Facetal Arthropathy

Facet is a type of joint and arthropathy is arthritis of the joint. So this Facetal arthropathy or facet joint arthropathy is a term which says- arthropathy/arthritis/osteoarthritis of the facet joint. We need to know about the type of this joint first, then we can understand better about the basic term- facet joint arthropathy or facet arthropathy. Here we will know about Ayurvedic treatment for facet joint arthropathy.

The type of joints found in the human body is three. These are-

1) Synovial joints: They have a synovial cavity filled with fluid inside them and allow movements between bones connected by them.         

2) Fibrous Joints: They don’t allow any movement between bones connected by them as they have no cavities inside and cartilage is present on their surfaces to provide a smooth gliding effect while moving one bone over another.         

3) Cartilaginous joints: Again these joints also do not allow movement between bones connected

by them as they also have no cavities to keep the fluid and cartilage covers their surfaces.  

What is Facet Joint Arthropathy / Facetal Arthropathy

(Facet Joint Osteoarthritis)?

Actually, this term is a general term for arthritis of the joints in the vertebral column. There are three types of facet joints. And all these three types can get arthritis but usually, only two types involve more frequently. These two types are- superior articular process (SAP) and inferior articular process (IAP). Both of them have different functions. Thus their involvement depends on the affected part of the spine. 

When there are three conditions like normal arthritis of the joint-

  1. Wear and tear in the cartilage- which is located in between bones.
  2. Osteoporosis of the bones involved in joint.
  3. Lack of synovial fluid in the joints.
  4. Strain due to bad postures.
  5. Degeneration of spinal disc- this degeneration of the disc builds up the pressure on the joints, therefore, causes pressure on these joints.
  6. Dietary irregularity and improper nutrition of the body.

Besides this condition, one condition- Ageing is most common in this case. With age, osteoporosis is a common condition. Therefore, in older patients facet joint arthropathy is a common finding in MRI.     

What are Facet Joints? How do they differ from other types of human joints?

The type of joint present in our vertebrae is called the ‘Facet Joint’. As we saw above that Fibrous joints also have no cavity inside them as cartilaginous joints, so the facet joints are different from these two types of joints. Now, let’s take a brief view of how functionally these three types of joints differ from each other. An example will make it clear for all if someone’s head falls down accidentally, then a person whose neck bone has got both synovial and fibrous joints will feel a lot of pain whereas a person with only synovial joints will not feel any pain in this case. This is because the synovial joint allows gliding movement inside it. So the head can move up and down easily. But fibrous and cartilaginous joints do not allow such type of movement so they provide resistance which causes pain.

How does Facetal arthropathy cause back pain?

The Ayurvedic treatment for facet joint arthropathy helps when it is causing pain, why? The answer to this question is a little complicated as the type of joints present in our vertebrae varies from person to person. We’ll take an example here to know more about how does facetal arthropathy cause back pain and what are its symptoms.

If we talk only about the human spine/vertebral column then there are 33 bones present which together form 5 regions- 7 cervical, 12 thoracics, 5 lumbar and 4 sacral. Only one region (region number 1) has got 16 bones i.e., Cervical Vertebrae while the other four have got 12 bones each except the sacral which has got 5 bones each.

If we talk about the lumbar region then it is obvious that it has got 5 vertebrae in its posterior side and 2 more such structures forming the sacral region where one more bone called ‘ilium’ is present but another structure, the sacrum is formed by a fusion of all these 5 bones together in human development. 

Slip disc according to condition  

Symptoms of Facet Joint Arthropathy or Facetal Arthropathy :

The Ayurvedic treatment for facet joint arthropathy or Ayurveda treatment for facetal arthropathy is required when this condition causes back pain but it can also cause leg pain as well. Both the symptoms are common in Ayurvedic treatment for facet joint arthropathy.   

The main symptoms of this condition are-

  • Lower back pain increases because of the twisting, standing, or bending backward.
  • Pain is located in a place of the spine.
  • Most patients can pinpoint the location of the pain like – some region or a pinpoint.
  • The pain due to facetal arthropathy feels like a dull ache on one or both sides of the lower back.

Because facet joint is located opposite to the location of the disc or spinal nerves. Therefore when we bend forward then pain reduces- in the case of facet joint problems. Opposite to this, such kind of movements increases pain in spinal disc problems. This is the easiest way to understand the cause of pain.

Diagnosis of Facet Joint Arthropathy or Facetal Arthropathy:

People affected by Ayurveda treatment for facet joint arthropathy usually go to a doctor with severe backache problems. As this problem occurs due to arthritis so initially, milder conditions like stiffness and lumbar sprain can be commonly seen along with the Ayurveda treatment ​for facetal arthropathy.

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So, what Ayurvedic treatment for facet joint arthropathy will be best?

Here we saw that only one vertebra (the first one found in this whole area) has got two facets while the rest all are having just one facet so people with extra facet joints are prone to get back pain whereas those without any other joints are not so much. Ayurveda also considers this as the cause of Ayurvedic treatment for facet joint arthropathy.

Plus, we know that Ayurveda is more than 5000 years old science developed by our ancestors who were living in jungles and forests with no modern technology at that time when they discovered Ayurveda.

They saw people in their surrounding areas having back pain after falling from trees while collecting woods and other plants for food daily so they described it as a type of arthritis caused by such activities which actually had nothing to do with the human spine or joints but our ancestors’ beings very wise knew about its origin and cause behind Ayurvedic treatment for facet joint arthropathy.

How are Ayurveda & Ayurvedic treatments related to Facet Joint Arthropathy?

Ayurveda, which is also known as Ayurvedic medicine or the Indian system of medicine has its root in ancient India. It has evolved by many years around 2500 years ago. Ayurvedic treatment for facet joint arthropathy is one of the strongest systems of medicines. Developed and researched by our ancestors who had very strong wisdom and knowledge on Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic treatment for facetal arthropathy is one of the Ayurvedic treatments for lumbar sprain which actually has no connection to this Ayurvedic term ‘lumbar sprain’. This Ayurvedic medicine named Ayuverdic treatment for facet joint Arthropathy works perfectly. Because it will reduce the pain, cure the problem at a much faster pace. Because Ayurveda believes that- every part of the body and mind can be treated and healed with its perfect herbal remedies.

A cases study of patient treated for L4-L5 and L5-S1 disc problem

While doing Ayurvedic treatment for facet joint arthropathy, we work on three different paradigms-

Rasyana Therapy for facet joint

The main approach for Ayurvedic treatment of facet joint arthropathy is- to balance the process of aging. This is aging which causes severe problems with the joints. And when these joints are weight-bearing joints like the lumbar spine- these are more susceptible to the impact of aging. For Rasayana, we use specially prepared medicines which we prepare in the house along with these if the condition is severe we go for Panchakarma.

Panchakarma for Facet Arthropathy

Panchakarma removes deep toxins from the body. These are the cellular level toxins that pace up the process of aging. Besides this, in the case of Joint problems- where Majja Dhatu is involved, Panchakarma is always the first line of treatment.

Yoga Asanas:

These yoga asanas are part of ayurvedic treatment for facet joint arthropathy- because we need to remove the undue pressure from the lumbar vertebrae. This pressure causes decay of the facet joints when pressure is not properly distributed on the lumbar spine. With rectification of the posture, the management of the pressure on the spine becomes easy.

Thus, when doing the treatment of facet joint arthropathy, the approach of treatment is all different. But when it comes to the treatment of multiple conditions- where facet joint arthropathy is present along with other conditions- we make a tailored program. In such type of treatment program- we do consider your Prakruti as well as your pulse. To get an overview of the condition- just contact us with all your details.