Cost effective alternative for spinal surgery

Cost effective alternative for spinal surgery

There are two things in every treatment. One is results of the treatment and second is the cost effectiveness of the treatment. But when it comes to the spinal surgery- it fails on both the fronts. Neither spinal surgery is result oriented nor surgery is cost effective. Once you go for surgery, you need to go for re-surgery in almost 80% cases. Thus we need to know about two points- alternative treatment to spinal surgery and cost effective alternative for spinal surgery.

When it comes to finding the solution, there are many but not practical and sure shot. There are some treatments which manage the condition for months or maximum to years. Nothing is permanent. A patient starts loosing hope about the permanent fix of the problem. Cost effective alternative for spinal surgery seems a dream to everyone.

Spinal Surgery: Important or Imposed

Slipped disc or Ruptured disc can be a painful condition. It starts slowly and may end to a very critical state. Some people don’t even realise it and when they know the condition is already worse. They have only one option of surgery. Herniated or bulged disc is a result of a tear due to injury or degeneration in the outer layer of the disc of the spinal column through which the inner jelly like core oozes out which in turn, put pressure on the nerve roots passing through the spinal canal.

This condition needs urgent attention. When symptoms aggravate or complicate immediately, than surgery seems the last option. But this last option is never last. Because as per our clinical data, we have 40% patients who underwent surgery, not once-twice and thrice and ended up without any results. And in later stages patient came to know that surgery was not required in his/her case. So it is really very hard to comment that whether any spinal surgery was important or imposed. More than half of spinal surgeries are useless in treatment of the slip disc. But due to some commercial reasons, surgery is imposed on patients.

The cost of surgery is double in this way. After one time surgery, the re-surgery counts too in the expenses. More than that pain remains continue and complications remain same. So it becomes a burden on patient.

Cost effective alternative for spinal surgery

This question of cost effective alternative for spinal surgery leads patients to here and there. Because of fear of failure of surgery along with the cost of surgery, patient keeps on wandering to quacks. And mostly they deteriorate the problem to maximum. There are number of patients who went for manual manipulation of the spine and ended up with complete loss of function of the affected area. At times we feel angry with them. but they don’t have options, this makes them to visit to these quacks.

There are many options for the treatments. And one of these options is Ayurveda. Ayurvedic treatment is not only cost effective but also result oriented. Amazingly above all these, Ayurvedic treatment is safest among all the options.

Ayurvedic Cost Effective Alternative for Spinal Surgery

When it comes to Ayurvedic cost effective alternative for spinal surgery. The great thing with Ayurvedic treatment for spinal disc is- it works on root cause of the problem. Because of this attitude of Ayurvedic treatment it confirms complete recovery of the case. This is the reason patients of slip disc who were treated some 12 years back are quite normal till the date. There are patients who are sportsmen, serving in Army are able to do their duties.

The approx cost of the treatment at Sukhayu Ayurveda is- about twenty five to thirty five thousands only. If we work on the cost of the treatment alone. Accommodation and rest of the expenses. You can stay with us in accommodation at Sukhayu hospital or can arrange your stay somewhere according to you. When you stay with us, you need to follow the diet and all rules of Sukhayu Ayurveda according to us.

Sukhayu Ayurvedic Clinic, Jaipur provides cost effective alternative for spinal surgery. Patients are evaluated first in a proper way and later on treatment goes according to your condition. Our Ayurvedic treatment includes Panchakarma and effective yoga therapy which is deeply healing. Consult our Ayurveda expert for advices and reliable solution for your health problems.