia (front of the lower leg) might have stiffness and pain.

Numbness in the lower limb

  1. There can be numbness in the front of the thigh (canal stenosis of L3-L4 nerve root)
  2. Numbness in the hip joint.
  3. Numbness on the side of the knee joint

In same areas as said above, there can be burning sensation and other types of pain too.

Treated Cases of Lumbar Disc Problem

Ayurvedic Treatment for L3-L4 Disc Problem

L3-L4 is located in the middle of the lumbar spine. So patients who remain seated for longer times and people who pick or hold weight in arms- commonly suffer from problems in the L3-L4 region. The ayurvedic treatment for l3-l4 disc problem also revolves around the same idea too. Yoga Asanas for this problem and Panchakarma are chosen acording to the root cause of the problem. Until unless we are not pretty sure about the condition of patient, it is hard to choose the ayurvedic treatment for l3-l4 disc problem.

In case of Pain:

The main ayurvedic treatment incase of pain due to bulge in the L3-L4 disc revolves around the Vata Dosha. Thus Basti, Kanjika Swedana, Kat Basti and Pinda swedanam are done according to the condition of the patient. Vataja Pradeha (Applying pastes of Ayurvedic herbs) is done in such cases at Sukhayu for ayurvedic treatment for L3-L4 disc problems.

Where Burning is associated with Pain:

Along with treatment for Vata, Pitta dosha is also controlled. Because these two are of opposite nature- thus we plan and execute the treatment in a different way in all such cases. Dhanyamla Dhara and other procedures of Panchakarma are done properly under guidance of our Vaidyas.

Numbness and Weakness of Muscles:

When Vata is too much aggravated, it dries up the Kapha. Kapha means for strength in case of spinal disc problems. This not only degenerates the disc severely but also causes weakness of the muscles in affected regions. Bruhmana Bastis along with some local treatments for the muscles is done at Sukhayu for ayurvedic treatment for L3-L4 disc problem where it causes weakness and numbness in the area.

You can share your MRI along with all details about your signs and symptoms. Our Vaidyas will check all the details and will revert you with all the details.