L4-L5 Disc Problem

When you have slip disc it might be L4-L5. Because in majority of cases this is the disc which bulges, herniates or you can say slips. For most of the patients L4-L5 Slip disc is the only problem which occurs in the lower back.

The disc which resides between L4 and L5 bones is L4-L5 disc.

Both L4 and L5 bones are strong and these hold the torso when we are bending forward. Because of the centre point of all the movements- this area is more affected. Generally Herniated L4-L5 disc comes together the L5-S1 disc, but in few cases it can be bulged or herniated alone too. This is perhaps the most operated location in the lumbar region.

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Where maximum movements and load stays together- there disc can get maximum of injuries, for sure. This is the basic reason why L4-L5 and L5-S1 are more complicated sites of the lumbar region.

What is L4-L5 Spinal Disc Problem

When we say – disc problem. It covers all medical conditions of the disc. Right from Disc dessication, degeneration of disc, Bulged disc and herniated disc- everything comes under disc problem. More than these a common term Slip disc is also used for this condition. When any of these condition appear with L4-L5 we name it L4-L5 slip disc problem.

All about L4-L5 disc
The location of pain and everything about L4-L5 Disc

The problems with L4-L5 are always very serious. Because disc lying their compresses the L4 nerve. L4 is a common nerve between sciatic and femoral nerve. Because both sciatic nerve and femoral nerve gets nerve supply from L4 nerve root which originates from L4-L5 disc region.

All you want to know about L4-L5 Disc

Why L4-L5 disc herniates commonly?

This happens because of its location. L4-L5 is located in an area where it is responsible for movement of upper body. This makes, L4-L5 more vulnerable.

Can L4-L5 disc bulge recover completely?

Yes! This condition is reversible through Ayurveda in an extent. This depends on the kind of bulge, age of patient and cause behind bulge.

Where does pain of L4-L5 disc bulge occur?

L4-L5 can impinge L4 and L5 nerve roots. This is compression due to L4 and L5 disc which causes sciatica.

When both the femoral and sciatic nerves compress due to disc bulge in L4-L5 – there will be immense pain in the whole leg. Anteriorly as well as posteriorly this pain will persist in case of L4-L5 disc bulge.

Different conditions of L4-L5 Spinal Disc

There are different conditions which appear with L4-L5 and we need to know all about these conditions. These are as follows-

Degenerative disc disorder

In case of loss of lordosis – straightening of the spine maximum pressure exerts on the L4-L5 and L5-S1 discs. Because these all makes the base of the whole spine. Once some pressure builds on the spine because of the muscular spasm. This pressure comes to the lower end of the spine and this pressure builds up on these two bones- l4 and l5. Once this pressure is too much- the end plates from the vertebrae starts decaying. Blood supply to the disc reduces. This all causes lack of nutrition to the nucleous pulposus. It starts decaying. This is degenerative disc. This is the precursor of all coming pathological changes like- disc bulge, herniated disc or protruded disc.

Disc Bulge

Even after degeneration, when pressure remains intact on the disc. The inner nucleus pulposus starts leaving its space. Without any breakage in the annular fibres. The jelly of the disc starts pressing the thecal sac and neural canals. This condition is bulged disc.

Protrusion of disc

Protrusion is next step to the bulged disc and before herniated disc. This is the next step to the bulge and before the herniated disc.

Herniated Disc

When annulus fibre breaks and the inflamed proteins starts peeping out of the disc; this is known as herniated disc. This herniated disc can compress the canal and cause the different signs and symptoms.

Spondylotic changes

This is a condition of arthritis of the L4 and L5 bones. When there are osteoarthritic changes in the bones. Few spurs develop on these bones. These spurs can irritate the nerves and cause symptoms similar to nerve compression in many cases.

There are two different conditions in case of disc bulge in L4-L5. Compression on the transversing nerve root or compression on exiting nerve root.

There will be compression of transversing nerve root , when bulged/herniated disc is in posterior and central region of the spinal canal. Here compression due to L4-L5 disc protrusion will be on L5 nerve root.

When disc bulges on a side- this leads to the compression on the same exiting nerve root. In case of L4-L5 disc protrusion it will be L4 nerve root.

Treated Cases of Lumbar Disc Problem

Symptoms of L4-L5 Bulged Disc Problem

Basically all the signs and symptoms of L4-L5 disc Bulge vary according to the condition and the problem. Basically pain of different types, numbness, drop foot, complete loss in movement can happen in such cases.

