Thoracic Disc Problem

When you cough or sneeze and your back hurts than it is surely some thoracic disc problem. Thoracic is spinal column’s middle part and largest too. It carries ribs, thoracic cage too. Not too much mobile in general. Thoracic spine has a curve – kyphotic curvature. The kyphotic curvature of the thoracic spine is similar to the lordosis of cervical and lumbar spine. When there are some alterations in this curvature- it causes several thoracic disc problem. Ayurvedic Treatment for Thoracic Disc Problem is possible because we work on the same kyphotic curvature of the thoracic spine.

Thoracic disc problem is not a common condition in spinal disc issues. According to a research only 2% of patient face spinal disc problems in thoracic regions. This is because of the fixed nature of this

What is Thoracic Disc Problem

The thoracic disc problem is a condition when the upper middle back of the spine gets problem with spinal disc. Thoracic disc lies between the neck and abdomen. It includes 12 vertebrae that are located between the neck and lower back area. These thoracic disc problem is rare and occurs less likely in individuals. But when it occurs this might be very painful. Thoracic disc problem mostly occurs due to the age, injury or twist. When it comes to Ayurvedic Treatment for Thoracic Disc Problem the cause behind the problem should rectify.

Causes of Slip Disc in Thoracic Spine

  • Degeneration: Depletion in a thoracic disk can worse off its functioning and reduce effectiveness. Age is one of the factors. People face thoracic disk problem after an age of 40. The vertebral column becomes weak and starts to crack or tear. This condition is herniation in the thoracic disc.
  • Twist: Twist from a car accident or a fall can cause injury to the middle back section of the body and thus, may result in herniation of the thoracic disc.
  • Bad posture or thoracic disc disorder can be a cause of herniation of the disc later.
  • Infection of the bones.

These factors are partly responsible for the problem with the thoracic discs.

Symptoms of Slip Disc in Thoracic Spine

  • Pain in the upper back part of the body.
  • Numbness or tingling burning sensation.
  • Pain spreading over to the abdominal or chest area due to the pressure on the nerve.
  • Muscle stiffness and weakness.
  • Weight loss, fevers
  • Problems in the bowel movement

Symptoms may vary depending upon the level of disc damage.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Thoracic Disc Problem

Before treatment begins it is important to know where the pain is. Some of the common treatment options:

There are risks of impairment, pain and other complications after the surgical treatment. The most dangerous impact is the complete paralysis beneath the midsection.