L5-S1 Disc Problem

Looking for treatment of L5-S1 slip disc!

And want to make this treatment possible without surgery?

Here I, Vaidya Dr. Pardeep Sharma, am discussing all aspects of Ayurvedic treatment of L5-S1 herniation. You are next in the league of 13000 patients who have avoided spinal surgery successfully, through scientific treatment of Ayurveda.

L5-S1 disc problem

This disc is located on the junction of the L5 and S1 bones. This is the last moving part of the human spine. It gives a lot of mobility to our body.

Being busiest disc, this is also strongest disc too. Because it is supposed to bear a lot of impression because of all of activities. of the body. Every movement of the dorso impacts on this disc. This might be just taking a side or bowing- the maximum pressure is felt by this disc.

This is the commonest disc to bulge, herniate or to cause conditions like canal stenosis.

Where is L5-S1 located

L5-S1 is located at the lower bottom of the spine. Just where sacrum starts.

But pain of the L5-S1 disc is more on upper side of the spine. This is because there wont be any local pain due to the spinal disc.

Every second patient of slip disc comes with a complaint- L5-S1 slip disc. This is the most common complaint of patients, who visit us for treatment. What does make L5-S1 slip disc problem so common? Why does disc bulge or herniated disc at this level bothers so much with pain, numbness and tingling? Besides these two questions here we will share that what do we do for Ayurvedic treatment of L5-S1 slip disc without surgery at Sukhayu Ayurved, Jaipur!

all about Treatment of L5-S1 disc

Why Disc Between L5 and S1 slips so commonly?

This is the junction of the two parts of the spine- lumbar and sacral. Sacrum as we all know makes sacroiliac joint along with iliac bone thus sacrum gets support from the iliac. This is the lumbar bone, which is more active and keeps on moving.

So in nutshell the L5-S1 disc is located on a junction. Where S1 of the sacrum is fixed and L5 moves to and fro almost in all directions. This mobility of the L5 over S1 and disc which is located in the lowest part of the body; makes it more vulnerable. The disc in L5-S1 is like a piece of rubber trapped between two hard surfaces. Therefore, slip disc is the most common condition in L5-S1.

The same condition appears with C5-C6 disc in the cervical region. The location of the disc is the same reason for cervical disc too.

What is L5-S1 Slip Disc

Discs are fibrous structures with jelly inside. This jelly gives suspension, flexibility and elasticity to the disc.

For L5-S1 this kind of support is very much required because of its location.

When this jelly disintegrates, it can cause many conditions. 

Slip disc is a common word is used for these all conditions.

For Ayurvedic treatment of L5-S1 slip disc without surgery it is important to understand the basic difference between all these conditions..

Desiccated L5-S1 disc

Primary stage of the slip disc problem with in the L5-S1 disc. This is the stage, where water content of the normal disc starts decaying and dehydration starts in the tissue of the disc.

Desiccated discs appear dark in a MRI.

The desiccated disc rarely compresses the nerve. The pain due to the desiccated disc is mostly because of the stiff muscles.

Degenerative L5-S1 disc

When this desiccation proceeds further this is the condition is – degenerative disc disease.

Now pressure on the annular fibres is increased through the jelly inside.

Because jelly is decaying regularly, if this condition is not treated well at this stage- it leads to the next condition.

Bulged L5-S1 disc

When jelly dislocates from its place and starts going towards the periphery this is the condition of bulge in disc. The bulge appears in different patterns.

If it is lateral only- it means the bulge is on a side.

When it is central – it is inside the canal and paracentral means central as well as lateral.

The kind of bulge is there in a disc- that defines the planning for the Ayurvedic treatment of L5-S1 slip disc without surgery.

Herniation of Disc between L5-S1

A herniated disc is- where jelly comes out after breaking the annular fibres of the disc.

In this condition, jelly comes out and starts pressing the nerves more severely.

In comparison to the bulge disc or degenerative disc Ayurvedic treatment of L5-S1 slip disc without surgery is a bit complicated.

Canal Stenosis at L5-S1 level

When herniation or bulge is in central part of the disc, it starts occupying the neural canal.

This is the severe most condition among all types of slip disc issues.

Causes behind L5-S1 Slip Disc

As discussed, L5-S1 is the base of the spine and it moves more than any other part of the spine. When it comes to the causes, many times we think that injury is the only cause behind slip disc. It is not important at all. And when it comes to the injury or jerk it might be as low as a heavy sneeze. But if we streamline the causes behind slip disc in a proper way we find-

  1. The poor posture while sitting, standing or even lying down in bed.
  2. Improper Dietary habits can cause slip disc
  3. Ageing
  4. Spondylitis
  5. Excessively sitting or standing postures
  6. Obesity
  7. Stiffness in the muscles
  8. Extreme weather conditions
  9. In last comes injury
  10. Erectile dysfunction
  11. Sexual Weakness

As per the cause of the problem, treatment for slip disc between L5 and S1 should be done.

But we go opposite.

When it comes to the treatment the first concern is always pain or whatever discomfort body faces. And root cause of the problem is left untreated. When it comes to Ayurvedic treatment of L5-S1 slip disc without surgery we do work on the root cause of the problem. That is why diet, posture and everything is important for us.

