Panchakarma For Slip Disc

Every year, hundreds of individuals with slipped discs suffer from disabilities. The disability occurs because of two distinct factors. Number one is due to a lack of concern for slip disc treatment, and number two is owing to the complexity of surgical therapy for slip disc. As a result, we all need an alternative method of treatment that is both safer and more practical. According to Ayurveda, this is true. Panchakarma, which is an important component of Ayurveda, has a wonderful effect on the body. Panchakarma treatment for slipped discs is more confident than any other therapy.

Slip disc or herniated disc is a very common condition these days. It can happen to anyone at any age. However, it is more common in people who are above the age of 40 years. The most common symptom of slip disc is back pain. This can be a very debilitating condition and may even lead to paralysis if not treated properly. With the fear of surgery patients keep on neglecting the treatment for Slipped discs and many fall prey to the quacks. When it comes to Panchakarma treatment for slip discs, not many people are aware of the therapeutic application of Panchakarma. Here we will discuss all these aspects in detail.

Panchakarma treatment for slip disc versus Spinal Surgery

Certainly, once you have heard that “surgery is the only solution for your problem”- you start believing this. Then the suggestions like- Panchakarma makes you feel just “quackery”.

This feeling of quackery comes to mind because we don’t understand the real meaning of the Panchakarma. Most of us, still feel that Panchakarma is something- just Shirodhara, where they pour oil to open your third eye.

It is not so.

Panchakarma is about two things-

  1. Removal of the toxins from the body and
  2. Renourishing the body, deeply.

These two aspects help with Panchakarma treatment for slip discs.

Because Panchakarma helps in the correction of the cause. Doesn’t help in the management of the pain, helps in bringing back your spine to its natural shape and structure.

Surgery is just as “temporary” as your painkillers are.

Because surgery never removes the cause of the problem. The cause of the problem remains intact and the basic relief you get is- pain. The pain appears again, later, or sooner and you need to opt for another surgery to get rid of the complications of the previous surgery. And this vicious cycle never ends.

Panchakarma is promising in giving the results through its cause rectification capability.

Here we will discuss the Panchakarma treatment for slip disc and all its impacts and methods, one by one.

What does Panchakarma Mean?

Pancha’ plus ‘karma’ means five treatments. Panchakarma assures the removal of toxins from the body.

Vamana Karma

Vamana Karma

This is induced vomiting and aimed to remove the toxins from the liver and upper GIT level. This works in different conditions of Asthma, Allergy, and Diabetes. Vamana is strongly contraindicated in Spinal Disc Problems.

Virechana panchakarma

Virechana Karma

This is therapeutic purgation through medicines. And aimed to remove the deep-seated toxins from the colon and rectum areas.

In spinal and neural problems the induced purgation with certain oil and ghrita based medicines is told to be used by text.

Virechana and Spinal Problems

Basti Treatment

Basti Chikitsa

This is a method of administration of medicines through the “anal route”. Oral medicines reach the body as secondary metabolites. But when given through the recta route. Medicines work through Primary Metabolites. These are of two types.

This is the main procedure in case of spinal disc problems.

Basti Chikitsa for Disc problems

Nasya Karma

Nasya Karma

Medicines are given through the Nasal route in this type of treatment. In neurological conditions, this procedure is quite helpful.

Especially when the problem is in the cervical region or brain. This procedure works very well.

Nasya For Slip Disc

So these are five, 1-Vamana, 2- Virechana, 3,4- two types of Bastis and 5th is Nasya Karma.

External Panchakarma therapies

Besides the classical Panchakarma therapies, some external and local therapies help in the Panchakarma treatment of slip disc. Because for the spine we need some local treatments to target the local set of the muscles. This is something that helps locally.

Kati Basti for slip disc treatment
Kati Basti

This is the external pooling of medicated oils. This helps in removing the local toxins.

Kati Basti

Pottali : panchakarma for slip disc

Herbal medicines of high potency are used to relax muscles. These are used with medicated oils.


Lepam for slip disc

A paste is made from some herbs with some liquids like oils or decoction. To work locally.


Shali Shashtika pinda swedana
Shali Shashtik

A specific variety of rice is processed with milk and herbs and is used for treatment.

Shali Shashtik

These are the procedures we use for the Panchakarma treatment of slip disc. But not all or specifically one or two. These we select as per the requirement of the patient and condition.

If these are Panchakarma procedures what about the external therapies.

How does Panchakarma help in Slip Disc

Herniated disc stiffens your lower back muscles and practicing incorrect postures in yoga may make the condition more terrible. In addition to yoga practice, relaxation of muscles is equally important. For this, Panchkarma is a sure-shot formula. It is one of the most healing treatments in Ayurveda and THIS IS WHAT WE DO!!

Panchakarma helps with two things:

The way Panchakarma helps in Slip disc treatment

There are different uses of Panchakarma procedures and here are the main things-

  1. To cleanse the system:
    • Panchakarma procedures detoxifies the body.
    • These bring back the homeostasis in the body.
    • Maintains the natural condition in human body.
  2. Route of Medicine :
    • Panchakarma procedures are destined to better absorption of the medicines.
    • In Nasya the absorption is more relevant to through nasal route because nasal supply helps to take the medicines to the brain and above the clavicle.
    • In rectal absorption medicines work better. Primary metabolites work in this case.

Let’s discuss these in detail, one by one.

