An inspiration for team of Sukhayu Ayurved. One of the oldest treated patient. Mrs. Sajna Devi, came to Sukhayu in year 2007 for the treatment. She was in complete disability. She was not able to sleep, sit even. Walking was a nightmare for her at that time. She lost all the hopes that she can get rid of the problem without surgery. Because she was suffering with L5-S1 reterolisthesis grade III so total fixation was the only option. But she was interested for L5-S1 Reterolisthesis Grade III Treatment in Ayurveda so that she can avoid surgery for spinal condition of hers.

We do remember when Jitentdra brought her to us, we were just a small clinic. And certainly it was hard to believe for them that this small place will be able to do something for that painful condition. L5-S1 Reterolisthesis Grade III Treatment in Ayurveda was not a thing which had happened before too, so it was challenging for our new team.

L5-S1 Reterolisthesis Grade III Treatment in Ayurveda

 L5-S1 Reterolisthesis Grade III Treatment in Ayurveda

When we are in 2018- Mrs. Sajna Devi never faced that debilitating pain in last 10 years. Neither she is taking any medications nor any lumbar belt or something like that. She is leading a normal life completely. The thing L5-S1 Reterolisthesis Grade III Treatment in Ayurveda which was like a dream for us, was exactly possible with Ayurveda. Even today when she visits us, we feel proud and satisfied both at the same time.

Expirence of patient: L5-S1 Reterolisthesis Grade III Treatment in Ayurved

I was taken to Sukhayu, in a bed ridden condition and had lost all hopes to be treated, because I was suffering from- Back Pain (Very Severe) which was radiating in my left limb continuously and was too unbearable that I will cry for the whole night. My husband was paralysed during the same time, so I was left with no choice other than to bear the pain for the day and night.

The confusion with treatment!!

Someone told me that this is Sciatica; some one was saying that your Disc has slipped from its original place. But my MRI has revealed that I am suffering with the Disc Prolapse at the level of L4 and L5, L5 and S1…and all allopathic doctors revealed that this condition wont cure other than of operation. Because there was some big gap in my vertebrae. They all doctors were insisting me to operate the spine but none of them was even 80% sure that I will cure completely. Hopelessly, I started taking some treatments from some doctors. They advised me for complete Bed Rest?? They told me that this is the only way my prolapsed disc can come to its own places. I was completely in bed for three months, without any relief. After that I took some sittings of Acupressure etc. but all in vain my condition was aggravating every day.


Mrs. Sajna Devi

If you are also suffering with listhesis of spine, you should visit to Sukhayu for the treatment of retrolisthesis. Story of Mr. Singh is also inspiring where Treatment of Retrolisthesis L2 over L3, L3 over L4, L4 over L5 and L5 over S1 is done and we have found changes in MRI too after the treatment.

You can also share your MRI reports with us so that we will be able to guide you better for the treatment of your spinal problem.

Vaidya Pradeep Sharma (MD)

Sukhayu Ayurveda for most trusted Ayurvedic hospital for spinal problems

Sukhay Ayurveda is one of the prime institution of Ayurveda. National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers- famously known as NABH under quality council of India- awarded Sukahyu NABH accreditation in year 2017.