Pain due to L4-L5 herniated disc

Pain is the basic symptom of the L4-L5 disc protrusion. There are basically two types of pain in such cases-

  • Low back ache: this is the pain because of the stiff muscles of the back. This is really not a pain of neural origin. This is muscular stiffness and spasm of the muscles in general.
  • Radiculopathy / Sciatica due to L4-L5 Disc Bulge: This is radiating pain, which radiates in the lower limb. This is referred pain basically. Once there is pressure on the nerve root. Wherever supply of the nerve goes, pain travels to those points. Basically sciatic nerve is mainly supplied by L4-L5 and L5-S1 only. Thus pain keeps on travelling in this nerve.

Numbness or Tingling Sensation

  • Numbness can be a wide spread phenomenon in case of L4-L5 central canal stenosis. This numbness can be in different parts and it can lead to complete numbness.
  • Tingling Sensations can also be there in different regions of the leg from hip to toe.

Burning Sensation in leg due to disc herniation

  • Burning is the condition which can happen along with pain in the sciatic nerve, which is commonly known as sciatica.

Drop foot or Numbness in Big Toe due to Slip disc

  • With severe compression to the lower fibres of the L4 nerve due to L4-L5 disc herniation can cause the drop foot. Majorly the big toe stops responding to the neural commands. And its activities are reduced.
  • This condition shows that nerve fibres are not in a good shape inside the spine and treatment should be planned properly.

Difficulty in walking and numbness in soles

  • When compression is major in the L4-L5 disc, this causes feeling of “balloon” or “Mattresses” in the sole. This problem is basically because of the complete compression on the nerve roots.
  • Disc bulge in L4-L5 causes impaired nerve supply to set of muscles in the lower leg. This makes walking hard and painful.
  • Sciatica due to L4-L5 disc bulge leads to immense pain and this pain also makes walking difficulty.

Ayurvedic Treatment for L4 and L5 Slip Disc Problem

Ayurvedic treatment for L4 and L5 slip disc is done according to the problem and its impact. Treatment cannot be same for al conditions. This is the reason we at Sukhayu Ayurved provide ayurvedic treatment for L4-L5 slip disc according to the condition.

Treatment is decided after thorough checking of the patient. The main tools for the treatment we use are-

  1. Prakruti Visnishchaya: Before treatment we confirm the prakruti (body type) of a person. Because everything changes with prakruti of the patient in treatment of l4 and l5 slip disc.
  2. Dosha Imbalance: Which dosha is aggravated makes a difference in selecting medicines for internal use and Panchakarma.
  3. Physical Condition of The patient : Not only signs and symptoms, but also physical conditions- like sleep, appetite.
  4. Associated Problems: Conditions like Diabetes, Thyroid, Hypertension, Cardiac Problems all these make a difference in ayurvedic treatment for L4-L5 Slip disc or any other disc problem.

Pain due to L4-L5 disc: Ayurvedic Treatment

When there is pain in the leg or back. According to pain in different locations panchakarma and Yoga Asanas are decided-

  • Treatment for Low back ache: Lepam (special herbal paste) are applied on the lower back to sooth the muscles. Kati Basti on an optimum temperature with a proper pressure and location is performed in such cases.
  • Ayurvedic treatment Sciatica due to disc bulge: Along with the treatment of lower back, Basti with different oils and medicines is done. Severity of the pain, type or pain is also considered in treatment of L4-L5 patients.

Numbness or Tingling Sensation

  • Numbness is associated with Kapha Dosha thus treatment goes that way.

Burning Sensation in leg due to L4 and L5 disc problem

  • Burning occurs due to Pitta Dosha. Thus line of treatment is according to vata and pitta doshas.

Drop foot or Numbness in Big Toe due to Slip disc

  • In such cases it is a challenge to heal the disc and to restore the neural strength of the supplying nerves. Ayurvedic medicines, Panchakarma and Yoga all these three together according to Sidhhants of Ayurveda makes treatment possible. So that ayurvedic treatment for L4-L5 slip disc is done along with restoring the neural strength.

Difficulty in walking and numbness in soles

  • Local treatment is important for soles, because we need to “reenergise” the local nerves of the foot so that soles can feel gravity and a patient can walk properly.
  • Along with this rest of the treatment is done according to the requirement.

Any type of ayurvedic treatment for slip disc in L4-L5 problem basically comprises the main components of the treatment. These are three Ayurvedic medicines, Yoga and Panchakarma. Because as said in many places we believe in sorting out the root cause of the problem. Not just pacification of signs and symptoms.

If you are suffering with L4-L5 slip disc, Sukhayu Ayurved is the most reliable place where we provide the treatment for your condition through ayurvedic approach. We intend to treat your condition, thus we don’t sale medicines to just relax your signs and symptoms. Contact us for the proper ayurvedic treatment for slip disc L4-L5 through Ayurveda treatment.