Detoxification of the muscles and blood supply

Panchakarma treatment for slip disc
How Panchakarma helps in spinal disc problems

When we overuse the muscles. This overuse is common with the spinal muscles. Because in almost all the postures, we need to hold our body and that is possible with the muscles alone. Besides this- process of aging and a bad wrong diet also adds to the collection of the toxins in the muscles.

When we regularly strain our muscles- the toxins specifically lactic acid deposit in the muscle belly. This leads to the stiffness of the muscles. The stiff muscles are behind obliteration or loss of lordosis. The same loss of lordotic curvature leads to disc herniation or disc bulge.

Procedures like Kati Basti and Pottali- remove the deep-seated toxins from the body by increasing the blood supply to the affected part- this works to flush the toxins from that part.

Besides this, the procedures like lepam help in reducing internal inflammation.

Replenishment of the Body

Repair of the human body speeds up with proper nutrition. Removing the toxins is not enough always. Because without filling the fresh and nutritious supply we cannot reverse the degeneration of the body.

It is easy to say- the disc is dead tissue and you cannot repair this. But the truth is- the living human body doesn’t carry “non-living” stuff. Western science doesn’t know how to replenish the tissue, therefore they just keep on telling that once a dead tissue is always a dead tissue.

Panchakarma treatment for slip discs helps in the replenishment of the nutrients and micro-nutrients to the body, so that regeneration of the tissue starts.

Panchakarma for slip disc at Sukhayu Ayurved

Treatment of the Panchakarma is the same everywhere. But the way of doing the same things is different at different places and Ayurveda centers. There are a few things that make Sukhayu Ayurveda different in this category. And because of the differences, Sukhayu Ayurveda is the best place for the treatment of spinal disc problems.

Personalized Treatment Approach

The uniqueness of Ayurveda is- individualized treatments. And under the expert guidance of Vaidya Pardeep Sharma, Sukhayu Ayurveda is doing it.

The treatment plan for every patient varies.

These variations are so subtle in nature that from the outside everything looks the same.

Standardized Panchakarma Therapies

At Sukhayu, every procedure is standardized and we never compromise on our standards.

If something should happen in the morning before 7 am, we will do it before 7 am only.

All medicines are quality checked by our experts and it is made sure that our patient should get maximum benefits.

Expert Team for Panchakarma

None of our staff is just handpicked. Every therapist holds a degree in Nursing in Ayurveda. That makes a difference.

The work distribution among all therapists is in a way that none of them will get more than 5 procedures a day. This increases our efficiency.

The innovative team of ayurveda physicians with sound knowledge in Ayurveda compliment all the facilities and makes us more result-oriented.

All these things make Sukhayu, a very much unique place for the treatment of slip disc through Panchakarma.

Patients at Sukhayu further go under the yoga treatment which we plan according to the individual’s condition. In this segment, we focus on the relaxation of the back muscles. We understand that yoga doesn’t always work for everyone. Once these muscles relax. We do choose yoga which follows panchakarma for slip disc.

We advise choosing a yoga class and performing only in proper instructions as some poses may bring about muscle tightness. This was the reason we initiated a clinical approach for herniated discs along with panchakarma for slip disc treatment.

We make sure to cure your spinal problems completely!

Common questions about Panchakarma For Slip disc

Here are certain queries which we receive frequently:

Can Panchakarma bring back the disc to its normal position?

Panchakarma can help in the process of bringing back the disc to its normal position. But it needs to be associated with therapeutic Yoga and proper Ayurvedic medicines. Without that the impact of Panchakarma will be temporary pain relief. But when done in association with a proper three-dimensional approach, it helps in bringing back the disc to its normal position.

Can I do Panchakarma by myself at home?

This is something like doing some para-surgical procedure at home.
Panchakarma is not a DIY kind of thing. There are certain specifications to everything. And a single mistake can complicate your life. So we don’t advise you to do something like this.

Which Panchakarma therapy can help me to restore my disc to normal?

There is no rule for this. Which dosha is aggravated in your slip disc condition, according to that your physician will choose the Ayurvedic Panchakarma procedure and that will be done on you.
There are some people who try some Kati Basti, Pottali at home, this is not a good idea at all and can complicate your condition further.

What Procedures of Panchakarma are done for disc problems at Sukhayu?

Selection of Panchakarma procedures is done as per the clinical findings, radiological condition of the patient, and Prakriti of the patient. Among procedures too, the selection of oil also varies from patient to patient.

Why Yoga Only Work after Panchakarma?

Spinal discs, also known as intervertebral disk perform as shock safeguards in the spine that locks up the vertebrae of the spine with each other. It composes of a broad ring of fibrocartilage in the outer layer that encircles the inner core of the vertebral disc. The inner core is pulpy in nature and is mostly water together with collagen.

As we age our spinal disc may impair causing pressure upon the nearby nerve. The tear in the disc ring may give the symptoms of sciatica which may lead to severe pain and discomfort.

It is always recommended to practice yoga as it is the ultimate solution to backaches but does that really heals?

Well, some unfortunate stories have revealed that incorrect or forceful yoga practice can worsen the condition. Therefore, it is always important to perform yoga under consultation with the physician. This is because of stiff muscles and altered shape of the spine- loss of lordosis. Until unless there are stiff muscles nothing goes well. Through panchakarma, we do remove the toxins from the muscles and relax these. After removing toxins from muscles it becomes easy to manipulate the disc to normal.