C3-C4 Disc Problem

C3-C4 disc problem is common. In comparison to the above two vertebrae. C3-C4 spinal disc, as name suggests lies between the C3 and C4 vertebrae. Means between the third and fourth vertebrae of the cervical region. This disc gives passage to the- C4 nerve root. C3-C4 spinal disc problem thus impacts more to C4 nerve when bulge or herniation in C3-C4 is more on lateral sides. But if the bulge is central or disc herniates centrally it can give complicated symptoms on whole body. When a problem is closer to brain- it will be more complicated for sure. The cervical myelomalacia or myelopathy occurs commonly in region of C3-C4 and C4-C5 spinal disc region. Ayurvedic treatment for C3-C4 disc problem without surgery is important to discuss because surgery is not a thing which should be expected in this region.

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Slip Disc in C3-C4

C3-C4 disc problem is commonly found in people who carry some weight like bags etc. Or people who carry weight on head too. But it can happen in patients who work in a position where they need to look upwards regularly. These are common conditions, but

Pain of C3-C4 disc problem is around the base of the neck. From base of the neck, pain radiates towards shoulder. Generally, patient complains that he/she is not able to rotate the shoulder or upraise the arm along with neck. Many times, this condition is misdiagnosed with rotator cuff injury too. Because of the same confusion patient keeps on wandering regularly without any solution.

The C4 nerve root which emerges from the level of C3-C4 disc and leaves from bilateral neural foramina- supplies to the scapula and deltoid too. This is the reason in patients, who have severe disc bulge at C3-C4 level- they come with complaint of pain in the scapula and upper back. Neck is not the site of problem. The C3-C4 disc problem can also cause severe excruciating pain in these regions.

C3-C4 disc herniation symptoms

As we have seen this is the lower back and shoulder which get supply from C4 nerve from C3-C4 level. Like C2-C3 spinal disc, this is also not a common location for cervical problems, still we have seen patients with this. The main symptoms patient complaint about are-

  • Pain in the lower neck.
  • Radiation of the pain to the shoulders
  • Sometimes pain can reach up to the chest too.
  • Respiratory distress – uneasiness in breathing

Treatment for C3-C4 disc problem

Fixation of the cervical vertebrae and disectomy seems only two options in modern western sciences for the treatment for c3-c4 disc problem. It might be bulged disc or herniated disc in the C3-C4 bone segments of cervical. But as we have discussed earlier too when surgery is done on the upper end of the neck. It leads to more and more complications. It might be Ramesh Bhai or Mr. Anil Sawant, they both had slip disc in c3-c4 region.

The main idea of treatment in any spinal problem is not to suppress the signs and symptoms. It is all about the treatment of the problem and root cause of the problem.

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Ayurvedic Treatment for C3-C4 Disc problem

Most of the patients who had problems with this particular region of the neck were accidental cases. Only Mr. Sawant was the patient who got this problem while doing jewellery work. Because he kept his head bent for long hours. Ayurvedic treatment for c3-c4 disc problem needs a proper care. The main procedures we need to do are – Panchakarma.

The main thing is the relaxation of the muscles and ligaments of the neck. Panchakarma treatment helps us in this. Nasya is the procedure which helps us to do this job easily. Nasya is a procedure which helps in the problems with body parts above the clavicle (Urdhav Jatrugat Roga). So nasya is a main thing to do when we plan ayurvedic treatment for c3-c4 disc problem. Therefore, we work according to a proper plan.

Ayurvedic treatment for c3-c4 disc problem, not only relieves the problem. But also helps in restoring the natural spine. So, if you are suffering with some problem in C3-C4 region and looking for Ayurvedic treatment for c3-c4 disc problem without surgery than please share your MRI with us. So that we can guide you better for the possibilities of the treatment.