Facetal Arthropathy

Facet is a type of joint and arthropathy is arthritis of the joint. So this Facetal arthropathy or facet joint arthropathy is a term which says- arthropathy / arthritis / osteoarthritis of the facet joint. We need to know about the type of this joint first, than we can understand better about the basic term- facet joint arthropathy or facetal arthropathy. Here we will know about Ayurvedic treatment for facet joint arthropathy.

Out of 33 vertebrae, 24 move for our flexibility. These all vertebrae move on each other through some joints. These joints are known as facet joints. All spinal nerve roots exit your spinal cord through these joints. Good facet joints have cartilage inside. This cartilage allows vertebrae to move smoothly without grinding. There is synovial fluid in these joints which make the movement smoother. Because of maximum movements these joints are prone to damage. Synovial fluid and cartilages slow down this wear and tear of these joints.

But when we strain these joints. These have possibilities for development of- arthritis. Just like your knee or some other joint. This arthritis of the these facet joints is mentioned in MRIs as- Facet joint Arthropaty or Facetal Arthropathy.

What is Facte Joint Arthropathy / Facetal Arthropathy

The facet joints along with spinal disc form a complex joint with adjacent vertebrae. In facet joint there are two bony surfaces with cartilage between. And a capsule of ligaments surrounds it. Synovial fluid lubricates this joint like any other joint of the body. Facet joints ensures normal lordosis/ curvature of the spine.

When there are three conditions like a normal arthritis of the joint-

  1. Wear and tear in the cartilage- which is located in between bones.
  2. Osteoporosis of the bones involved in joint.
  3. Lack of synovial fluid in the joints.
  4. Strain due to bad postures.
  5. Degeneration of spinal disc- this degeneration builds up the pressure on the joints therefore causes pressure on these joints.
  6. Dietary irregularity and improper nutrition of the body.

Beside these condition, one condition- Ageing is most common in this case. With age, osteoporosis is a common condition. Therefore, in older patients facet joint arthropathy is a common finding in MRI.

Symptoms of Facet Joint Arthropathy or Facetal Arthropathy