Ayurveda Spinal Canal Stenosis Treatment

Spinal Canal carries all the nerves which descend down from brain. These nerves carry all informations and commands to rest of the body. The orders are passed to the rest of body through this network. When there is some pressure on this network. Either the message won’t go or some error messages goes down the line. This is a condition- Canal Stenosis. When it comes to the treatment of Canal Stenosis, there are no other way for this, other than the surgery with modern day wester medical sciences. But Ayurveda has a different approach for the treatment of canal stenosis. When ever we talk about Ayurveda spinal canal stenosis treatment, a case study of Mr. Bhupendar Seth from Benares comes live in front of us.

This case of Mr. Seth was not only an inspiration for all of us at Sukhayu Ayurved but also gives courage to everybody in team that we can deal in cases where patient was suffering with severe pain. And that too without pain killers or some injectables. The whole process of treatment we are here narrating through example of Mr. Seth, only.

Ayurveda Spinal Canal Stenosis Treatment

Canal stenosis occurs because of the bulged or herniated disc. When the spinal disc encroaches the spinal canal the same condition is known as canal stenosis. Whenever we are doing treatment of a condition, we need to work on the root cause of the problem. Spinal discs are not culprit in most of the cases. Neither we work on symptoms of the condition.

In case of Mr. Seth’s canal stenosis issue- the main problem was his sitting. Because of sitting not only the body weight was increased but also his muscles were stiffened badly. Because once we sit for longer periods, muscles will have to work regularly. While working, these muscles will produce a lot of toxins. These toxins accumulate in the muscles and cause stiffness in these. The regular stiffness causes bulge or herniation of the disc.

In cases of canal stenosis we have seen that we need to be more aggressive and more accurate while doing the treatment of condition. Because as per Doshas theory of Ayurveda; aggravation of Doshas is more in such cases. And deeper Dhatus are also trapped in this aggravation of Doshas.

Ayurvedic Doshas and Spinal Canal Stenosis Treatment

The main challenge in Ayurvedic treatment of spinal disc problems is- to diagnose the imbalance of the Doshas. Most of the people think that all spinal and neural conditions are just an impact of Vata Dosha. Not true at all. All Doshas are involved in the process of the disease. You can read the details in the link- Ayurvedic Doshas behind Disc Herniation or Bulge?

If we talk about Mr. Seth’s case. He was suffering with the Kapha imbalance. He is a jeweller by profession. And most of the time he remain seated in a place. Even though his pain level was immense. Still the diagnosis was revolving around Kapha Dosha. The dhatu in his case was Majja.

Once this detail was with us . We started working to balance the imbalanced Doshas, in first phase of treatment. He was provided with a lot of medicines based on fats. So that we can reduce the Kapha but won’t aggravate the Vata or Pitta Doshas further.

YES this is the approach we follow at Sukhayu Ayurved. We follow Authentic Ayurved as it is and that too without any adulteration. This is not about doing some Kati Basti, Greeva Basti, Pottali alone in a condition. For Ayurveda spinal canal stenosis treatment we work on wholistic approach of Ayurveda. Where we work on all the aspects of the condition.

Today Mr. Bhupendar ji is working like any other normal person and this is just possible because of approach shared by Ayurvedic seers. We don’t do magics. We are just following what Ayurvedic text has told. Ayurveda spinal canal stenosis treatment is quite possible because of this approach of Ayurveda.