C4-C5 Disc Problem

C4-C5 disc problem is very much common condition. As common it is as a problem that much complicated is treatment for C4-C5 disc problem. Basically, problem in the C4-C5 spinal disc, which might be C4-C5 herniated disc or Bulge in C4-C5 disc. Symptoms of the disc problem will remain same in this condition. If you want treatment for C4-C5 slip disc without surgery than Ayurveda is the alone possibility for a patient. Because this is not a fault of C4-C5. This is fault of many other causes. So, we need to work on the root cause of the problem. Therefore, Ayurveda treatment for C4-C5 slip disc without surgery is about the rectification of the cause.

Disc itself doesn’t have any internal neural supply. So, it cannot sense the pain. Disc can only cause the pain. Disc is a hard structure outside with jelly inside. When jelly doesn’t get proper nutrition through blood supply this leads to the condition of C4-C5 herniated disc or bulge in C4-C5 disc.

Disc is not culprit in causing the problem with disc.

These are muscles, which strain the cervical spine and alter its shape- lordosis. When lordosis is lost due to the muscular spasm. The three of the cervical discs – C4-C5, C5-C6 and C6-C7 which makes the base of the neck, got maximum pressure. Due to this pressure on the these- these discs deflate mostly. C4-C5 disc problem is not easy to treat, but not impossible to treat. These are two conditions of the C4-C5 disc-

Bulge in C4-C5 disc:

This is a condition where disc is compressed. But this compression leads to the burst in the annular ligaments of the disc- the hard part of the disc. To which side inner jelly moves on- problem will be on that side.

C4-C5 herniated disc

When the outer rim of the disc bursts and jelly starts peeping outside. This is the condition of C4-C5 herniated disc.

These two conditions are commonly known as C4-C5 slip disc. Slip disc is not a scientific word. And when we say slip disc. It is not disc which is slipped. This is the jelly of the disc which dislocates and slips to a side. So, it is important to know for us to know that whether the C4-C5 slip disc you are saying is exactly what is it? Is it C4-C5 herniated disc or Bulge in C4-C5 disc? For Ayurveda treatment for C4-C5 slip disc without surgery we need to know that what is it exactly.

Symptoms of C4-C5 Disc Problem

This is the C5 nerve, which comes out from the lateral foramina of the C4-C5 spinal Disc. The disc gives smooth passage to these nerves. But C4-C5 herniated disc or bulge in C4-C5 disc is there, it encroaches the empty and free space of the spinal canal and lateral foramina, thus causes compression. This compression at the level of C4-C5 causes following problems.

  • Pain and numbness in the upper part of the arm.
  • Inability to raise the arm upwards.
  • Pain in clavicle.
  • Respiratory discomfort
  • Uneasiness in breathing.
  • Pain in chest
  • Numbness in the upper part of the arm

These are the basic symptoms of the problem. C5 nerve shares the supply to the diaphragm with C4 nerve root. Thus, this is a common condition which can appear in both the conditions. Whether it is bulge in C4-C5 disc or C4-C5 herniated disc- symptoms remain same. What changes with bulge and herniation is- severity of the problems. Rest remain same, because supply is same. This knowledge about bulge or herniation is required for the treatment for c4-c5 disc problem.

Treatment for C4-C5 disc problem

Collar, which fixes the neck, is the first advice for the treatment for c4-c5 disc problem. When the muscles of neck stiffen more and more with fixation due to collar. It aggravates the problem. Now it is time for physiotherapy for western medicine stream. Now when everything complicates, they reach to their final destination of surgery. How much complicated a cervical surgery might be they don’t bother about that? But Ayurveda has a different opinion for this condition. Ayurveda treatment for C4-C5 slip disc without surgery is possible. A patient doesn’t need to go for any surgical interventions. Ayurveda treatment for c4-c5 slip disc without surgery is based on an approach.

Success Stories of Cervical Disc Patients

Ayurveda treatment for c4-c5 slip disc without surgery

As discussed earlier the C4-C5, C5-C6 and C6-C7 make the base of the cervical spine. When muscles of the neck strain due to bad posture of the shoulders like shrug. This shrug might be due to your professional requirements or it may be the over use of the phones and laptops- that too to play some game.

The first thing in such cases we do- find the stiffened muscles. To notice the bad posture of the patient. When we are sure about the stiffened muscles, we remove the toxins from bellies of these muscle fibres. We make these relax. This is the first step of Ayurveda treatment for c4-c5 slip disc without surgery. Once this relaxation comes- we go for Yoga Asanas. The yoga asana in the Ayurveda treatment for c4-c5 slip disc without surgery should be done under guidance of our Yoga teachers. A wrong posture can lead to the complications on the condition for sure.