Treated Cases of Lumbar Disc Problem

What problems L5-S1 disc causes?

The L5 is the biggest nerve share in the sciatic nerve. When it is about sciatica due to slip disc it means things are not good in L5-S1 disc.

You name the types of discomfort and everything can occur within sciatic nerve. Therefore in most of the cases the first lookout of a patients is – treatment for sciatica.

This might be normal tingling sensation in the lower limb only because of the slip disc at this level. Or it might be severe pain in the lower limb which brings disability.

Symptoms caused by L5-S1 disc bulge

With L5-S1 slipped disc, there are certain symptoms which appear-

  • Pain in lower back.
  • Radiation of pain in lower limb.
  • Stiffness in calf muscles.
  • Pain in knee joint.
  • Heel pain.
  • Numbness in lower limb.
  • Sense of heaviness in legs.
  • Inability in walking.
  • Foot drop
  • Loss of control on urine and stool

When we have pain due to slip disc at any level; body just wants to convey that something is not good somewhere. But in most of the cases we keep on ignoring the problem and problem complicates further.

Ayurvedic treatment of L5-S1 slip disc without surgery

We know that surgery is not the solution for L5-S1 Slip disc. We work according to the cause. When it is alone about posture it becomes easy to treat the condition, but when it comes to injury or some other causes behind slip disc we need to think a lot to rectify the condition.

If we look from Ayurvedic prospective, L5-S1 is the real part where treatment of Apana vayu is important. When we are doing the treatment of herniated disc in L5-S1 we work more extensively on the large intestine. Therefore in many patients we do start the treatment with Virechana and Basti. Basti we choose according to the aggravated Doshas- which we find out after pulse and prakruti analysis.

Kati basti works on such conditions but that is really a temporary impact. Because we can only relax a group of muscles but when it comes to basti- impact is wider as well as deeper. Apart from this, we keep on working on the different aspects of the body.

If you are looking for Ayurvedic treatment of L5-S1 slip disc without surgery than share your MRI with us and we will study your case properly and will let you to know that what are the best possibilities about the treatment with us. We take only the case which we can do. We understand our limitations and we regard that too.

All About L5-S1 disc problem

Is L5-S1 disc problem curable through Ayurveda?

Yes, Ayurveda treatment can bring L5-S1 disc back to its natural condition. Post surgery, there wont be any positive changes in the disc. But after Ayurveda treatment we have witnessed complete reversal of the disc to its natural condition.

Which exercise or Yoga I should do for L5-S1 slip disc?

There are generalised videos and articles about yoga asanas and exercises for L5-S1 disc bulge or herniation. But a patient suffering with disc bulge in L5-S1 should never do these Asanas and exercises without proper guidance. Otherwise severe complications might appear.

How long does Ayurveda take to repair my disc bulge in L5-S1 disc?

It might take 3 to 4 months for complete revival of the disc bulge condition. But you wont need to take bed rest for even a single day. You will remain active. After the 21 days admission in Ayurveda hospital you will be able to resume your office back. You just need to do some yoga asanas back home for 3 to 4 months- 1 hour daily two times.

Are bulge in L5 and S1 disc and sciatica are one and same things?

L5-S1 disc causes compression on the S1 nerve root, this condition is a major cause behind the pain in the sciatic nerve, what we know as sciatica. A herniated and bulged disc in L5-S1 surely causes the pain in the lower extremities, which we know as sciatica.

How serious can be L5-S1 spinal disc problem?

When there is a bulge or extrusion in the disc between l5 and s1 bones and it is causing pressure on the nerves. It can lead various sign and symptoms. There might be dull pain or pain can be sharp shooting too.
Besides this in severe cases of L5-S1 disc, there can be conditions like incontinence of urine and stool (in this condition you cannot control the stool and urine). So seriousness and severity of problem depends on the compression on the nerves by a bulged or protuded disc.

Can Panchakarma bring my disc between L5 and S1 back in position?

Panchakarma can help in bringing back the disc in normal position. But this is not alone Panchakarma. To bring back disc in its normal position we need to follow a regime of Yoga too. Along with Ayurvedic Medicines.
This is a three dimensional program what Sukhayu Ayurved does for the treatment of disc problems in case of this level. Through these all treatments only, we ensure the complete reversal of the problem.

What are the best Yoga Asanas for L5-S1 problem?

There is no specific yoga Asana for any specific spinal disc. Yoga Asanas work on the complete lumbar spine. But when it comes to completely cure the condition related with the L5-S1 disc. This you should leave on your physician and yoga expert- what he will suggest you.

How long does it take to repair L5-S1 disc?

There is no as such rule about repair of the disc between L5 and S1 levels in general. It depends on the severity of your disc condition that how much it is going to take to repair the disc. In most of the cases where problem is not that much aggravated it only takes few weeks to restore the disc and in cases where disc is bulged severely, it might take 5 to6 months also. But in any case you need not to admit with us for more than 21 days. Rest of the treatment continues back home.

Can I avoid surgery in case of L5-S1 disc?

Yes, you can get back your disc to normal without any surgery. Sukhayu Ayurved has almost 12000 cases where discs repaired through Ayurveda treatment and no surgery was required.