Best Treatment for Sciatica Pain

It seems that someone is just cutting the leg muscles with a knife. It hurts badly. Restriction occurs in body movement. The pain doesn’t allow you to walk- sit or stand. And in few cases lying down in bed becomes a challenge. This is the pain we all know as Sciatica. That’s why we keep on looking for the best treatment for sciatica pain.

And in a condition where this pain is not bearable we have seen many patients to go for surgery. That is another issue that surgery doesn’t cure sciatica pain. Complications of surgery are negligible when you are under a good neurosurgeon.

But success of spinal surgery for sciatica is lesser than any figure.

Spinal surgery fails in many cases.

Because concern of surgeon is not cause of problem. They believe in cutting and removing this or that body part. This cannot be the best treatment for sciatica pain. Where we can find the best treatment for pain in sciatica?

What is the best treatment for sciatica pain?

Just pain relief in case of Sciatica is the worst option, what can you look for.

Because pain occurs because of a cause. And this cause lies in your body somewhere. When this cause is interferes in normal anatomy and working of the body. This irritation, gives a message to the system- that something is not right somewhere. We need to address this “pathological” problem of the body.

But as human beings we think that we should continue the work. Without any hindrance or irregularity to our work.

We just want to get rid of the sensation of the pain. This might be a pain killer or some counter irritant- whatever possible- we do all this.

Most of the problem starts from here. When we are just suppressing the pain. The problem inside the body, due to which problem is; keeps on increasing. And at a point these nerves give up. They go numb. Nerves stop working. This is the reason- we have a plenty of patients who are just completely paralysed or some of their body parts have stopped working.

So just a pain relieve in case of sciatica cannot be the best treatment for sciatica pain. Which we mostly do.

Kill the cause Not the pain

The other side of the coin is also very horrible. The kind of medicines we are supposed to take for sciatica pain relief are not good at all for rest of the body. The most trusted names for neuropathic pain like- Gabapentine or Prcegablin are not supposed to work on the root cause of the problem. These medicines just remove sensation of pain.


The best idea for the treatment is – to work on the cause of the pain. If it is a bulged disc or herniated disc and even just a desiccated disc, we need to work on the recovery of the disc. Because when we suppress the sensation of pain, it never helps us. It increases our “carelessness” towards the cause of the pain. We don’t follow the restrictions of body, because we don’t have pain. And later on the same condition becomes worrisome. So best treatment for sciatica pain is that which works on the root cause of the problem.

Best Treatment for Sciatica Pain in Ayurveda

At Sukhayu we do what Ayurveda says. No pressing of points in name of Ayurveda. We don’t follow the cocktail of Marma therapy and Acupressure. Because we understand that this is just a way to increase the threshold value of the pain.

We don’t work on something what we have “researched”. Our main core strength is- Ayurveda and our belief in Ayurveda. The kind of chiropractic activities people are doing in name of Neurotherapy- where one person pulls and cracks all your joints is not our cup of tea. They might be selling their treatments as best treatment for sciatica pain in Ayurveda. But they are not aware that AYURVEDA is missing from their treatment.

At Sukhayu Ayurved, WE DON’T RELIVE PAIN. Because we understand requirement of pain for your wellness. When we suppress pain, we lead to the problems.

At Sukhayu Ayurveda, pain goes away itself. This process occurs slowly but PAIN RELIEF IS PERMANENT at Sukhayu Ayurved. This is the reason thousands of patients have rated treatment of Sukhayu as Best treatment for sciatica pain in Ayurveda.

So if you want to completely recover your spine and remove the cause of the problem in case of sciatica, than Sukhayu Ayurved is a place where we provide the best treatment for sciatica pain in Ayurveda. Just send your MRI so that we can get back to you.