Cervical Disc Problem

Neck is the most vulnerable part of the spine. Because brain travels down to rest of the spine through neck. This extension of the brain, connects the brain from rest of the body. Any problem or any issue in the cervical region leads to the problems to the whole body. This is the reason cervical disc problem can threat the functioning of the whole body. The problem of cervical disc problem is not only about the local problem where nerves are travelling from that level of the disc. Surgery is always risky and that makes a patient to try for Ayurvedic treatment for Cervical Disc Problem.

Cervical disc disease not only give just pain in neck or nearby regions. A degenerative disc disease in cervical region can cause radiating pain, as well as numbness and weakness in shoulders, arm, and hand. This kind of discomfort and loss of mobility can cause a major impact on anyone’s career, family, and quality of life. There are certain pages where you can find the problems and details according to the segments.

Cervical Disc Problem

Right from C2-C3 spinal disc to C7-T1 discs are present in cervical region. These discs work as shock absorbers. For shake of the shock absorber- there is jelly inside the cervical spinal disc. This jelly is proteogylecans and water. Outer rim is harder in structure. This outer shell is made up of fibres. The flexibility of the disc comes from nucleus pulposus and annular fibres in outer rim gives strength to the disc.

Age impacts everything. It is not years alone. How much we use something, and how roughly use something- is also age of the machine.

You bought a car, you drove it for ten thousand miles in an year. And one of your friend bought same car and drove that to same distance in two months. Now there are two things about the ageing of this machine. When you care and drove it properly- it decays less. But when you drove it limitless and it is crashed several times in a month- than it decays fast.

Same is applicable on the cervical discs or any other spinal discs. In few professions and conditions we cause a lot of pressure on the cervical discs. This pressure on the disc, interrupts the blood supply to the disc. Blood carries the nutrition. When there is scarcity of the nutrition. Cervical disc decays faster. Once disc decays, it just pass through different steps…

Degenerative Disc Disease in Cervical Disc

This is the first step of any problem in the spinal disc. When there is pressure and water content keeps on decay. It leads to the condition of the degenerative disc disease in cervical disc.

Bulged Cervical Disc

After degeneration , jelly starts moving to the sides. This is the condition where jelly starts pushing the outer fibre layer but there is no herniation in the disc. Protrusion is the other word for Bulged cervical disc. This condition is commonly seen from C3-C4 to C7-T1 discs.

Herniated Cervical Disc

After bulge of the cervical disc, next step is- herniation of the disc. Here jelly completely breaks the annular fibres and compresses the spinal cord or the nerve roots. After herniation of the disc, next can be extrusion of the disc and canal stenosis.

Other than to the these diseases, there are some more conditions which give similar symptoms to the cervical spinal disc problem. This might be simple- osteoarthritis of the cervical bones or it might be as major as- thickening of the posterior longitudinal ligament in cervical region.

Problems due to Cervical Disc Problem

Cervical Disc problem can cause different problems. These problems can be as simple as – pain, numbness, tingling or loss of sensation in the dermatome supplied by the correspondence nerve root. Or these condition can be complicated too. These complications keeps on confusing the patient as well many clinicians. Here are some of the symptoms of the cervical disc problems which creates confusion.

Headache: This is a symptom which causes maximum confusion with patients. This condition is again and again diagnosed as Migraine. CT scan, MRI of brain concludes nothing. Years and years pass with the confusion with migraine. Headache can occur with any patient where compression is in C3-C4 to C7-T1.

Giddiness: Problems with brain and ear can only cause giddiness in patient is the biggest confusion among patients. This is the neck, when not right will certainly cause giddiness or dizziness. This giddiness can be very minimal or can be problematic too.

Pain in Chest Radiating to Upper arm: Many people land in the emergency room with this complaint. Because we are educated in a way that if a pain radiates to jaw, chest and upper arm (specially left arm) is a basic symptom of cardiac issue. When giddiness and palpitation associates with this problem, it is almost a diagnosis for most of the people that he/she is suffering with cardiac issues. But when there is a cervical disc disease in C5-C6, C6-C7 and C7-T1- it certainly leads to the similar symptoms of the cardiac issues.

Pain in finger joints: When you cannot hold something and your fingers. All small joints are aching. You confuse with rheumatoid arthritis or some joint pain. But truth is, your can get this symptom just because of the compression in the cervical region.

Ayurvedic treatment for Cervical Disc Problem

Spinal disc problems are never easy to treat and that too without opening the spine. This is the reason upto a level we have accepted that surgery is the only solution for spinal problems. But it is partially true. Yes surgical interventions are necessary in places. We do also take patients after keen observation and understanding of the cases. Neither every case is treatable without surgery nor is with Ayurveda. Do the surgery when it is required. Don’t enforce surgery for making money!!

When we do Ayurvedic treatment for Cervical Disc Problem we do take care of the things well. We first study MRIs in detail and after understanding the case we take the case. We know our limitations and we regard these.

So if you are looking for Ayurvedic treatment for Cervical Disc Problem you are the right place. Just send your MIR to us and we will guide you accordingly.