Natural Recovery for Herniated Disc

Natural recovery for herniated disc is a thing which everybody looks for. This is the risk of spinal surgeries and fear of disability which makes everybody to look for alternative solution of these problems. Basically Ayurveda comes in top of the list when it is about natural recovery of herniated disc. There is no other science which concerns much about natural recovery of any problems with body. It might be spine or anything. Main concern of Ayurveda is to bring back natural condition of the body.

Natural treatment for any condition doesn’t mean alone- using of some natural medicines like herbs. Natural treatment and recovery means- bringing back the natural position of the body. Because Ayurveda works on root cause of the problem. Thus it becomes easy for Ayurveda to bring back the natural recovery for herniated disc or anything else.

Natural Recovery for Herniated Disc

Disc is naturally located with in the space of the vertebral bones. These 23 discs in the spine work as shock absorbers. They give flexibility to the spine (This is physiology). When the space of these bones is reduced due to any reason- these starts deflating. A disc never herniates overnight or due to jerk alone. Injury might be a cause, but not the sole reason for any problem of the disc.

In starting due to many reasons like-

  • Age related changes in the body
  • Dietary habits of a person
  • Strain on the ligaments and muscles due to bad posture
  • The excessive use of the muscles of spine

These together cause degeneration of the disc. Once there are degenerative changes appear in the disc- jelly inside weakens. Due to this impact- jelly starts changing its position with time. When shape of disc changes with this impact- that is what we know as Bulged disc. After bulged disc, if cause remains as it is- disc can herniate to the neural canal and also can cause- canal stenosis. (This is pathology)

From degeneration to herniation of the disc- some triggers work- like injury or something else.

But what changes with disc is- location of jelly and quality of jelly.

Natural Recovery for Herniated Disc: Not Surgery

In western medicines, this era is of surgeries. 99% advancements of the modern day medicines is based on surgery and machines for surgeries. Therefore everybody with western medicines is working on a concept of return of investment. They never share the truth. They never tell that your disc is not a dead tissue. There are proteoglyecans in the nucleus pulposus. These need nourishment. When nourishment of the jelly stops because of damage of end plates due to undue pressure of above causes. Only then discs degenerates.

They in allopathy believe in removal-replacement but contrary to this Ayurveda augments for reconstruction and replenishments along with rejuvenation. This is the reason in Ayurveda we can bring natural recovery for Herniated Disc.

Ayurvedic Natural Recovery for Herniated Disc

Ayurveda is all about nature. Treatment in Ayurveda is- removal of causative factors. We cannot reverse age- we agree. Because Ageing is a process. Anybody can slow it down. It needs efforts. Muscular stiffness, Loss of lordosis, Arthritic changes- these all can be reversed well. In nutshell- it is about reversing the pathology into physiology.

Natural recovery of a disc is possible, when you just remove the causative factors and bring the doshas (as per Ayurvedic theory) back to normal. This is possible with a three way approach of Ayurvedic Medicines, Yoga and Panchakarma.

Jelly is alive. It is not dead- in 90% of cases. When it is alive, you need to re-nourish it. Replenish it with new blood supply. Make available the right nutrition. Movement we are able to do it- it helps a herniated disc to come to its normal and natural condition. At Sukhayu Ayurved we are doing it since 2006. We have results. We changed life of patients and you can be the next one. So dont listen to anybody. Be assured that your bulged disc can come back to normal place and surgery wont be required. Contact us to know all the details.