Panchakarma For Slip Disc

Almost every year hundreds of people with slip disc got disability. This disability comes due to two different reasons. Number one is- carelessness towards the proper treatment of slip disc and second is because of complication of surgical treatment for slip disc. Thus we all need a safer and more practical way of treatment. Ayurveda promises that. Panchakarma, which is an integral part of Ayurveda works like wonder. Panchakarma for slip disc is more assuring than any other system.

Basics Of Panchakarma for slip disc

Spinal discs, also known as intervertebral disk perform as shock safeguards in the spine that locks up the vertebrae of the spine with each other. It composes of a broad ring of fibrocartilage in the outer layer that encircles the inner core of the vertebral disc. The inner core is pulpy in nature and is mostly water together with collagen.

As we age our spinal disc may impair causing pressure upon the nearby nerve. The tear in the disc ring may give the symptoms of sciatica which may lead to severe pain and discomfort. It is always recommended to practice yoga as it is the ultimate solution to backaches but does that really heals?

Well, some unfortunate stories have revealed that incorrect or forceful yoga practice can worsen the condition. Therefore, it is always important to perform yoga under consultation with the physician. This is because of stiff muscles and altered shape of the spine- loss of lordosis. Until unless there are stiff muscles nothing goes well. Through panchakarma we do remove the toxins from the muscles and relax these. So panchakarma for slip disc is an elementary step to remove the toxins inside the muscles.

Panchakarma For Slip Disc

Herniated disc stiffens your lower back muscles and practicing incorrect postures in yoga may make the condition more terrible. In addition to yoga practice, relaxation of muscles is equally important. For this, Panchkarma is a sure-fire formu1la. It is one of the most healing treatments in Ayurveda and THIS IS WHAT WE DO!!

At Sukhayu, our main motive is the complete wellbeing. We at Sukhayu follow two step techniques to cure our patients. To start with, we have Panchakarma process which is the ancient system for stabilizing the doshas in your body. This method is time tested. It involves five steps in the detoxification treatment which is not just about massages. These are deeper. Very much practical. ‘Pancha’ plus ‘karma’ means five treatments. Panchakarma assures removal of toxins from the body. These toxins in case of panchakarma for slip disc might be just the lactic acid within the muscles. Besides this panchakarma for slip disc  as ayurvedic treatment for slip disc, in turn, helps in strengthening the supportive tissues that hold your spine, nourish the joints, purifies and strengthens your immune system which is an exemplary way to treat your spinal disc injury.

Patients at Sukhayu further go under the yoga treatment which we plan according to the individual’s condition. In this segment, we focus on relaxation of the back muscles. We understand that yoga doesn’t always work for everyone. Once these muscles relaxes. We do choose yoga which follows panchakarma for slip disc.

We advise choosing a yoga class and perform only in proper instructions as some poses may bring about muscle tightness. This was the reason we initiated a clinical approach for herniated discs along with panchakarma for slip disc treatment.

We make sure to cure your spinal problems completely!